How To Use Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker: Step-by-Step Instructions

Are you wondering how to use Mr coffee iced coffee maker? Is this the first time you use Mr coffee maker?

The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffeemaker uses RapidChill brewing to brew hot concentrated coffee directly over ice to ensure the freshest flavor.

By using just the right amount of coffee, water, and ice, the iced coffee still tastes great even as the ice melts. This is because it uses similar amounts of water as traditional hot coffee – just some of it starts as ice.

Mr coffee’s iced coffee maker makes creating iced coffee at home super simple.

in this article we’ll show you how to use Mr coffee iced coffee maker step-by-step, so please follow the steps below:

How To use Mr coffee iced coffee maker

How To Use Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Step-By-Step


Start with the unit unplugged.

To prevent injury from hot steam or potential damage to the unit, do not plug the unit in until the water is in the reservoir and the tumbler is put in place under the drip spout.


  • Clean the coffee maker before using it.

Wash the tumbler, lid, straw, coffee filter, and brew-basket in a mixture of mild detergent and water. Rinse each thoroughly


Fill the tumbler to the “WATER” marking with clean, filtered water.


Lift the lid of the unit and remove the brew basket portion exposing the water reservoir.


  • Pour the water into the reservoir

Note: Never fill water reservoir above MAX fill line.


  • Place the brew basket back on top of the reservoir.
  • Place the reusable coffee filter into the brew basket.


Slide drip-stop switch to open.


Using the coffee scoop:

  • pour 1 level scoop of grounds into the provided reusable coffee filter.
  • Close the lid.


If you want a bolder cup of iced coffee, you can use 1½ – 2 scoops of grounds.

This machine is also compatible with the standard 12-cup basket-style paper coffee filters.

If desired, use the paper filters in place of the included reusable coffee filter.


Fill the tumbler with large ice cubes to the “ICE” marking.


  • Place tumbler full of ice under drip spout and plug unit in.
  • Press the “START” button.
  • ensure the LED is illuminated.


Wait 3-4 minutes for brewing to complete. Once dripping slows and stops.

  • slide the drip-stop to closed to stop the flow of coffee.

Step 12.

  • Add in your favorite coffee mix-ins for coffee just how you like it.
  • Insert a straw in the lid.
  • place lid on tumbler.


How to clean Mr coffee iced coffee maker?

Minerals (like calcium and limestone) found in water can leave deposits in your iced coffeemaker and affect its performance.

Decalcifying your iced coffeemaker is an important part of ensuring your coffee always tastes great! We recommend decalcifying your iced coffeemaker once per month to keep it at peak performance. It’s an easy process

To clean Mr coffee iced coffee maker:

1. Prepare 1 cup (8 oz.) of undiluted, white household vinegar.

2. Pour the vinegar into the water reservoir.

3. Place the reusable coffee filter (or a standard 12-cup basket filter) into the brew basket and close the lid.

4. Place the tumbler under the spout

5. press the START button to run a brew cycle.

6. Once the iced coffeemaker has shut off, discard the contents of the tumbler.

7. Remove the reusable coffee filter or paper filter from the brew basket.

8. Rinse out the tumbler, reusable coffee filter, and brew basket with clean water.

9. Fill tumbler to “WATER” marking with clean water and pour water into the water reservoir.

10. Place the tumbler under the spout and press the “START” button to run a brew cycle.

11. Discard water and rinse the tumbler thoroughly with clean water.

12. Repeat steps 6-8 one more time, to ensure the iced coffeemaker is thoroughly rinsed.

Why does my Mr coffee iced coffee maker stop working?

If your coffee maker is not working, it might be because the unit is not getting enough power from the wall outlet where it is currently plugged in or the wall outlet itself is a non-working outlet.

To remedy this issue:

1. check if there is no physical damage on its cord and if there’s none

2. try unplugging the coffee brewer.

3. Let the unit rest for 3-5 minutes.

4. Afterward, plug it into a different wall outlet.

Do not use it with any extension cords, power strips, and power converters or inverters as it may affect the coffee maker’s performance.

make sure that all parts and accessories are properly inserted. Otherwise, it might cause the product not to work properly.

Why does my Mr coffee iced coffee maker not brewing?

To remedy this issue of your Mr coffee ice coffee maker, not brewing:

1. try to reset the coffee maker.

2. Try unplugging the coffee brewer and let it rest for 3-5 minutes.

3. Plug the unit into a different wall outlet and see if it will work.

Do not use it with any extension cords, power strips, and power converters or inverters as it may affect the coffee maker’s performance.

