Top 15 L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas: Elevate Your Outdoor Living Experience in Style

l-shaped outdoor kitchen

Are you looking for ideas and tips for your l-shaped outdoor kitchen? Don’t you have any idea which basic appliances you need for your l-shaped outdoor kitchen? And the mistakes you should avoid? You are in the right place.

In this article we’ll provide you with 15 outdoor kitchens for every backyard budget we’re going to talk to your small medium and large and you’re going to get ideas from everyone.

we’re going to sprinkle some fun stuff and some surprises throughout enjoy right now there’s such an explosion of outdoor kitchens on the market in the last five years outdoor kitchens are so popular but it’s not about just the barbecue or the grill anymore it’s about the outdoor Kitchen in general because

I know you’re on the internet I know you’re looking for an article that’s going to give you all of these choices in one article and you’re going to read it right now.

Without further ado let’s jump in!

l shaped outdoor kitchen

Idea #1: Small and compact stylish

l-shaped outdoor kitchen

We’re going to start with small and compact but very stylish for our outdoor kitchen, when we’re talking about small whatever you can imagine will fit this little kitchenette features a cover area for barbecuing made out of just corrugated metal roof obviously two Posts with lean-to style you can do a simple backyard barbecue.

So even in a small space, it doesn’t matter you can still have a nice sized outdoor kitchen a nice sized outdoor grill to feed your friends, and to even feed yourself to be able to really get outside not just about being inside anymore you want to use your outdoor space even in a very compact small backyard

Idea #2: Grandiose *wow* factor

l-shaped outdoor kitchen

We’re going to move you from the smaller compact to the grandiose wow factor of a backyard kitchen, the wow factor can really be all sizes you can go really over the top so to speak with your backyard kitchen and it could include so many things that can include a solid countertop surface a lot of people use granite.

In the wow factor you have all of the grills Surfaces a bar that you want to definitely consider wow factor a lot of people are doing pizza ovens in their outdoor kitchen, so included in these wow kitchens are the green eggs the smokers can be included right there

Idea #3: Modern kitchens outdoor appliances

l-shaped outdoor kitchen

People are always asking what should i buy. what barbecue should I buy? what kind of cooking space should I get?

Most Popular Outdoor Kitchen Package:

Along with a built-in gas grill, the most popular items customers are building into their outdoor kitchens are access doors, followed by a side burner, a refrigerator, and a trash bin. Access doors are a must for access to gas plumbing connections.

Some customers add a door/drawer combo under the grill instead of access doors to gain some enclosed storage drawers for their utensils, gloves, cleaning supplies, etc. A side burner is great for sauteing veggies, heating your baked beans, or really anything that you might typically use your indoor stove for.

A refrigerator is super convenient to have by your grill to keep you from running back in the house to get another beer or cold beverage, or mayo/mustard.

Finally, a roll-out or tilt-out trash bin keeps your trash can handy when you need it and then rolls it back inside the island to keep the flies away, Island vent panels are a necessary safety requirement, and should be considered part of the basic package.

More Outdoor Refrigeration:

Outdoor ice makers, wine coolers, kegerators, and beverage centers are great additions to your outdoor kitchen, especially if you entertain. Your guests will love having ice-cold beverages, including fresh beer on tap, during the party.

Adding one of these components to your outdoor kitchen takes the hassle out of running back and forth inside while entertaining.

Expand Your Outdoor Cooking Options:

Do you love having that smokey flavor on your food, or making pizzas from scratch? Don’t limit yourself to an outdoor kitchen with just a gas grill as your only cooking appliance. A flat-top griddle is an excellent addition to cooking breakfast or hibachi-style meals.

Add a pizza oven for family pizza night which is an absolute hit with the kids! You may prefer to install a charcoal grill or kamado for that old-school charcoal flavor. Add a kamado or a smoker for that low temp, slow-cooked flavor of smoked ribs, brisket, or holiday turkey.

Sinks, Faucets & Ice Bins:

Installing an outdoor sink allows you the convenience of easy prep and clean up before and after you grill, without having to go back inside the house. Add a drop-in ice bin or an ice chest storage drawer to keep your beverages on ice.

Maybe add a beverage/bar center for a more multi-functional sink/ice bin option.

Idea #4: Kitchen bars rock

l-shaped outdoor kitchen

so I can’t express the difference a bar makes in your outdoor kitchen we’ve seen it so many times throughout the years of the value of a bar

really you get a bar and it offers so much additional seating for people you can do an additional four to six to Eight different spots for people that are just wanting to hang out in your outdoor kitchen.

you’re gonna love a bar because people would just be a magnet to those.

Idea #5: Outdoor sink

so talking about our outdoor sink, you’ll just turn it on for you and you can do whatever you want with the fancy heads hot or Cold you know whatever you want you can have in your outdoor kitchen

we’re talking about backyard kitchen sinks I just want to let you know a little story from a client who was contemplating whether or not they should get an outdoor sink it’s a little bit expensive you have to hire a plumber for all those kinds of things

she went ahead and did it and she said right after construction she knew that it was the best decision for her whole outdoor Kitchen because no matter what if there was a kid that spilled something if they just had to do a quick hand wash

If they needed water if they needed to warm their hands all these things were right there very convenient they didn’t have to open up the door go inside do it all inside come back outside it’s all right there in their backyard kitchen.

