How to strap a water heater

Do you have doubt that your water heater is not fixed and it may drop down that’s what will cause damage to your water heater, it’s dangerous for your children if you don’t strap your water heater.

if you wondering how to strap a water heater? Here is what to do.

when you buy a new water heater and you put it in a specific place, you are afraid that the water heater will fall and will be damaged, furthermore, if you have children and they are playing close to the water you’re afraid the water heater will fall on them it will cause huge damage.

also for fear of an earthquake, this is what causes the water tank to fall, so you need to strap the water heater to protect your children and yourself from the damage of the water heater fall

so if you ask how to strap a water heater? Here is what to do:

how to strap a water heater

How to strap a water heater on 5 steps


1) Select water heater location against a wood stud wall.

2) Positioning directly in front of a 2″ x 4″ wall stud is strongly recommended, and there must be a stud on each side of the unit to anchor the Straps.


1) Straps must be installed within the upper 1/3 and lower 1/3 of the water heater body. The lower Strap must be at least 4″ above the water heater controls

2) Mark the wall studs on both sides of the water heater where you will install the Straps. Drill 1/8″ pilot holes if desired.


1) First Strap pair assembly (select either high or low position).

2) Select one Strap, and temporarily install one Buckle per (Strap “A”), without bending the Strap back.

3) Hold strap “A” so the Buckle is in the approximate front center of the water heater.

4) Select a mounting hole at the other end of the Strap that best aligns to the pilot mark on the stud. (Note: Allow a slight tension rather than slack when selecting the mounting hole).

 If necessary:

5) re-position the Buckle and re-align. Secure the end of the Strap to the stud with a 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ lag bolt and washer.


1) Install strap “B on the opposite side of the heater per the following:

  • Per the steps above, select mounting holes which place the Buckle at the front center of the water heater while aligning with the pilot mark on the second stud.
  • It is important that with the Straps pulled tightly together around the water heater, the buckles must end up approximately 2-1/2” to 3” inches apart. Select the buckle and wall mounting holes accordingly. Secure Strap “B” to the second wall stud as above.
  • Bend the Strap ends that pass through the Buckles against the backside of the Buckles, so they will press against the water heater tank when secured.


Second Strap pair assembly:

1)  Repeat the entire installation process above for the second pair of Straps. Although selecting the same hole and slot positions as in the first installation is likely to work, in some cases, it may be necessary to slightly reposition the Buckle or wall mount.

If necessary

2) trim Strap ends at the wall. Installation Complete.

Do water heaters need to be double strapped?

All water heaters must be strapped in at least two locations; the upper one-third of the unit and the lower one-third.

The lower strap must be a minimum of 4″ above the water heater control unit. The required clearances from a wall to the heater as stated on the unit nameplate are critical.

 Lag screws not less than 1/4″ in diameter must be used to anchor the restraints to the wall and each lag screw must have at least 1-1/2″ thread penetration into the wall stud.

A large flat washer must be installed between each lag screw and strap for reinforcement.

Note: Perforated iron strap (plumber’s tape) will not be an acceptable material for strapping or bracing water heaters over 40 gallons.

How many straps are required on a 75-gallon water heater?

Water heaters up to 52 gallons generally require two straps. Water heaters from 53 gallons to 75 gallons may require three straps in certain building jurisdictions.

Calling the local building department is a quick and easy way to determine their requirements.

How do you strap a water heater in a corner?

1) Wrap the heavy-gauge metal strapping1-1/2 times around the tank.

2) Start by placing the strapping at the back of the tank.

3) Bring it to the front and then take it back to the wall.

4) Secure this strapping to the wall studs or the woodblock using several 1/4-inch x 3-inch or longer lag screws with oversized washers.

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