How to remove Sub-Zero built-in refrigerator From your Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you wondering how to remove sub-zero built-in refrigerator? Are you planning to move your sub-zero refrigerator to another place but you don’t know how to remove the built-in refrigerator? You’re in the right place where we’ll explain how to remove sub-zero built-In refrigerator.

a built-in refrigerator is built into your cabinet and countertops. They are seamlessly integrated into any kitchen design and provide a roll and modern feel to the kitchen.

Most SUB-ZERO units are ‘built in’ like a wall oven installed in a cabinet. You would need to build another cabinet, dis-assemble the cabinet that you have now, and relocate the refrigerator to the new cabinet,

Sub-Zero manufactures two series of built-in refrigeration as well as wine storage and under-counter units.

Each refrigerator model usually comes in two variations, namely a stainless steel exterior or a customizable exterior in an overlay or flush inset version.

 The customizable option allows the buyer to install kitchen cabinet panels on the door(s) to match with the rest of the kitchen. Its refrigerators are designed with a 24-inch (61 cm) depth and can be installed flush with kitchen cabinets of the same standard depth to provide an integrated look.

How to remove Sub-Zero built-in refrigerator

What are tools you will need to remove sub zero built in refrigerator?

  • Screwdriver
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Flat blade Screwdriver
  • ¼ inch nut driver
  • ratchet

Before you start procces

  • make sure unplug the refrigerator
  • turn of the water line.

How to remove sub-zero built-in refrigerator Step-By-Step

step1. Remove doors

  1. With with a Philips head screw driver remove the little e-clips that hold the door refrigerator closers on and disconnect the door closer.
  • Also remove the freezer door  e-clips in the bottom and disconnected it the door closer.
  • Use you Philips driver and remove screws the upper door hinges.
  • Once you’ve unscrew them the door will fall out so hold it up push the hinge out of the way and then just pick the door up.
  • Put aside
  • Do the same procces to the other door if you have side by side sub zero refrigerator.

Step2. Turn the water off

Turn the water off to the ice maker and disconnect the water line to the ice maker water valve.

Step3. Remove the lower alignment and leveling

first thing you want to do is direct your attention to the lower portion underneath the actual freezer and you have this cover plate and two Phillips screws.

  1. pull this entire cover plate off and get access to the actual adjusting screws.
  • grab your ratchet and extension and put an eight millimeter socket on the end and that will allow you to adjust the rear portion of the refrigerator and you want to loosen a screw on the rear portion  all the way up into you can actually move by hand.
  • indicates that the rear portion of the refrigerator until it’s at the lowest point.
  • adjust t and raise the level mount up to a point where it will fall onto the wheels.
  • raise the front leveling feet into the base by turning counterclockwise.


tilt the unit back and slide a heavy-duty moving blanket or piece of masonite under the front feet.

Step5. Pull out the sub-zero refrigerator.

pull the unit out from the enclosure from the bottom and disconnect the power cord.

Caution: the unit is top-heavy so be aware of tripping hazards

Step6. Remove the top cover of sub-zero refregirator where the condenser located.

  1. Use your Philips screw driver and unscrews all screws that hold the top cover of refirgeratot  to the body of the refrigerator.

You’ll notice that there are many of them unscrew them all.

  • Disconnect ground wire at top cover by removing screw inside cover close to condenser.
  • Remove the whole cover and get access to the condenser.

Step7. Remove the condenser of the sub-zero refrigerator.

  1. remove the freon from the compressors.
  2. remove the condenser fan motor.

Remove any screws you see around your condenser and take off and pull out tubes and wires until your condenser is free and pulls it out.

Step8.  Remove door shelves

To remove a door shelf or the dairy compartment, lift from the bottom and slide out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the door opening is limited to 90°, door shelves may need to be removed before removing a storage drawer or glass shelf.

Step9. Remove glass shelves

To remove or adjust a glass shelf, tilt-up, then lift up and out.

Use care when handling glass shelves to prevent breakage or scratching the interior.

Step10. Remove refrigerator drawers

To remove a refrigerator drawer:

  1. pull open until the drawer stops.
    1. Lift the front of the drawer slightly and pull straight out.

Dividers in refrigerator drawers can be removed by pulling straight up.

Step11. Remove freezer baskets

To remove freezer baskets:

  1. pull forward until basket stops.
  2. Pull the two plastic tabs located behind the bottom two corners of the basket forward
  3.  lift up and out.

If the door opening is limited to 90°, the top basket must be removed before removing the middle or lower basket.

Step12. Remove the ice container.

  1. Column

To remove ice container:

        pull the freezer drawer open until it stops then lift the container out.

  • Column combination

To remove ice container:

       pull the freezer drawer open until it stops and slightly angle the container to lift out.

  • Tall and drawer

To remove ice container:

pull the freezer drawer open until it stops and lift the container out.

The ice maker must be turned off by touching the button when the ice storage container is removed. The unit is equipped with a 3-minute delay after the ice container is removed, to ensure cubes are not ejected before the ice maker can be deactivated or the ice container is reinstalled.

Step13. Crisper cover

The crisper cover in the upper storage drawer can be slid closed or left open.

To remove the crisper cover:

  1. pull the upper drawer all the way out
  2. raise the front edge of the crisper cover
  3. pull it forward out of the drawer

step14. Drawer dividers

To remove or adjust a short divider:

flex the long divider slightly, then pull upward.

To remove a long divider:

the short dividers must be removed.

Pull divider up until it stops, rotates counterclockwise, then pulls upward.

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Step15. Remove drawer removal

To remove drawer removal:

  1. pull open until drawer stops.
  2. Raise the drawer front and pull out drawer.