Where to Put Microwave in Kitchen Remodel: The Ultimate Guide for Perfect Placement

Are you confused about where to put microwave in kitchen remodel?

Each kitchen needs a microwave, however, where should it go? With so many microwave ovens to select from which type most closely fits your wants? Whether you might be designing a kitchen in a brand new home, remodeling an older kitchen, or just replacing the current microwave.

this guide will assist you.

where to put microwave in kitchen remodel

Where to put microwave in kitchen remodel?

1. Insight pro microwave drawer ovens

takes the microwave off the counter and locations it properly at the most convenient height, making stirring meals easier and safer, the angled front-mounted touch controls and excellent accessibility make it ideal for anybody who uses the microwave regularly.

Most importantly, the microwave drawer design provides a sleek, integrated look so that the microwave oven blends in wherever it goes.

2. Insight pro and insight Ranges

 these 3-in-1 centers combine a glass-ceramic cooktop, conventional or convection oven, and unique microwave drawer oven in single space-saving equipment.

They are perfect for smaller kitchens, islands, or modern open-plan designs that supply plenty of open areas however few wall cabinets.

By incorporating the microwave throughout the 30° vary itself, awkward installations and cluttered countertops are eradicated whereas permitting the use of a stylish airflow hood above the vary.  

3. Insight pro cooktop + microwave drawer appliance

combining all some great benefits of the microwave drawer oven with a clean electrical cooktop, the cooktop + microwave drawer equipment is a unique kitchen planning solution that’s a perfect companion for wall ovens.

Easy-to-use knobs control the glass-ceramic cooktop whereas a backlit active glass touchscreen guides the user through the microwave cooking process.

4. Over-the-counter “OTC” microwaves

designers often look for methods to put the microwave oven within the cabinets above the counter. In the previous, the one choices have been to make use of a shelf in a wall cabinet or to construct the microwave right into a custom cabinet.

“OTC” microwave supplies a built-in-ready solution designed for standard 24” cabinets. Each “OTC” microwave is provided with an under-the-cabinet light that acts as a decorative accent mild, practical task light, or serviceable nightlight.

5. Over the Range  “OTR” microwaves

An “OTR” over a variety or cooktop gives the extra capabilities of ventilation and task light.

OTR affords the choice of venting to the outside vertically or horizontally or recirculating.

What are the features of types of microwave ovens?

1)  30” Microwave drawer ovens

Design flexibility

  • A perfect companion to a 30” wall oven warming drawer.
  • Built-in prepared for simple set up with no extra it.

Innovative technology

  • Microwave sensor technology virtually eliminates the guesswork.
  • Microwave keep heat setting holds meals as much as 30 minutes.

Convenience and accessibility

  • A powerful microwave is massive enough to carry a 9” x 13” oblong dish.
  • No have to take away dishes from the oven to check or stir.
  • Angled touch controls are convenient and simple to make use of.

Sophisticated style

  • Integrated handles and controls lend a sleek appearance.

2) 24” Microwave drawer ovens

Design flexibility

Ideal four islands, open-plan kitchens with few wall-hung cabinets.

A great addition to a moist bar, household room, or dwelling theater.

Built-in prepared for simple set up with no extra trim equipment required.

Innovative technology

  • Microwave sensor know-how just about eliminates the guesswork.
  • Microwave preserves heat setting holds meals at the perfect serving temperature up to 30 minutes.

Convenience and accessibility

  • Microwave drawer oven is straightforward to open or close. Three different door opening choices can be found.
  • A powerful microwave is large enough to hold a 9” x 13” oblong dish.
  • No need to take away dishes from the oven to check or stir.
  • Angled touch controls are convenient and straightforward to use.

Sophisticated style

  • Integrated handles and controls lend a sleek appearance.

 3) cooktop + microwave drawer appliance

  • Combines an electrical cooktop with a microwave drawer oven, multi-functional 30” extensive equipment.
  • The drawer opens automatically with one touch.
  • The front-mounted glass touchscreen is lighted and angled straightforward to see, easy to scrub.
  • Active touchscreen control guides you with step-by-step instructions and useful suggestions. It teaches you easy methods to use the microwave not just for reheating and defrosting but additionally for cooking!
  • Microwave sensor technology means virtually no guesswork.
  • Automatic choices embody 36 meals categories for cooking, 6 for reheating, and 6 for defrosting.  on-screen microwave recipes make mealtime extra attention-grabbing with a collection of 16 delicious new dishes.
  • The electrical glass-ceramic cooktop options infinite warmth managed by easy-to-use knobs. One dual use 6”/9” ribbon heating aspect. One 8” and two 6” ribbon heating elements provide convenience and flexibility.
  • Microwave warming zone makes meal coordination easy.
  • Microwave keep heat hold meals as much as 30 minutes, it’s a warming drawer inside the microwave!
  • A powerful 1000 W microwave is large enough to carry a 9” x 13” rectangular dish.
  • Built-in prepared for simple set up with no extra trim equipment required.

