How to Change Air Filter in LG Refrigerator: A Quick and Easy Tutorial

Are you wondering how to change air filter in LG refrigerator? Have you changed your air filter since you’ve bought it? if it’s not you should change it every six months.

Is your panel in your LG refrigerator flush replace the filter icon? That means that your air filter needs to replace if you don’t know how you are in the right place where we’ll show you how to change air filter in LG refrigerator step-by-step.

How to change air filter in LG refrigerator

What is an air filter in lg refrigerator?

A particulate air filter is a device composed of fibrous, or porous materials that remove solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air.

Filters containing an adsorbent or catalyst such as charcoal (carbon) may also remove odors and gaseous pollutants such as volatile organic compounds or ozone.

Air filters are used in applications where air quality is important, notably in building ventilation systems and in engines.

the fresh air filter helps remove odors from your refrigerator and it is recommended that you change the air filter approximately every six months.

 there are two settings for your fresh air filter which can be activated in your control panel in auto mode.

 the fresh air filter will cycle on and off if set to power mode the fresh air filter will cycle on and off for four hours before automatically switching back to auto mode when the air filter needs to be replaced the change filter indicator will appear on your control panel.

Where is the air filter on an LG refrigerator?

the air filter is located in the back center of the refrigerator above the top shelf,  locate the air filter on the back wall of the refrigerator the filter cover will be square or rectangular, inside that filter cover you’ll find the air filter on it.

the filter cover is hooked onto the wall of the refrigerator

before you start changing the air filter in your fridge the first thing you want to do is turn off the water to the refrigerator.

How to change air filter in lg refrigerator Step-By-Step

LG refrigerators filter air by circulating it through the air filter inside the refrigerator.

the air filter needs to be replaced every six months if the replacement air filter icon on the control panel flashes it is time to replace the air filter

purchase an air filter, replacement air filters are available through your local dealer or distributor

Step1. Remove any items from the top shelf

Remove any items such as (food beverages anything …) from the top shelf of your refrigerator to get access to your air filter and have a free space to remove and change your filter.

Step2. locate the air filter on the back wall of the refrigerator

In most LG refrigerators’ models, the filter cover will be square or rectangular the replacement process is almost the same for these two types.

the filter cover is hooked onto the wall of the refrigerator.

Step3. remove the filter cover on the top shelf refrigerator

To remove the filter cover from the refrigerator:

  1. turn the filter cover counterclockwise about 30 degrees to release the tabs following the open arrow.

f you see the wire harness from the filter compartment do not worry this is completely normal

the air filter is located inside the filter cover.

Step4. remove the air filter from the cover

to remove the air filter from the cover:

  • press one side of the enclosure outward while pulling on the center of the filter.
  • release the filter by pushing outward the black tabs surrounding the filter and remove the old filter

before installing the new filter locate the side mark with the word front.

Step5. Install a new air filter in LG refrigerator.

To install the new air filter:

  1. install the new filter into the filter cover with a side that says front facing outward

the filter is square so it will fit the opening even if it’s rotated 90 degrees.

Step6. Reinstall the filter cover in the refrigerator

the angle is important when fitting the cover back on the mounting

to reinstall the filter cover:

  1. turn the cover about 30 degrees counterclockwise before placing it on the filter mount.
  • then rotate the cover clockwise until the hooks engage and it clicks into place

the final step is to reset your LG refrigerator panel from flushing replace filter icon.

How to reset air filter light on LG Refrigerator?

press and hold the air filter button located on your display panel next to the air filter indicator for three seconds to reset the filter sensor

the air filter indicator light will then turn off.

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Now your job is complete and the air filter change easily, we recommend replacing your air filter in the LG refrigerator approximately every sex month to keep your refrigerator working well and make ice and fresh air.