Cozy Country Living At Home in the Kitchen – Design Ideas: Embrace Rustic Charm in Your Cooking Space

If you’ve always dreamed of a stylish farmhouse kitchen with a modern or classic twist, the Country Living Collection is the perfect choice for you and your home.

Country Living celebrates a relaxed and simple way of living, with the kitchen firmly at the heart of the home.

The ethos is reflected in the stunning new collection of kitchens that bring together the best of British design and craftsmanship.

Country Style is associated with simple, natural comforts–the warm glow of a winter fire of floral fabrics swaying in a cool summer breeze at an open window.

Every room can be given its own taste of rustic charm: the kitchen made warm and comfortable, the bedroom soft and romantic, the living room natural and tranquil. With chapters looking at ways of bringing the country into a city home, creating a relaxed kitchen, and choosing colors and fabrics

In this article we’ll show you show you ideas and how easily traditional styles can be transformed to enhance a cozy country living at home in the kichen.

Cozy Country Living At Home In The Kitchen (21 Inspiration Ideas)

Idea #1: Add a work table islands

work table islands

In lieu of a standard cabinetry islands, terry designed a built-in marble-top table to anchor the kitchen.

“for centuries, kitchen featured a mix of freestanding storage”

Says terry, “Though newly built, the work table feels as though it could have been in a kitchen a hundred years ago.”

Barbara worked with renowned crafts-man bob Christian to give the table’s base a distressed look, then topped it with a duo of bold-colored oversize pendants to balance its large scale.

Beyond, a bank of cabinets provides storage for less slightly kitchen necessities, and a down-draft vent allow for uninterrupted counter-to-ceilling windows.

Idea #2: Beehive oven

Beehive oven

Named so becuase of its skep-like shape, these brick-clad cookers were housed in the open hearths of colonial-era homes.

In today’s kitchens, beehive oven-style pizza ovens like this add the charm of a fireplace with a heaping helping of modern functionality.

Idea #3: Punched tin

Punched tin

Punched (or pierced) tin once offered a way to ventilate food storage with panels that kept air flowing and bugs out.

While no longer needed for that purpose, places such as this ca. -1850 pie safe still deliver pops of wonderfully weathered storage behind color and patinaed metat.

Idea #4: Peterborough & Montreal

Peterborough & Montreal

A sublime example of ‘old meets new’, this Peterborough and Montreal combination will attract admirers from both sides of the fence with its modern, monochromatic look, enhanced by the magnificent rustic central island.

Inspired by the chemist’s shop of old, the eclectic island design with its infinite number of drawers, leather strap handles and open crate boxes will not only offer ample storage space, it will also create an important focal point for the room.

Added texture and warmth is provided by the island’s prominent sandblasted Oak finish, which is then topped off by a slate worktop.

The Peterborough door, with its unique chamfered appearance, adorns the surrounding wall and base units and is punctuated by various accessories ranging from a contemporary style overmantle flanked by ‘secret’ open shelving to inset oak chopping boards.

The mirrored glass used in the Georgian frames adds to the room’s overall modern appeal.

Idea #5: Charlotte

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

With its unique raised moulded beading, devised to accentuate the highlights and shadows of this ornate door, Charlotte is a quintessential example of truly ‘grand’ design.

Accompanied by an exclusive collection of accessories, all created to reflect its elegant nature, a Charlotte kitchen will never be matched for style, quality or opulence, all whilst fulfilling its practical requirements.

Accessories include handcrafted 5-piece posts to highlight appliances or other important features, moulded plinths that match the detailing in the door and lavishly embellished Charlotte posts which are used for worktop support.

Curves and bows contribute to the complexity of Charlotte’s crafsmanship, featuring frames with curved glass, curved and bowed doors, curved inset chopping boards and a bowed pantry unit with Walnut spice racks (also bowed).

When it comes to classic luxury you need not look further than the Charlotte kitchen

Idea #6: Aurora

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

The beauty of Aurora lies in its simplicity. Clean lines, emphasised by the door’s horizontal timber grain, combined with minimalist features culminate in a contemporary dream space that will gratify even the most demanding pursuer of modern perfection.

Slimline door frames, the industrial-style island design and a subtle, muted colour scheme employing blues and greys all add to this kitchen’s unassuming appeal.

Aurora’s sleek exterior hides a host of internal accessories with a luxurious Walnut finish, providing rich visual contrast.

The integrated appliance surround with purpose-built coffee pod storage unit will satisfy those yearnings to attend the local coffee shop by creating a dedicated space in your own kitchen! Accessories also include custom-made dovetail drawer boxes with extra ‘hidden’ drawers, handcrafted and etched with Aisling’s branding and constructed to last a lifetime.