4) slide in Range

  • Slide-in design offers a seamless look between the vary and countertop, boasting a built-in look.
  • True convection cooking system incorporates a third rear heating element and fan that regularly circulates sizzling air all through the lower oven cavity for extra oven cooking.
  • Custom conversion technology pinpoints the precise time and temperature settings for particular meals, adjusting automatically.
  • High-tech LCD touchscreen navigation for microwave and lower oven information you through the cooking process with step-by-step instructions and useful ideas.
  • Front-mounted glass touch controls are angled for convenience and safety, virtually eliminating the necessity to lean over a hot cooktop.
  • World’s first microwave drawer oven offers very good access and permits stirring meals without eradicating the dish.
  • Microwave sensor technology means virtually no guesswork.
  • EZ pull oven racks are perfect for heavier meals even a 25 lb. turkey. Two EZ pull racks are included.
  • The warming zone allows you to hold foods heat, making meal coordination easy.
  • Large windows and built-in handles create a unified look.

5) freestanding Ranges

  • Combines a glass-ceramic cooktop, typical oven, and microwave drawer equipment. World’s first microwaves drawer oven supplies excellent access and permits stirring meals without removing the dish.
  • Front-mounted glass touch controls are angled for convenience and safety, just about eliminating the need to lean over a sizzling cooktop.
  • Compact 3-in-1 design permits the usage of a classy to vary hood or oven for the Range microwave.
  • A cheap solution requires just about no setup. Ideal for open-plan kitchens, islands, and tight areas.
  • Large windows and built-in. Handles create a unified look.
  • Microwave sensor technology eliminates guesswork when cooking or reheating your favorite meals.
  • EZ pull oven racks are excellent for heavier meals even a 25 lb. turkey.

6) over the counter

  • Over-the-counter microwaves, ovens allow straightforward and inexpensive setup, together with functions in nook cabinets, above islands, over meals preparation areas, and in practically any wall cupboard. The OTC design saves helpful counter area and moves a step beyond other “built-in solutions” that require particular kits and tools.
  • Clean and uncluttered design with the auto-touch control panel positioned on the oven door so the controls are straightforward to see and attain.
  • Stainless steel finish with easy glass window elegant and practical.
  • The massive 14 1/8” diameter carousel turntable is the largest turntable of any microwave oven it’s class for added capability and flexibility.
  • The sensor cook heart contains 11 sensible & simple sensor settings for the preferred microwaved meals. No must-set times or energy ranges, and just about no guesswork!
  • Defrost center rapidly defrosts meats and poultry by weight. A specific program for every category assures wonderful, even outcomes.
  • Keep heat plus allows you to hold scorching meals as much as 30 minutes after cooking is completed with no loss of meals of high quality.
  • Instant action keys save time and make microwaving easy! Touch as soon as for every serving as much as eight. The oven begins automatically.

7) over the Range

R-1880LS, R-1870/71/72/74/75

  • Convection microwave over Range browns, bakes, broils, crisps, and roasts with microwave, convection, mixture and broil choices. By combining convection cooking with microwave vitality, it’s the proper second oven.
  • 13” diameter ceramic turntable with on/off flexibility accommodates outsized or oblong-shaped dishes.
  • Automatically compute broiling, roasting, and baking time and temperature settings. For microwave cooking, over the vary is sensible & simple sensor routinely determines cooking instances and energy ranges for 12 microwave favorites.

R-1514, R-1520LK/LW/LQ

  • Hide & smooth design is clear, uncluttered and symmetrical. The auto-touch control panel is discreetly hid behind the oven door, and it’s flush design matches fantastically with different home equipment. Large 14/ 8” diameter turntable accommodates outsized or oblong-shaped dishes.
  • Interactive cooking system with customized assist function.
  • Make positive the highest of the OTR is not less than 66” from the ground and not less than 30” from the cooking floor. A separate 15 amp or higher electrical receptacle should be situated within the cabinet immediately above the microwave oven.

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