How Does a BedJet Work: Elevate Your Rest with Cutting-Edge Sleep Technology

How Does A BedJet Work

BedJet is a forced air climate comfort system designed with the latest technology just for your bedroom.

BedJet is designed to be used as a permanent room air comfort device. The BedJet’s air outlet can also be streamed directly into your bed for even more personalized temperature control while sleeping.

BedJet can be customized to your sleeping needs whether you sleep alone or with a partner.

Single Zone installs have 1 BedJet on the bed. BedJet Cloud Sheet is optional and ordered separately, but is recommended for the very best experience.

Dual Zone bundles have 2 BedJets on the same bed. BedJet Cloud Sheet (Dual Zone) comes standard.

How do you want itWho’s it forPersonalized solution
The whole bed contained the same temperatureSingles or couples same sleep temperature needs1 bedjet – use with your existing bedding or get a single zone cloud sheet for the very best bedjet experience
Only half of the bed is conditioned (either side)Couples where just one partner wants sleep temperature conditioning1 bedjet + dual zone cloud sheet (required, sold separately)
Each half of the bed is conditioned independently (2 remotes includes)Couples with different sleep temperature needsDual-zone bedjet bundle   2 bedjets + dual zone cloud sheet (included)

Here is Best BedJet on the market according to it’s heating and cooling ans system

How To Clean BedJet Filter?

The only maintenance required for the BedJet is periodic inspection and cleaning of the lifetime washable air intake filter. The lifetime washable intake filter is designed to keep dust, lint, pet hair, etc. out of the BedJet airflow.

Inspect and clean the filter every 3 months or when visually dirty or more frequently if shedding pets are near or around BedJet.

The filter is located behind the BedJet intake air grill.

To clean BedJet filter:

1. Access the filter by pushing the intake air grill off the unit as shown on both sides.

2. Remove the foam filter and clean under household running water.

3. Reinstall the filter when dry and push in the air intake grill until it snaps back in place.

4. If your filter ever gets damaged during cleaning, you can purchase replacements.

Can you use a BedJet without the Cloud Sheet?

The key is the tightness of the weaves. The cloud sheet uses percale and sateen so that the air is pushed down towards your body as it is the path of least resistance.

I typically use microfiber sheets which are very tight weaves. So as long as the sheet I used had a lower weave and was under my microfiber sheets the air is going to escape down toward my body.

You could similarly convert a duvet cover of sew two flat sheets together and add a central seem if you need a dual chamber.

The little clips on the side of the hose work best if you scrunch or fold up the edge of the sheet a bit so it has more material to grab onto! If you just clip onto a single layer of the sheet, it won’t be able to hold as tightly.

My feet getting too cold on a BedJet?

Try bumping up the temperature a few degrees, this will provide gentler cooling. Or try locating the Air Nozzle at different locations around the bed.

Also, try placing the Air Nozzle above your top sheet, and then placing another top sheet or comforter over the Air Nozzle, creating a sandwich layer for the air to flow above your body but not in your sleep layer.

The very best solution if you experience cold feet is the use of the Cloud Sheet. It dramatically improves the distribution of air away from your feet and up to your torso.

Don’t like feeling the air blowing under the covers on a BedJet?

Don’t blow BedJet air directly into your sleeping layer. Try adjusting Air Nozzle to inject air above your top sheet instead of below it and make sure you have another tightly knit layer of bedding above the Air Nozzle to guide the air through a sandwiched layer.

An even better solution is the use of the Cloud Sheet, which dramatically improves the distribution of the air and reduces the feeling of air movement.

Why cooling felt only on your feet and not on your body on a BedJet?

The BedJet requires a good quality top sheet or comforter of generally 250 thread count or higher to keep the cooling air trapped and circulating in the bed. Feet-only cooling results from the use of a top sheet that is not compatible with the BedJet or use of no top sheet at all or just a loose-knit blanket.

At 100% airflow, your bed should have nearly all of your bedding ballooning slightly off the bed and airflow will be felt exiting at the very top of the bed from under the top sheet. You should be able to feel the cooling air on your torso.

If this is not occurring, then your top sheet is too breathable or too low a thread count. Performance “cooling” sheets, highly breathable loose knit sheets, jersey knit type sheets, and blankets without any top sheet let all the air out at the bottom of the bed before it can circulate to the top of the bed properly.

Solution: Change top sheet types or utilize the BedJet Cloud Sheet.

Why my BedJet Power LED is flashing and the unit will no longer operate, BedJet beeps 5 times?

The BedJet microprocessor has discovered a monitoring error within the system. This does not always mean your BedJet is malfunctioning and typically may occur if you rapidly change modes or airflow while at the same time obstructing inlets or outlets.