Idea #7: Hawkesbury

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

If you are in search of something distinctly different to enrich your home, then Hawkesbury is definitely for you.

Designed with a stop bubble moulding, this door will become the focal point of any room due to its unique style and construction.

With styling reminiscent of a French chateau, the accessories that accompany this remarkable door will ensure that your kitchen space is used to its full potential.

A large central island, with its pastry bench and deep working drawers is perfect for display and storage and the open plate rack display, X-box wine rack and unit internals feature an oak finish to reflect the oak worktop used on the island, creating a harmonious feel.

The magnificent overmantle has been designed specifically to match the door design and shaped gable ends complete the overall look.

Always dreamed of having your own drinks cabinet? Make it a reality! Nestled inside one of our concave pantry units lies a bespoke area for housing all your creative cocktail accoutrements including glass holder, inset chopping boards (for lemons & limes), bottle rack and concave scalloped drawers, all enhanced by internal LED lighting. Cocktail anyone?

Idea #8: Lawrence

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

Showcased in a contemporary setting, the Lawrence farmhouse-style kitchen shows its versatility with its unique door profile and selection of elegant, yet functional accessories.

Unlike the mass produced doors flooding today’s kitchen market, this door’s raised and beaded centre panel provides a point of difference and will give your kitchen design a cutting-edge look and feel.

Custom made features such as the engraved canopy clock and solid oak crate drawers add a bespoke flavour to the design.

The pantry unit, with its carved dovetail drawers and copious storage capacity, makes this kitchen a dream for the creative cook.

The central island with open space below provides the ideal area for preparing meals, displaying crockery or simply sitting down with your morning coffee.

Idea #9: Alberta & Belleville

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

Traditional overtones are apparent in this striking kitchen combining the Alberta door with its v-grooved counterpart Belleville, in perfect harmony. Impeccable balance is achieved between the central island, featuring open display units on both ends, and the surrounding Oak wall and base units.

Tallhousings at the back provide plenty of practical storage, the window bench seat adds a playful touch and the double overmantle shelf with large decorative corbels showcases the modern range cooker.

Idea #10: Yorkton

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

Inspired by the traditional methods of fine cabinet making, the Yorkton kitchen offers elegance and charm with its meticulous detailing and stylish design, enhanced here by using a combination of Walnut and a Painted Suede finish.

Feeling right at home in a luxurious setting, the Yorkton kitchen brings a solid sense of style to any space with its ornate door detailing and selection of innovative accessories, evoking a true handcrafted feel.

Characterised by the inclusion of a grand high cornice, wide overmantle with antique mirrored backsplash, turned posts and purpose-built individually carved plinths, this kitchen is timeless in its appeal.

The painted central island incorporates exclusively designed circular end tables finished in Walnut, the work of a true artisan, whilst Walnut inset trays sit adjacent, adding to the creative contrast. Also featured is a dresser with internal pantry unit and X-box wine rack.

Idea #11: Edmonton

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

A marriage of simplicity and style, the Edmonton kitchen boasts many exciting features that make it the ultimate working space for the creative cook.

The painted island with its pastry bench at one end, provides a handy chopping area whilst featuring a large expanse of worktop which is perfect for food preparation.

Floating shelves on the back wall inject a creative, as well as practical element and the overmantle with elongated large corbels showcases a unique design approach.

Idea #12: Sutton

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

With its sumptuous finish and thoughtful detailing, the Sutton kitchen adeptly shows how traditional can meet modern with outstanding results.

This shakerstyle door design is given a new twist with a stepped frame around the centre panel and it fuses beautifully with the double cornice and imposing overmantle, making the kitchen feel incredibly spacious and elegant.

The rich, luxurious Walnut finish used for several of the accessories contrasts exquisitely with its painted surroundings, particularly the mantle shelf which boasts a brand new design featuring consistent colour with no visible end grain.

The painted island is embellished with a Walnut conical pedestal at one end, and barrel unit with Walnut inset chopping boards at the other end, ideally suited to bustling family life, affording plenty of added space for food preparation. The custom-made breakfast bar is supported by solid Walnut corbals.

Other accessories include tongue & groove moulded gables, bridging wine rack and decorative radiator screens, painted to match the rest of the kitchen.

Idea #13: Langley

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

An enduring classic, Langley combines traditional design elements with muted decor to result in a distinctive working kitchen.

Populated by a selection of creative accessories including chamfered posts, undermounted cornice (used to raise the overall height of the units), stunning overmantle and open wine rack, the Langley kitchen also boasts a number of other features that make it exceptionally suitable for any family with a busy lifestyle.

