How to Clean Capresso Coffee Grinder: Ensuring Optimal Hygiene for Tastier Brews

Is this the first time you’re trying to clean Capresso coffee grinder? Don’t you have any idea where to start cleaning your coffee grinder? Cleaning Capresso coffee grinder is one of the easiest things you can do without experimenting.

A lot of folks think that using good, old-fashioned water is the logical way to clean your coffee grinder. It makes sense, right? It’s true that for grinders made of ceramic, we recommend cleaning them with warm, sudsy water, using a mild soap or detergent.

Use a sponge, wipe it down carefully, then let it air dry for about 24 hours and store it back in the cupboard or cabinet.

In this guide we’ll show you how to clean Capresso coffee grinder in different models, follow this guide and select your model and follow the steps on it.

Without further a do let’s jump in!

How To Clean Capresso Coffee Grinder (The Complete Guide)

How to clean Capresso coffee grinder (coffee bur grinder and grind select coffee grinder)

Always unplug your coffee grinder before cleaning.

Step1. Remove the ground coffee container, its lid, and the bean container lid and clean them in warm water and mild liquid soap solution.

  • Do not place these items in the dishwasher.

Step2. Empty the bean container.

The transparent part of the bean container can be wiped on the inside and outside with a damp cloth.

  • Do not clean the bean container with water.

Step3. Remove ground coffee from the grinder chute with the included cleaning brush.

Step4. The base of the grinder can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

CAUTION: Never immerse the grinder in water or any other liquid.

  • Do not use harsh or abrasive materials to clean the coffee grinder.

Cleaning/removing the upper burr disk

Step1. Set the fineness selector dial (1.6) to the finest grind setting.

Step2. Grasp the top of the upper burr disk, turn clockwise and pull upward vertically to remove it from the bean container

Step3. Lift the upper burr disk out of the grinder.

Note: Do not unscrew the upper burr from its housing!

Step4. Clean both the removable upper burr disk and the permanent lower burr disk with the included cleaning brush

Note: Never use water to clean the burr disks!

Step5. To reinsert the upper burr disk, set the fineness selector dial to the coarse grind setting.

 Step6. Insert the upper burr and turn counterclockwise until it is locked into place.

How to clean Capresso coffee grinder (infinity conical bur grinder)

Step1. Always unplug the grinder before cleaning.

Step2. Coffee oils can deposit inside the grinding chamber and become rancid.

Step3. Clean the grinding chamber daily.

Step4. Clean the upper and lower burr with the brush.

Step5. Check the feeder channel for the coffee build-up and use the small brush to push any build-up into the ground coffee container.

Step6. Wipe housing with a soft damp cloth and make sure that all parts are completely dry before next use.

Important: Never pour water or any other liquid into the grinder.

Please note: Dark oily beans require you to clean the grinding chamber more often than medium brown non-oily beans.

How to clean Capresso coffee grinder (Cool Grind Pro, cool grind blade grinder, blade grinder)

Step1. Unplug before cleaning.

Step2. Empty the bean container.

Step3. Wipe the inside of the container with a damp cloth.

 CAUTION: Blade is sharp.

Step4. Wipe the outside housing and the lid with a damp cloth.

  • Never use a wet cloth to clean the appliance.
  • Never immerse the machine in any liquid.

How to clean Capresso coffee grinder with a clean grind?

Coffee residue and oil buildup can decrease your grinder’s performance and result in a poor-tasting brew.

Use Capresso Clean Grind, made from natural ingredients, once a month to keep your grinder in top condition or when switching between flavored and non-flavored beans. 

Each container of Capresso Clean Grind contains enough pellets for 3 cleanings.

Step1. Empty all coffee from the grinder.

Step2. Adjust the grinder to a medium setting. (When applicable)

Step3. Add 35g (¼ cup) Capresso Clean Grind to bean container and turn grinder ON.

Step4. Empty Clean Grind powder from the ground coffee container.

Step5. To purge, repeat the above process twice with coffee beans. Repeat if desired.

How do you deep clean Capresso coffee grinder?

1. A Brush

This is a great tool for using either daily or even weekly if you’re pressed for time. Doing it daily ensures the grinder doesn’t get laden with oil residue and coffee dust to the point where the grinder no longer works to your satisfaction.

2. A Bowling Ball with Compressed Air

I got this idea from one of my staff who was cleaning her keyboard this way, so I tried it on a coffee grinder. The result was much better than we anticipated.

3. Raw Rice

Grinding rice also helps remove rust and oils that can build up over time in your coffee grinder. Just put 1/4 cup of rice in your blade grinder for about 60 seconds. Once that happens, the oils and rust will cling to the rice.

4. Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to do a truly super cleaning of your coffee grinder, try using a vacuum cleaner; it gives an even deeper clean. This is a very effective method for cleaning an electric grinder.

How often to clean Capresso coffee grinder?

There are two ways to decide when it’s the right time to clean your coffee grinder:

You could set a schedule for cleaning your grinder, which will be determined by how often you use the grinder and how many beans you grind.

Alternatively, you could keep an eye on your grinder’s appearance and look out for a buildup of oils on the grinder’s surfaces.

When you notice this oil buildup, that’s when you’ll want to give your coffee grinder an excellent clean.

While it’s not necessary to clean your entire grinder after every use or even every day, getting into a habit of doing it often is a good idea.

The hopper might need a wipe after every batch of beans you grind

Final thoughts

Our guide on how to clean Capresso coffee grinder will help you to clean different models of Capresso coffee grinders and clean them right away.

Keeping your coffee equipment clean and in good working order is one of the best ways to consistently get better-tasting coffee when brewing coffee at home. And it doesn’t need to be difficult.

Whatever your motivation is for grinding coffee beans, you’ll have to take care of your grinder, a grinder that isn’t cleaned often enough can lead to a taint in the taste of your coffee, and that’s never a good thing.

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