Idea #6: Outdoor cover “to cover or not to cover”

l-shaped outdoor kitchen

one of the biggest things that I want you to think about is a cover for your outdoor kitchen a cover is great in many Climates you’re going to for sure want to cover in climates

you won’t need to cover but a cover is nice because it lets you cook four seasons and that’s what really that’s what everybody wants they want to be able to barbecue and grill in the middle of winter

they don’t want to worry about the weather you don’t want to worry about having to come outside to grill for their family and worry About getting wet as they’re grilling.

Idea #7: Topdeck or down below

so you might be contemplating whether should you do your outdoor kitchen on top of your deck on you know basically on the first floor or the second floor or should you do it on the ground floor and I want to let you know and don’t judge me for this but it’s nothing wrong with doing one on both

outdoor kitchens really are about convenience so if it’s on the top and it’s easy then put one up on the deck it’s okay And you can still have one in your true backyard living space under the cover where everybody’s going to kind of party in the summertime.

Idea #8: Tv in an l-shaped outdoor kitchen

l-shaped outdoor kitchen

another thing to consider for your backyard kitchen is a tv, by the way, they’re like what are you doing with the tv in your backyard why do you have to have that by the way this is backyard living outdoor Living so you want it for your backyard outdoor kitchen, of course, think about an outdoor tv

it’s a good thought especially if you have a bar people are going to be like magnets to that bar and they’re going to be drawn to the tv watching the game you know watch even listening to music that tv could be an essential part of your backyard kitchen so consider it.

Idea #9: Heating cooling (fans & heater)

l-shaped outdoor kitchen

another essential for your backyard kitchen is the heating and cooling Aspect of your backyard kitchen especially if you have a cover would be a fan or a heater

so those are great things in fact a lot of people do it with a fireplace they have that in the space with them to kind of keep the space warm

so think about that for your backyard kitchen adding a backyard Heat source and a backyard cooling source which would be a fan.

Idea #10: Sunshade screen

l-shaped outdoor kitchen

another essential fact that I have in my own outdoor kitchen in fact we use every summer night is a shade solution

the sun hits right at the wrong place right when we’re eating in the evening time so we just push the button all of a sudden that shade goes down and we have some shade relief some heat relief when we’re in our backyard kitchen

it doesn’t hinder a view from the inside looking out you can still see people you can still see what’s happening very nice in that way but again this is going to protect you all summer long from the sun, especially during that golden hour when it Comes and just bakes you in your outdoor space

it protects you during that time and all you do again is just touch it and easily see it go back up and retract probably would want to wait till the sun is gone

it offers protection from the sun obviously but it also does a great job with wind protection as well as rain protection and it offers a minor little bit of control for climate control too

Idea #11: Heavenly counter space

another thing I want to just make sure you are aware of is the need for counter space you probably already know this From inside your house but you want to do the same thing in the backyard

have extra counter space if you can you even add another bar just for catch-all of people when you have them over they will fill that space with stuff and if you of course if you’re having drinks if you’re having food that’s a great drop point for people to think about counter space

a couple of different counters you could use people are using concrete now I just want to caution against concrete I had concrete countertops I ended up jackhammering them out and getting rid of them I did not like them so just consider that the efflorescence was really bad I can never keep the solid surface clean so

what we recommend is granite’s going to be there the test of time it’s bulletproof so to speak and it’s easy to clean

Idea #12: Outdoor Lighting

l-shaped outdoor kitchen

another essential I just want you to think about is the lighting of course lighting is Above the head but you could even do it for your backyard kitchen

you can light under the lip of the solid surface countertop so think about that it hit really nice they add another element you can change the colors to whatever you’d like it just really makes that outdoor kitchen pop in the evening hours

Idea #13: Outdoor grill

l-shaped outdoor kitchen

the other little secret I want to let you know about your outdoor kitchen is you can do one of these evos check these Out they’re so cool you can really cook whatever you want it’s like an all-purpose everything grill

you can cover it with the lid you can do your pizzas you can take the cover off it’s like a griddle or you can act as a barbecue and I would recommend them to you for your outdoor kitchen

Idea #14: Convenience

it’s really important to remember is a backyard kitchen is the convenience it is old school remember when the grill is Just a griddle it was just like a grill but you were in and out

always constantly getting something from inside the house and bringing it outside think about that when you’re designing and talking about whatever you want whatever you need do it

you’re going to love your backyard kitchen go really have everything truly at your fingertips when you’re in your backyard kitchen you don’t have to make those trips inside they’re right there You’re going to love it by the way

Idea #15: Get a good design

so just a reminder to get a good design I want to give you all this information and ideas but still take the time to find a local designer

if you can’t find a local designer that designs outdoor kitchens and outdoor living spaces we would love to help you out no matter where you live in the world we can show you your backyard your home and your backyard in the 3d world and give you a beautiful outdoor living design so take that time Hire a good designer it will save money down the road


so we probably have a good hundred or more examples for you here with our l-shaped outdoor kitchens.