If it is storage space you are looking for, this kitchen is ideal. The inclusion of an abundant number of base and wall cabinets, including tall larder units, provide all the space you could need, with framed glass doors encouraging the display of favourite kitchen items.

The L-shaped island, featuring a circular chopping board and integrated bench seating, encourages the family to gather together in familiar comfortable surroundings to enjoy a meal or lounge with a cup of coffee and good conversation.

Idea #14: Calgary & Victoria

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

If you are looking for the ultimate ‘wow’ factor, the Calgary & Victoria may just be the answer. An entertainer’s dream, with its spacious work area, large central island with raised glass breakfast bar and underground spiral wine cellar, this kitchen simply cannot be matched for style and originality.

The island, with a painted Brilliant White finish, features quadrant doors and an abundant number of drawers in varying sizes to provide ample storage while the wall units incorporate Damascus carved frames for displaying favourite glasses and crockery.

Unique s-shaped doors provide focus on the sink area and a fluted high cornice tops off the overall look, resulting in a living space that is beyond exceptional.

Idea #15: Quebec

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

Offering a fresh approach to an established favourite, Quebec’s shaker style door with small chamfered profile sits impeccably well in this uncomplicated yet chic kitchen design.

The sleek minimal styling, best shown in the linear display of wall & base units and the overmantle crowning the range cooker, is definitely for those who really appreciate a simple cutting-edge look.

The island is specially constructed using floor frames that give the appearance of individual cabinets sitting side by side and, the absence of mid rails between the drawers, ensures maximum use of storage space.

Solid Oak inset trays, cutting boards and an internal spice drawer contribute further attractive and functional elements to the design.

Idea #16: Molson

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

With its exclusive twin panel* design, the Molson door will sit easily in any setting that combines both contemporary and traditional elements, making it one of our most versatile designs and suitable for all tastes.

Shown here in contrasting painted finishes with the inclusion of luxurious Oak and Burr Oak accents, this kitchen is an impressive example of artisan cabinet making.

The curved central island creates a focal point with its compact barrel unit furnished with a door made from Burr Oak, integrated curved seating area and combination of worktops.

Other special features include hand turned, radiused pilasters with matching radiused plinth skirting, Elwin canopy with elaborate supporting corbals and an inframe surround for housing the oven.

 Finally, the richly coloured Marine dresser with multi-panelled feature doors and Oak drawers is home to a hidden bar area that you won’t want hidden for long. Equipped with glass holders, bottle rack and mirrored back it is the perfect space for entertaining and bound to impress your dinner guests!

Idea #17: Mayfair

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

Reminiscent of an old country farmhouse kitchen, Mayfair is brought into the 21st century with a soft painted finish and modern accessories and appliances.

Exuding warmth and comfort, Mayfair’s traditional tongue & groove design is made for those who aspire to country living, whether residing in a rural or urban environment.

The central island, with its painted Stone finish, boasts a classically designed pastry bench with storage space below for cookbooks and baking bowls and topped by a solid timber worktop, ideal for the dedicated baker.

An Oak platerack nestles between painted Sage Green wall units providing a pleasing contrast of finishes and the double mantle shelf with large corbels creates focus on the modern range cooker with bench seating on one side for contemplative relaxation.

Idea #18: Jasper

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

This curvaceous design, enriched by a solid White Oak finish, creates a free flowing space punctuated by functional elements that provide enduring appeal. Characterised by its sensuous concave, convex and bowfront curves, the Jasper kitchen makes a serious contemporary design statement, highlighted by its elliptically shaped centre island.

Incorporating accessories such as modern cornice, modern light pelmet and curved pilasters, this design will thrill those who appreciate sophisticated, yet simple styling

Idea #19: Sudbury & Hudson

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

With inspiration drawn from contemporary rural living, simplicity reigns supreme in this sophisticated and dramatic kitchen design. With prominent ceiling beams hovering high above a significant open space, the architectural layout of this room lends itself perfectly to the integration of a contemporary design aesthetic.

Bringing together the varied tones of American Black Walnut (Sudbury) and painted Stone (Hudson), this kitchen features not one, but two islands, each providing an important functional contribution to this stunning design.

The soft curves presented by the quadrant doors in both islands are subtly reflected in the tallhousings opposite by the inclusion of radiused pilasters and a bowfronted tall larder, and designer worktops add to the luxurious look and feel.

Idea #20: Toronto

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

A kitchen designed for comfortable living, Toronto uses soft pastel colours to accentuate fine details and cosy furnishings, ideal for socialising with friends and family.

With its ethereal feel brought about by the combination of Light Blue and Ivory painted finishes, the Toronto kitchen brings new meaning to the phrase ‘easy living’.

