How to install built in microwave trim kit: A Quick and Easy Tutorial

 Are you wondering how to install built in microwave trim kit? and find it difficult to install it?

many people buy a microwave for their kitchen but they find it difficult although it’s easy to install it for yourself so if you questioning how to install built in microwave trim kit at your home and you don’t have any knowledge about microwave stay with us we will show how to install built-in microwave trim kit step by step follow these instructions and steps below.

But first, not least you may know:

how to install built in microwave trim kit

What are parts included in the built-in microwave trim kit?

  • Trim Frame (1)
  • Bottom Duct (1)
  • Top Bracket (1)
  • Phillips Round-Head (36) Screws (27 bronze, 9 color-matched, 24 required for installation)
  • Phillips Flat-Head (12) Screws (2 required for installation)
  • Anti-Tip Bracket (1)
  • Bottom Bracket (1)
  • Template (1)

What are tools you need to install build-in microwave trim kit?

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Awl or punch
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Drill with 7 ⁄64″ bit

What are cut-out dimensions for a microwave trim kit?

  Models    20″  30″
  Height    163⁄4″  163⁄4″
  Width    251⁄2″    251⁄2″  
  Depth (min.)*    191⁄2″ or 22″  191⁄2″ or 22″


  • Min. depth with receptacle outside cabinet 191⁄2″ Min.
  • depth with a receptacle inside cabinet 22″
  • On 27″ models, allow 11⁄4″ at the top, 9⁄16″ on the sides, and 1″ at the bottom for overlap of the Trim Frame over the edges of the cutout.
  • On 30″ models, allow 11⁄4″ at the top, 21⁄8″ on the sides, and 1″ at the bottom for overlap of the Trim Frame over the edges of the cutout.

How to install built in microwave trim kit?


1. Fit the tab on the underside bracket into the slot on the back of the underside duct, and push down till the bracket is flush with the bottom of the duct. Fasten the underside bracket to the bottom duct by utilizing two bronze round-head screws.

2. Disconnect the microwave oven earlier than continuing with the setup.

3. Remove any unfastened gadgets contained in the microwave oven, together with the turntable and turntable help. Carefully turn the microwave oven the wrong way up.

4. Line up the tabs on the underside duct with the slots on the bottom of the microwave and insert the tabs into the slots. Secure the underside duct with four bronze round-head screws.


1. Draw a line on the cutout flooring on the center of the cutout, and extend the road 1⁄2″ down the face of the cabinet.

 2. Fold or cut the front edge of the template, alongside the entrance guideline. Place the template flush alongside the front fringe of the cutout flooring, aligning the centerline of the template with the centerline of the cutout flooring. Mark the facilities of the two screw holes with an awl or center punch for the anti-tip bracket location.

3. Remove the template and drill two holes for the anti-tip bracket.

4. Install the anti-tip bracket onto the cutout flooring utilizing two bronze round-head screws.


1. Slide the microwave oven partway into the cabinet opening.

2. Plugin within the microwave oven.

3. The bottom bracket has to be flat to the cutout ground to interact appropriately with the anti-tip bracket. Carefully slide the microwave oven back, participating in the anti-tip bracket.

Make certain the ability to twine just isn’t mashed or minimized as you slide the microwave into place.

4. Center the microwave oven throughout the cutout opening.

5. Ensure the microwave oven is accurately centered. Line up the centerline on the cabinet with the triangular hole on the front of the underside duct.

6. Drill pilot holes by the positioning flange after which set up four bronze round-head screws on the front of the underside duct.


1. Place the top bracket on the highest of the microwave oven, with the tabs on the top and sides of the bracket becoming squarely in opposition to the microwave oven.

2. Drill pilot holes by the holes within the top bracket. Attach the highest bracket to the cabinet utilizing nine bronze round-head screws.


1. Place the trim frame over the microwave oven.

2. Snap the two spring clips on the trim frame into the slots on the top bracket.

3. Open the microwave oven door. Secure the trim frame utilizing four screws (two round-head screws on the within high and two flat-head screws on the within the backside, colored to match your trim kit).


1. Your trim kit is now totally put in. Replace any free objects that had been far away from the within of the microwave oven. Save or discard the additional screws.

Do not place them within the microwave oven.

2. Keep these setup directions for future reference.

3. Replace home fuse or shut circuit breaker to restore power on the service panel.

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