Many individuals are stressed over how to assemble an open-air kitchen. In any case, we offer you a basic response and a path of least resistance. An open-air kitchen is an ideal expansion to any terrace since you can partake in your suppers and temperature control.

Having an open-air kitchen doesn’t simply mean cooking outside. An open-air kitchen gives your loved ones a spot to assemble and appreciate food made in the outside kitchen.

The open-air kitchen can be utilized for grill cooking, barbecuing, baking, broiling, espresso making, and serving drinks.

I hope this guide and ideas helped you!


What features might an l-shaped outdoor kitchen have?

An outdoor kitchen can take on different forms. In some cases, it can be a simple setup with a gas grill, a mini fridge, a small amount of counter space, and a sink area. Or it can be much more expansive and high-end — think stainless steel appliances, large granite countertops, and multiple grills.

In fact, custom outdoor kitchens let homeowners like you design an ideal space for outdoor cooking. You could install a pizza oven across from a barbecue grill with an outdoor bar that includes a temperature-controlled wine fridge. Your backyard kitchen could also feature a full-size fridge, large food prep areas, and extra cabinets for the storage of nonperishable goods. Your kitchen design choices are virtually endless and will largely boil down to how much space you have to work with and what your renovation budget looks like.

What are the benefits of an l-shaped outdoor kitchen?

There are plenty of good reasons to invest in an outdoor kitchen, whether you opt for an elaborate setup or a more modest design.

1. Increased home value

Outdoor kitchens are increasing in popularity, especially in areas where it’s feasible to dine outdoors for a large portion of the year. As such, putting in an outdoor kitchen could help your property value climb so that when you decide to sell your home, you command a higher purchase price. An outdoor kitchen could also help your house stand out if it’s a feature not found in most houses in your neighborhood.

2. Added convenience

An outdoor kitchen makes it easier to enjoy outdoor gatherings that involve food and drink. As a host, you won’t find yourself constantly running back and forth to the house during barbecues or parties, and your guests won’t have to, either. Rather, you’ll have the option to store, prep, cook, and serve your food in the same space.

3. Aesthetic appeal

There’s something about the look of high-end outdoor kitchen countertops and stainless steel appliances that shouts elegance. An outdoor kitchen can actually be a notable aesthetic feature in your backyard.

4. A cooler, cleaner indoor kitchen

Even if you’re an avid cook, the idea of using your oven on a scorching summer’s day can be enough to make you scrap your gourmet dinner plans and opt for a simple piece of toast or bowl of cereal instead. With an outdoor kitchen, there’s no need to swelter inside your home just to cook a meal.

Instead, you can fire up the grill and enjoy the open air and breeze as you prepare food, and then return to a nice, cool home and mess-free kitchen when you’re done eating.

What are the drawbacks of an l-shaped outdoor kitchen?

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to putting in an outdoor kitchen that you need to know about.

1. High costs

Nailing down the cost of an outdoor kitchen is close to impossible because there are so many variables involved. But even a bare-bones outdoor kitchen is apt to be relatively expensive.

There’s plumbing and electrical work to consider and construction that’ll need to take place. Permits will need to be obtained, and inspections will need to be completed before that space is deemed safe and usable.

As is the case with any home renovation, the money you spend to put in an outdoor kitchen is money you won’t have available for another project. And while an outdoor kitchen will generally increase your home’s value, you may not recoup your full investment when you go to sell.

2. Monopolized outdoor space

If your backyard isn’t that big, each square foot your outdoor kitchen takes up is space you can’t use for chairs, tables, or running around. Along these lines, an outdoor kitchen may end up taking the place of another useful feature, like a playset for your kids or a hot tub that’s relaxing to soak in after a tough workout.

3. Limited usage

In many areas of the country, an outdoor kitchen is really only useful during the late spring, summer, and early fall. As such, you may end up sinking a lot of money into something you don’t get to enjoy for seven months out of the year.

4. Potential damage

Both wildlife and weather events can cause damage to your outdoor kitchen. As such, you could wind up spending a lot of money to have that space created only to then fork over a whole lot more in the course of repairs.

Is an l-shaped outdoor kitchen right for you?

Clearly, there are benefits and drawbacks to installing an outdoor kitchen. You might lean toward making that investment if you can check most of the following items off your list:

  • You have a large outdoor space.
  • You tend to entertain a lot.
  • You have a healthy budget for home renovations.
  • You enjoy spending time outdoors.
  • But if most of the above items don’t apply to you, then you may want to save your money for a home improvement project that’s likely to have more of an impact on your day-to-day quality of life, like a master bathroom remodel or finished basement. You may even decide to put that money toward upgrading your existing kitchen if it needs work.

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