Focussed on creating a comfortable and relaxed living space, the bench seating presents an inviting area for friends and family to group together and discuss the events of the day whilst enjoying a good meal.

Designed also for a practical lifestyle, the island includes convenient shelving for easy access to cookbooks and a circular end unit for all important food preparation.

Framed glass doors grace the back wall, reflecting this kitchen’s open and engaging feel and the inclusion of a castellated rail beneath the cornice adds a touch of opulence already established by the ornate ceiling cornice.

Idea #21: Montreal

Cozy Country Living At home In The Kitchen

The majestic qualities of this Montreal kitchen are evident in its contrasting finishes and key design features, bringing together style and elegance in perfect harmony.

At once, the sheer luxury and ornate detailing offered by the Montreal kitchen are apparent, using both curves and straight lines to create a classically exquisite space.

Adorned with original accessories such as inset trays, spice drawers and carved pull-out cutting boards, the island becomes a key focal point, boasting a circular end unit that reflects the curved doors used in the adjacent tallhousings.

The overmantle cleverly takes centre stage by featuring both finishes together and drawing further attention to this area is the inclusion of feature frames on either side.

Internal cabinet lighting can be used here to accentuate glass or crockery displayed within.

Also incorporated into the design is a castellated rail, adding a traditional touch that complements beautifully the ornate ceiling cornice and bringing together the overall look and feel of this incredible kitchen.

How to take Care & Maintenance of furnniture cozy living in the kitchen?

pRe-installation recommendations

Ensure that all new-builds or newly plastered rooms have been left to environmentally stabilise prior to the installation of new kitchen doors.

Kitchen doors must not be installed into a damp or moisture-rich environment as it will cause undesirable movement in the joints and panels of the door.


Timber changes colour when it is exposed to light. The species of timber and intensity of exposure will affect the rate of change.

Due to this we recommend that timber samples displayed in showrooms be changed regularly.

It is advised that colour change is also taken into consideration when fitting new or replacement doors to an existing kitchen some time after the original kitchen was installed.


• do not use wax-furniture polish, abrasive or aggressive cleaners, bleach or other hypochlorate (chlorine) based cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, dilutes, acetone, alcohol, solvent or similar products on any door, as this will damage the surface;

• only use a 5% soap, 95% water (liquid soap) solution, wiping with a damp (not wet) cloth, finally drying with a soft clean cloth only.

• ensure all cooking splashes are wiped immediately with a damp cloth;

• dust with a soft cloth only.


Excess moisture can damage a timber product – it is recommended that susceptible areas such as around the sink are thoroughly maintained and kept dry at all times.


How can we create a cozy corner at home?

1) Find that corner in your home.

Choose a comfortable, airy corner for you to sit maybe by a window. A comfortable chair or an armchair can be placed. You could also prepare a floor seating by throwing in a few cushions.

2) Make the place welcoming

Make the place welcoming by throwing in a throw blanket, few bright colored pillows. Add in greenery by placing a few indoor plants.

3) Lightening

You can put in soft lights and some fairy lights to brighten up the area. Soft lights will help in reading and carry out your hobbies as well.

What are inexpensive ways to make a home feel cozy?

Build on something you love, such as a color or a “theme” or a shape. For example, you love surrounding yourself with family photos. Make them “art,” not merely 4×6 framed photos scattered around.

With your own printer or a commercial printer, do something artistic with the photos .

do you love your child’s little hand petting your dog or your husband’s tired eyes after waking up with the baby or your mother’s elegant dress for that special occasion?

Do something nice with those being the focus and make art of your family. Love white vases? Get a small collection from Ikea, the thrift stores, the little craft shop in different shades of white, different shapes or the same shape in different sizes. L

ove turquoise?

Get a few blank canvases from a craft store and slather turquoise paint on it and draw or add embellishment to build on your turquoise theme.

Get a turquoise candle or throw. All can be done very much on the cheap.

What can make it cross the line from cozy to cluttered or claustrophobic?

You’ll know it when you see it and feel it. That tendency to “Love something” to “Love it excessively.”

 When those family photos make you and anyone else “need a vacation” to get away from the family! Those white vases replicating like bunnies!

That turquoise theme immersing you in a veritable ocean of “stuff.” It can happen slowly and innocently, that passion for surrounding yourself with what you love, then you or others are overwhelmed and, instead of feeling nice, it feels oppressive.

For me, claustrophobic is not being able to do a little waltz in your space because wherever you turn you would knock something over.

It’s not being able to walk without banging into a huge couch or table or chair or decorative item. Air flow, light flow, movement flow. if any of those are hampered, time to re-think the room design.

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