Top 12 Dessert Table Ideas on a Budget: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth without Breaking the Bank

Dessert Table Ideas On A Budget

Are you looking for dessert table ideas on a budget for your wedding, party, birthday, celebrate baby, or whatever celebration you have in mind? You are in the right place, stay tuned!

Dessert tables are a fun and exciting way of providing an interesting range of sweet treats for your guests to enjoy most of my couples use them as the final course of their wedding banquet.

Having a few different sweet options means you can easily cater to guests with allergies or intolerances so nobody feels left out.

In this article, we will share some of my favorite tips and tricks for creating a beautiful dessert table so let’s go ahead and get started

12 Dessert table ideas on a budget

Idea #1. Backdrop (wrapping paper)

Dessert Table Ideas On A Budget

the first thing that does when planning out a dessert table is thinking about some backdrop ideas don’t be afraid to think outside the box and consider using different types of items like wrapping paper as part of your table runner or

You can even create a backdrop for your dessert table with wrapping paper, for example, we used two pieces of poster board from dollar tree and taped them together covered them in a beautiful wrapping paper

you can find these in stores like home goods, marshalls, ross, tj, and Maxx then we just made a little hanger for this that we could hang up on the wall

for a more elaborate backdrop you can invest in a photo backdrop stand now we know it’s not necessary but using a backdrop stand can definitely help you create the most beautiful backdrops whether it’s for a dessert table or for a photo backdrop

Idea #2. Backdrop (using a set of two sheer curtains)

Dessert Table Ideas On A Budget

We got curtains for under 10$ on Walmart or amazon, we use them to frame tables beautifully and extremely affordably, if you want to create a more solid backdrop just consider using some solid curtain panels by themselves or behind the sheer ones

And you can get a lovely layered look, you can also frame your backdrop now with some hanging greenery and florals and add that dimension to it with this beautiful wisteria and it will definitely take your backdrop to a whole other level

Idea #3. Backdrop (Create a cascade of balloons or a balloon arch)

Dessert Table Ideas On A Budget

definitely consider balloon arch kits these are super affordable on amazon and they come pre-packaged with the entire color combination of whatever you love there are just so many combinations of things that you can even use for Balloons in a balloon arch

whether those are ones that have confetti or glitter inside ones that are maybe more of a rainbow or tie-dye or marbled effect metallic if you’re looking for gold rose gold silver even ones that are pretty clear so definitely consider incorporating something like a balloon arch into your backdrop

Idea #4. Backdrop (Wall & Window)

there are so many backdrop options and outline and embellish your backdrop display now the most budget-friendly backdrop of all Involves simply positioning your dessert table in front of a nice wall or maybe a garden if you’re doing this outside or if you have a window with a nice view you can always put it in front of the window or really any kind of solid wall

Idea #5. Backdrop (plain hanging greenery)

Dessert Table Ideas On A Budget

Even just using some plain hanging greenery is going to be really beautiful and the greenery Garlands for example might actually be something that you could use more easily around your home than the flowers

so keep that in mind maybe it’s something that you can even reuse in your own home after your event

Idea #6. Neutral tablecloth

Dessert Table Ideas On A Budget

If you’re hoping to reuse your party supplies consider using a neutral tablecloth and then layering that with a table runner to pull in your party’s color theme

a table runner is Going to be a lot less expensive and it’s just going to be easier to swap out for different events whether you want something that’s shiny satin maybe you want a more rustic burlap or even something sparkly sequins there are lots of options for table runners so consider doing that and just sticking with a neutral tablecloth

Idea #7. Roses

Dessert Table Ideas On A Budget

don’t underestimate adding flowers and serving dishes in the colors of your event it’s another way to coordinate a gorgeous Dessert table display so keep all of your options open as you’re planning your dessert table

Idea #8. Choose your theme & color

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Make sure they work in harmony with the colors of the candy and or cake that will be the centerpiece of the table. Keeping your table in one color can make a bold statement to all your guests!

Idea #9. Create a mental pic or better yet draw up

what shape & size table you will want to use for your dessert table. Whether it be round, square, or rectangle make sure they are uniform and large enough for your vision.

Never overcrowd your table, you want every detail noticed. Keep it organized and elegant looking.

Idea #10. Choose your goodies!

Dessert Table Ideas On A Budget

Make sure it matches your color scheme. If you are choosing multiple colors limit it to 2 or 3 colors. Pick desserts and treats that will go with your party theme.

For Example; Cake(s), Cupcakes, Cookies, Cake Pops, Candy Covered Pretzels, Macaroons, Jelly-beans, Rock Candy, Chocolate covered Strawberries…..yummy!

