How to Use Krups Espresso Machine: Unlock the Secrets to Barista-Level Espresso at Home

How to Use Krups Espresso Machine

Are you find it difficult to use krups espresso machine in your home or a restaurant? and you don’t know where to start, are you looking to make a tasty espresso for a shining morning or before going to your work? You are in the right place

Since you used the word “espresso”, the question has an answer you may not want to hear. You can’t make no-machine espresso. It can’t be done. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed or playing fast and loose with the definition of espresso.

To be fair, I play fast and loose with that word myself, the Italian-made prosumer espresso machine we use at our cafe barely makes what I can call an espresso, and get away with it. We all make compromises, according to budget restraints.

Let’s face it, most home appliance machines that claim to make espresso, with a gadget to steam milk — though they can make a lot of fancy beverages — don’t really make what can accurately be called espresso. But we use the word anyway, liberally, A little too liberal.

In this article we will show you how to use krups espresso machine, so follow the steps below:

Without further ado let’s jump in!

Tips before starting to make and use krups espresso machine

Tip 1:

The quality of the water has a huge impact on the quality of the aromas. Limescale and chlorine can alter the taste of your coffee.

We recommend that you use the Claris Aqua Filter System cartridge, or slightly mineralized water to preserve all the aromas of your coffee.

Tip 2:

To prepare ristretto, espresso, and coffee recipes, we recommend that you use preheated tulip-shaped porcelain cups.

For your cappuccino, latte, and hot milk recipes, we recommend that you use thick glasses or porcelain cups for a delicious result.

Tip 3:

Roasted coffee beans can lose their flavor if they are not protected. We recommend that you fill the bean hopper of the machine with enough quantity for the next four to five days.

This will enable you to preserve longer the rest of your beans: KRUPS recommends storing them in a dark and fresh place (avoid fridge and freezer), ideally in an air-tight container.

The quality of coffee beans varies and whether you like them or not is a matter of personal taste; however, we recommend that you use arabica rather than robusta coffee beans. It will probably take several attempts to find the coffee beans that you prefer.

Finally, we recommend that you do not use oily or caramelized beans, which can damage the appliance.

Tip 4:

The quality and fineness of the ground coffee will affect the aromas and quality of the crema (the cream created on top of your coffee).

The finer the grind the thicker the crema. The grind size should be adjusted to the drink desired: fine for ristretto and espresso and coarser for coffee.

Tip 5:

You can use pasteurized milk, skim, semi-skim, or whole milk, straight from the fridge (44ºF).

Other milk such as microfiltered milk, unpasteurized milk, soy milk, and almond milk will produce variable results with the same settings as regular milk: the quality of the froth will be different as the froth depends on the fat content of the milk.

How To Use Krups Espresso Machine Step-By-Step

Step 1: Initial settings

When using the appliance for the first time you are asked to perform certain steps. Follow the instructions that appear on the display.

The purpose of the following section is to give you some visual guidance. Turn on the appliance by pressing the On/Off (S) button. Let the appliance guide you. These are the first settings requested:

1. Language

  • Select a display language by pressing on the arrows until the required language appears.
  • Press “OK” to confirm the selection.

2. Country

  • Select your country of residence by pressing the arrows until the country appears. 7
  • Press “OK” to confirm your selection.
  • If your country does not appear on the list, press OTHER.

The appliance will also ask you to set up the following settings:

Hotline number for your country of residence:

If you do not know the hotline number for the country you entered in the list, you can search for it on the Internet site indicated on the screen.

Unit of measurement:

You can select whether you would like to use oz or ml as your preferred unit of the measurement unit.

Date and time:

 To set the time, click on the required time format (24H or AM/PM).

Auto on / Auto off:

It is possible to set the time at which you would like the appliance to turn on automatically every day.

Select the time at which you would like the appliance to start automatically using the selected time format.

You can also choose the time after which your appliance will automatically switch off (time without use).

Water hardness

You must set your appliance based on the water hardness, between 0 and 4.

Information on water hardness:

Before using the appliance for the first time, determine the hardness of your water so that you can adjust the appliance to this hardness.

