How to replace thermocouple on water heater: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you wondering how to replace thermocouple on water heater? and you find it difficult to replace it? Here is what to do.

several people find the problem to replace thermocouple on their water heater.

Before we get in the steps you should know:

Important:  For correct water heater operation, the thermocouple assembly must be properly installed.

Follow these steps and instructions to know how to replace thermocouple on water heater:

how to replace thermocouple on water heater

How to replace thermocouple on water heater step-by-step


Before performing any maintenance it is important to turn off the supply to the water heater at the manual shut-off valve.

This valve is typically located beside the water heater.

Note the place of the shut-off valve within the open/on place then proceed to show it off.


On the decreased entrance of the water heater find the

mixture control valve/thermostat.

1. Depress and hold the lock tab located under the control knob on the right.

2. Rotate the control knob on the combination gas control valve/thermostat clockwise until “OFF” aligns with the mark on the front of the valve.

3. Once the supply has been shut off, remove the outer door


1. Using a 1/4” nut driver or socket loosen the two screws securing the manifold door assembly until they are free.

  • Do not remove the screws and plastic retainer washers from the manifold door.

The screws and retainer washers might be wanted to reattach the manifold door.


In this step, the thermocouple, manifold tube, pilot tube, and igniter wire can be disconnected from the mix control valve/thermostat.

1. Using a 7/16” wrench disconnect the thermocouple (left-hand thread) and pilot tube (right-hand thread).

2. Using a 3/4” wrench disconnect the manifold tube (right-hand thread). Carefully pull the igniter wire from the igniter button.


1. Grasp the manifold tube and push down slightly to free the manifold tube, pilot tube, and thermocouple from the combination gas control valve/thermostat.

2. Carefully remove the manifold assembly from the burner compartment.



With the manifold assembly removed.

1. use a brush (a toothbrush works well) and/or vacuum to clean the flame arrestor both top and bottom.

2. It is essential to wash contained in the combustion chamber and beneath the water heater.

3. In lint/dust-prone areas similar to laundry rooms, it is strongly recommended that the Filter Accessory Kit be put in.

NOTE: Anytime upkeep is carried out on the combustion chamber it is strongly recommended that the flame arrestor be cleaned inside and outside.


Once the manifold assembly is removed from the water heater

1. find the retainer clip securing the two-piece wire connector to the manifold door. (Note the orientation of the retainer clip).

2. Insert the tip of a big flat head screwdriver between the clip and the highest of the two-piece wire connector.

3. Carefully rotate the screwdriver to lift the clip.


With the retainer clip eliminated rigorously.

1. push the two-piece wire connector by way of the manifold door. It could also be crucial to slip the connector out one piece at a time.

2. Keep the two-piece wire connector and retainer clip for re-installation


1. Locate the clip holding the thermocouple to the pilot tube. (If your mannequin doesn’t have a clip, proceed to the following step).

Before unsnapping the thermocouple from the clip observe the situation of the clip on the bigger diameter part of the thermocouple.


1. Locate the thermocouple to the place it connects to the rear of the pilot meeting.

2. Pull the thermocouple from the rear of the pilot meeting.

3. Do not take away the burner. Once the thermocouple is disconnected from the pilot assembly, it may now be removed from the manifold door assembly.

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After you read and follow the steps and instructions above you might now have the answer to how to replace thermocouple on water heater? you might now replace thermocouple easily without calling a qualified person.


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