Idea #11. Set Up Your Table

Dessert Table Ideas On A Budget

When using the list below for ideas of decorations remember to vary the heights. Use boxes or crates underneath the tablecloth.

Or if you are not using a tablecloth gift wrap boxes with wrapping paper that matches your theme and add bows or streamers.

Adding different heights helps you display each item uniquely, adds drama & makes it more visually interesting.

Table cloth, Backdrop, Banner, Photo, Dessert Bar Sign, Balloons, Tissue Poms, Cake Stand(s), Cupcake Stand(s), Jars, Small decorative bowls, Trays, Decorative Risers, Fabric in the theme color to cover risers, Candy Bags, Scoops/Tongs

Idea #12. Add final touches

Add these final touches candles, floral(s), & or glossy party labels. You are all done! You will not only Elevate the Cake but have a dessert table that will be one to remember!

Best 6 DIY dessert table Ideas on a budget

We will show you how to use thrift or dollar tree items to glam up your dessert table. It’s DIY, straightforward, and perfect for your special occasion a baby shower, birthday, bachelorette, or just because. I also offer suggestions for healthier dessert table options.

Tip1. Cover the table

the first tip we want to show you I know this is going to sound so obvious but you would be amazed How many people skip this step if the table isn’t beautiful you really do need to cover it try not to cover it with anything plastic because it just looks really cheap instead you can use a blanket you just want a really inexpensive table runner

1. Use wrapping paper you want to cut it to size don’t worry about cutting it straight with all that down fold it in again, and if the edges are a little high just Grab some sellotape and stick it down

Tip2. Add cake stands with a tray

we’ve got two we bought these from Dollar Tree you just put them together and then you get a photo frame swap out the in size so the base is nice and wide you could put any color card you want in there and then just place that on top

Another option is to instead of using a photo frame just purchased a pretty-looking clipboard and reverse it the other way

you have another option for a cake stand instead of using presentation stands you can instead use candelabras we actually made a cake stand using a candelabra and we tried a plate that we simply super glued.

Tip3. DIY treat tubs

1. Need to grab some paper cups of any style that either for the 99-cent store

2. Grab your cup and push it down so that way it’s nice and flat

3. Cut diagonal shakers, cut down into the cup, and start from the top so you get one neat stroke straight down.

4. Turn it so as you can see you will have the opening in the cup

5. Do the opposite direction towards the center again just cut out anything that doesn’t quite and then you will have a nice triangular pot

Tip4. Foam stands

1. In order to create foam stands you want to grab a florist foam block you can buy from Dollar Tree you could buy it from any florists store or craft store anything at all

2. Grab a piece of tissue paper that you really love it can be anything you could even be wrapping paper as you want

3. wrap it up just like a normal Christmas Present and don’t worry about it being too exact if you have any shape foam we highly recommend using tissue paper because it is so much easier

4. Cut the skewers down to size and very mind you can put anything on top marshmallows toffee apples berries Oreos cake pops anything you want

Tip5. Use napkin creatively

Instead of using plates, you can use really gorgeous napkins, napkins may coordinate with the treat tubs to have an amazing look on the table

napkins and your cups are in abundance in stores you can really color code towards your event that’s why we like that you’re using napkins make sure they look pretty and make sure that they’re nice and thick otherwise it just won’t look right and put cupcakes well you put whatever you’d like.

Tip6. Use candelabras treat stands

1. grab a candelabra You actually want to reverse it, so that the wider end is exposed and it acts as a gorgeous little treat pot

2. in our case we put Reese’s Pieces and you can put whatever you’d like in this is probably nice and high and then that’s a little alternative treat pot

Tip7. Use vases

another way that you could use vases is to fill them with popcorn so can buy simple vases from Dollar Tree so that you could use popcorn or you could even use Marshmallows fruit apples oranges anything at all but use your bars for food.

Final thoughts

Our intention for this article was to inspire budget is never ever a restriction, we firmly believe that you can absolutely have luxury on a budget so we know that so many people are much more health-conscious

Nowadays we have more vegans than ever and wanting to reduce their sugar so I want you to know that you can really swap out the food here there is no reason why you can’t have a gorgeous dessert table with just fruits and really healthy snacks

Another thing you can do is play around with wet ingredients so for example you can fill a bowl with beautiful vegan coconut yogurt or maybe some Greek yogurt sprinkle it with some cinnamon and just pile grapes high all around it on the cake stands on the little jars make it look as beautiful as possible and just play around with really healthy things

There is nothing wrong with that and you really can have a dessert table that suits all palates and create a vision like we said our intention was true to inspire that innate creativity that you absolute.

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