You should also do this when you are using your appliance in a location where the water hardness is different or you notice a change in the water hardness.

To determine the water hardness, use the strip supplied with the appliance or contact your water company. The table below contains information on the different hardness levels:

Degree of HardnessClass 0 Very softClass 1 SoftClass 2 Moderately hardClass 3 HardClass 4 Very hard
° dH< 3°> 4°> 7°> 14°> 21°
° e< 3.75°> 5°> 8.75°> 17.5°> 26.25°
° f< 5.4°> 7.2°> 12.6°> 25.2°> 37.8°
Appliance Setting01234
  • Fill a glass with water and immerse the strip.
  • Read the water hardness after one minute.
  • Indicate the number of red zones when setting your appliance.

Coffee circuit rinse settings:

You can choose whether or not to activate this when the machine is switched on.

Step 2: Installing the filter

When turning it on for the first time, the appliance will ask you if you want to install the water filter.

If you want to, press “YES” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Installing the filter in the appliance:

1. Screw the filter cartridge into the bottom of the water tank using the accessory supplied with the cartridge.

2. Set the month in which the cartridge was installed by turning the grey ring on the upper end of the filter. The month in which the cartridge needs replacing.

3. Put a 20 oz container under the steam nozzle.

The appliance should function whether a filter is installed or not after the rinse cycle.

The water circuits must be refilled. To do this, follow the instructions on the screen.

The appliance will begin by preheating the circuits, filling up the water circuits, and will then carry out a test followed by automatic rinsing.

Step 3: Preparing the appliance

1. Remove and fill the water tank.

2. Close by placing the lid on the tank.

3. Open the lid on the coffee beans container and pour in the beans (9 oz maximum).

4. Close the lid on the coffee beans tank.

Step4. Preparing the grinder

You can adjust the strength of your coffee by adjusting the size of the ground coffee beans. In general, the finer the coffee grounds the stronger and creamier the coffee, however, this depends on the type of coffee used.

Adjust the size of the ground beans by turning the ‘Coffee grind setting’ knob (N) on the bean tank.

You are advised to do so during the grinding process and gradually. After three preparations, you will notice a very distinctive difference in taste.

The grind setting is useful when you change the coffee type or if you would like a stronger or weaker coffee. It is not recommended that you perform this setting every time.

Step5. Preparing drinks: Espresso

This chapter explains how this appliance operates using the examples of the “Espresso” and “Americano” functions.

1. Preparing an espresso:

  • Press the “Espresso” button.
  • If the appliance detects a lack of water when you request a recipe, it will ask you to fill the water tank.
  • Place the cup(s) under the coffee outlet.
  • You can adjust the height of the coffee outlet depending on the size of your cup(s).

2. Possible settings:

  • The appliance lets you prepare one or two cups.
  • Selecting the strength: the more beans selected the stronger the preparation. You can change the strength using the – and + buttons located to the left and right of the symbols.
  • Press the “OK” button on the touch screen to launch the preparation.
  • The appliance grinds the beans, tamps the coffee grounds, and pulls a shot of espresso.
  • It is possible to adjust the volume of coffee in preparation using the – and + buttons.
  • You can stop the preparation at any time by pressing “STOP”.

Caution, pressing stop causes the appliance to reset and it can last up to 30 seconds. This is normal. When a cycle is interrupted, the appliance does not stop immediately, the appliance will go through the cycle but the preparation will be canceled.

3. Preparing an Americano:

This drink was invented by the Americans, who, preferring filtered coffee, found the European espresso too intense. So they began adding hot water to their espresso.

  • Select the “Americano” recipe on the screen.
  • Place the cup(s) under the coffee outlet.
  • You can adjust the height of the coffee outlet to suit the size of your cup. Fig. 10. You can change the quantity using the + or – buttons.
  • Press the “OK” button on the touch screen to start the preparation. You can increase or decrease the amount of water in your drink during its preparation.
  • You can stop the preparation at any time by pressing “STOP”.

Warning: pressing stop begins the stop cycle which may last up to 30 seconds. This phase is normal.

Step 6: Favorites menu

The “Favorites” menu on your Espresso Automatic EA88 allows you to save your favorite recipes and customize them according to your taste.