Or maybe the Over-temperature problem which causes that, to fix this problem:

1. Check to make sure the air filter is clean and there are no air inlet or outlet obstructions.

2. Shut the BedJet off for 10 seconds and restart. Run in the cool mode for 2 minutes and then retry heating mode.

What are the BedJet Bedding Sheet Requirements?

When installing the air outlet onto a bed, BedJet gently sends air directly into your sleeping layer.

The BedJet requires a typical top sheet or comforter for proper cooling and warming operation on a bed. The top sheet or comforter helps trap and distribute the BedJet air flow within the bed.

The top sheet or comforter requirements are super simple. Just use any bedding material type (cotton, cotton blends, microfiber, etc.) with a 250-thread count weave or higher.

For the very best BedJet experience and the evenest distribution of cooling/warming air, the BedJet Cloud Sheet is recommended in place of a typical top sheet.

Low-quality top sheets with a thread count below 250, loosely knit sheet weaves such as jersey knit or flannel, or performance “cooling” top sheets made with synthetic fibers will result in a sub-optimal BedJet experience.

Loose knit blankets with no top sheet or no comforter will also result in a sub-optimal experience. These types of bedding will allow the BedJet air to escape at the bottom of the bed near the nozzle and only cool/warm your feet instead of circulating through the whole bed.

Tips For Better Enjoyment – Cooling & Heating Mode

1. Cooling Mode:

The BedJet cools via powered ventilation of fresh ambient air injected directly into the bed. This powered ventilation gently wicks away the body heat and body moisture that gets trapped in the bed by your mattress and bed covers.

This evaporative and convective method of cooling has been demonstrated by infrared cameras to provide the most rapid removal of body heat and body moisture from the bed of any product available on the market today.

BedJet cooling is not a replacement for zero air conditioning in extremely hot or humid bedroom environments but will enable reduced air conditioning thermostat settings to save money on utility bills. The ambient bedroom air temperature must generally be below 79 °F (26 °C) for the cooling mode to be effective.

Tips for Better Cooling Enjoyment:

• More airflow isn’t always cooler, experiment with the full range of fan speed settings to find the perfect settings for your unique set of bedding. If the sheets are lifting well off your body, airflow is set too high for the best cooling efficiency.

• Experiment with different Air Nozzle locations to see what works best for you.

• Expect the sheets to balloon up a bit on high airflows.

If this is bothersome, place a pillow half in and half out of the sheets at the top of the bed. This will “unseal” your bedding from the air and allow it to deflate back down.

• For customers primarily interested in cooling performance, the Cloud Sheet accessory is a highly recommended BedJet add-on that improves the cooling mode performance significantly.

• Always place another layer of bedding over the Cloud Sheet (blanket or comforter or quilt); it performs better with some weight on it.

1. Heating Mode:

Turbo Heat mode is best used as a pre-heater for warming your bed very quickly before getting into bed, or for single short bursts while in bed.

Turbo Heat pumps the maximum amount of heat into the bed with the maximum amount of airflow and can warm the temperature of your bedding by up to 30 °F (17°C) above ambient in just five minutes.

This mode has a very short default Auto-Shutoff time of 5 minutes, as the warmth generated and noise levels are too powerful for extended use or comfortable sleeping.

You can extend the shutoff time to a maximum of 10 minutes.

• Do not continuously re-cycle the BedJet into Turbo-Heat mode while in bed.

• Do not place body parts directly into or in front of the Air Nozzle in Turbo Heat mode.

• Turbo heat mode is software limited to 10 minutes of operation out of every 30 minutes. attempts to continue operation beyond this limit will cause audible beeping and BedJet will default to regular heat mode.

Final Verdict:

Our final verdict is that the bedjet is a very effective and reliable bed heating and cooling system, we think if you sleep alone and you’re not happy with the setup that you have changing the cooling or the heating then it’s worthwhile device, it’s particularly good if you sleep with a partner and one of you is not happy

At some point during the year because of the temperature of the bedroom and the other one isn’t happy with the way the other person tries to change it so if you’re sleeping with someone who wants to put air conditioning on too low or are you sleeping with someone who wants to have lots of covers and heating but that makes you uncomfortable

then the bedjet will allow you to choose the exact temperature you want and it just works that’s what I liked about it it’s not a gimmick it does work you know we use it throughout the entire year but particularly in the summer and the winter and it just allows us to have targeted heating or targeted cooling

We think you know compared to many other systems that we’ve tried whether that’s heated or you know fans next to the bed the bedJet just does those jobs and it does them better and that’s the important thing.

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