Why is my Mr coffee iced coffee maker leaking?

If your Mr coffee iced coffee maker leaking  from the bottom and you don’t know what caused that leaking you may check things below to fix leaks in your Mr coffee iced maker:

check the hose in the reservoir, make sure it is snug on connection.

check the filter basket for any drips down the back of the basket onto the trip arm and warming plate.

Ensure to use medium grounds and make sure that the water is not exceeding the max line in the water reservoir.

run a cleaning cycle into it if the machine hasn’t been cleaned recently.

My iced coffee is not strong enough for my taste – how do I make stronger iced coffee?

No problem, everyone’s tastes are different! Add another half scoop of coffee grounds into the reusable coffee filter next time you make iced coffee.

If that’s still not strong enough, try a full extra scoop. Add until you find the perfect ratio

for you!

Why is there no ice left in my cup after I brew my iced coffee?

Try using bigger ice cubes when making your iced coffee – these will melt slower

and give you ice in your drink for longer! Also, ensure you have filled the tumbler

to the ice marking.

Why doesn’t the iced coffeemaker fill the tumbler with iced coffee to the top?

We know many people like to customize their coffee beverages. For this reason,

Mr coffee maker designed the machine to leave a little extra room for kinds of milk, cream, sugar, or syrups! However, for a more full tumbler, you can fill the water reservoir to the “MAX FILL” line.

How do I turn my Mr coffee iced coffeemaker off?

The iced coffeemaker will turn off on its own after the brewing cycle has been completed.

If you would like to pause the brewing cycle, you can unplug the unit.

  • Plug the unit back in to resume brewing and allow the machine to finish brewing before it turns off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do i Work a Mr.Coffee Maker?

Remember that specific instructions may vary depending on the model of Mr. Coffee maker you have. It’s always a good idea to refer to the user manual that came with your coffee maker for precise instructions tailored to your model.

To operate a typical Mr. Coffee maker, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare: Make sure the coffee maker is clean and you have a coffee filter and ground coffee ready.
  • Water: Fill the water reservoir with the desired amount of water. Most models have clear markings indicating water levels for different cup sizes.
  • Coffee Grounds: Place a paper coffee filter in the filter basket. Add the desired amount of coffee grounds based on your taste preference. A general guideline is about 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds per 6 ounces of water.
  • Serve: Once the brewing process is complete, the coffee pot will be filled with freshly brewed coffee. Carefully pour the coffee into your mug or cup.
  • Turning Off: After serving, remember to turn off the coffee maker by pushing the ON/OFF switch to the “OFF” position.
  • Cleaning: Regularly clean the coffee maker by emptying the used coffee grounds and cleaning the carafe, filter basket, and reservoir. Refer to the user manual for specific cleaning instructions.
  • Start: Place the coffee pot or carafe on the warming plate. Push the ON/OFF switch to the “ON” position. Some models might have additional buttons for different brew strengths or programmable features.
  • Brew: The brewing process will start, and hot water will drip through the coffee grounds and into the coffee pot below. This usually takes a few minutes.

What is the best way to make iced coffee using a coffee maker that does not have a built-in ice function?

1. Using coffee maker, use half the amount of water that you usually use to the same amount of ground coffee that you use for a full pot.

2. Fill the pot half way with ice. Slowly allow the hot water to fill up the filter basket, then stop the water flow and let the coffee drip directly onto the ice in the pot

3. Let more water fill the filter basket, repeat.

I find that the quick cooling of the extra-strong drip coffee keeps it from getting too acidic.

Why do people love iced coffee and Iced tea, but not cold coffee and cold tea?

Iced coffee tea are brewed differently from hot coffee and tea. As a result, hot coffee or tea left to cool or poured over ice is not the same as true iced coffee or tea.

Specifically, iced coffee and tea are usually brewed at double strength and for a greater period of time. This is because some flavors are less perceptible in cold beverages as well as because flavors are not extracted as quickly by cold water.

When traditionally-prepared hot coffee or tea is left to cool, the bitterness tends to become much more pronounced relative to other flavors.

At the Final Moment

iced coffee is a strong hot brew blended with ice or poured over ice. Cold brew is merely coffee brewed cold.

The cold brewing process takes longer, but results in less bitterness and less ice necessary to make your iced beverage.

Be careful though if you’re an iced coffee lover, because using cooks brew will result in a much stronger drink than hot coffee iced down, so it will not only have a higher caffeine content, but a much stronger coffee flavor.

If you’re going to be adding sweeteners or flavoring you’ll need more using cold brew than icing hot coffee. 

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