The screen will guide you intuitively through the whole of this process.

The settings allowing customization are, depending on the recipes: coffee volume, coffee strength, number of cups, and milk frothing time.

This menu can be accessed by pressing the “Favorites” button on the home screen. It can hold up to 10 recipes that you can pre-set. You simply have to select the chosen recipe to have the appliance start automatically.

1. Creating a favorite:

  • In the “Favorites” menu, press the button +.
  • Create your customized recipe or save the last recipe made (which will correspond to the “last recipe” button in the favorite list) and name it using the keyboard (max. 9 characters).
  • You can then choose a color to customize your favorite. After each stage, make sure you validate it so that you can move on to the next one.

 Your recipe has now been saved and appears on the recipe screen in the “Favorites” menu

2. Favorites management:

 The “maintenance” button in FAVORITES gives you access to your favorite management. You can change them (recipe settings), rename, or delete them.

How to make cappuccino/latte in krups espresso machine?

Step1. Preparing your appliance:

1. Connect the milk suction pipe on the left to the “One Touch Cappuccino” block.

2. Place the other end in a container filled with milk.

You can prepare one or two cups with your appliance at the same time.

3. Position your cup or cups and set the button on the block to the desired position: cappuccino or latte.

Step2. Settings and making drinks

1. Press the “Cappuccino Latte” button (1 cup) or the “Cappuccino x 2” button (2 cups).

All settings can be adjusted to your taste. For each cappuccino, the machine will take into account the last settings you used.

2. Once the settings have been set, press OK. The steam is used to froth the milk.

As the production of steam requires a high temperature, the appliance has an additional pre-heating phase.

The following steps are automated and sequenced: frothing of the milk, grinding of the coffee, and preparation of the coffee. Your drink is ready for you to enjoy.

How to make frothed milk in krups espresso machine?

1. Attach the milk suction pipe on the left-hand side of the “One Touch Cappuccino” block.

2. Place the other end into a container filled with milk

3. Position the cup or cups and select cappuccino using the appliance’s button.

The steam is used to froth the milk. As a higher temperature is required when producing steam than when making an espresso, the appliance will launch an additional pre-heating phase.

4. Select the Frothed Milk recipe on the screen.

5. You can customize the frothing duration using the menu.

6. You can change it using the + or buttons, then press “OK” The last frothing duration selection will be memorized for the next recipe.

Frequently asked questions:

How long can an espresso machine be left on without being used?

Theoretically, quite a long time, until all the water in the tank evaporates – maybe a week or a month. A typical espresso machine has temperature sensors, like a boiler or an iron, and will repeat on-off cycles for the heater as long as it is powered on.

This however causes a slow degradation of the machine – electromagnetic relays have a large but limited number of cycles, and heaters get calcified, so a machine would require service sooner.

So, if you came back home after work and found that your small espresso machine is on since you left, don’t panic but keep in mind that you’d need to clean it earlier than you planned.

If however, we talk about large commercial espresso machines like those installed in many offices, they are designed to stay powered on for many hours and be turned off for nights and weekends, so just clean them regularly and follow the recommended frequency of service.

Does the type of espresso machine matter?

Does the type of car matter? They all (when working) get you from one place to another. Some do it faster, more comfortably, or with more fuel efficiency.

Espresso machines range from 40 dollars to tens of thousands, I accept that there are some diminishing returns, but they do produce significantly different espresso.

That being said, you can do better with a mid-range priced machine and the best grinder you can afford.

Also, keep in mind that someone without any skills who has access to the best grinder and machine will still pull a poor shot.

Experience is very important. It’s also much easier now with YouTube videos and online discussions and lessons.

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Final Thoughts

Following our guide on how to use krups espresso machine will help you to use your espresso machine the right way and make tasty cappuccino and late at stunning morning

krups espresso machine is one of the best espresso machines on the market, we recommend you maintain your espresso machine after every use

After a certain number of drinks are prepared, the machine will ask you to empty the coffee grounds collector and clean the coffee drawer. Failure to perform these operations correctly can damage your appliance.