How to light a gas water heater: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you buying a brand new gas water heater? And you don’t know how to light a gas water heater?

Many individuals once they purchase a new gas water heater they discover it troublesome to light a gas water heater, and so they assume that it’s identical to light a gas water heater like an electrical water heater, however, is not the same as the electric water heater you probably have a gas water heater and also you want to light it? here’s what to do:

To light a gas water heater would not make an effort or to be a certified particular person simply Follow these steps and directions to know tips on how to light a gas water heater.

how to light a gas water heater

Before lighting the pilot of a gas water heater:

1. Check the gas strains for leaks.

2. Use a soapy water resolution. DO NOT take a look at gas leaks utilizing a match or open flame.

3. Brush the soapy water resolution on all gas pipes, joints, and fittings.

4. Check for effervescent cleaning soap. This means you leak. Turn “OFF” gas and make the mandatory repairs.

5. Recheck for leaks.

6. Rinse off the soapy solution and wipe dry.


Propane (L.P.) gas is heavier than air.

Should there be a leak within the system, the gas will settle close to the bottom. Basements, crawl areas, skirted areas underneath manufactured (cell) houses (even when ventilated), closets, and areas beneath the floor stage will function pockets for the buildup of this gas.

Before trying to light or relight the water heater’s pilot or turning on a close-by electrical gentle swap, ensure there isn’t an accrued gas within the space.

Search for the odor of gas by sniffing at the floor stage within the neighborhood of the equipment.

Lighting and working directions are positioned at the entrance of the water heater, above or to 1 aspect of the gas control valve


1. This equipment has a pilot which should be lighted by hand. When lighting the pilot, comply with these directions exactly.

2. BEFORE LIGHTING scent throughout the appliance space for gas. Be certain to scent next to the ground as a result of some gas being heavier than air and can decide on the ground.


• Do not attempt to light any equipment.

• Do not contact any electrical swap; don’t use any phone in your construction.

• Immediately name your gas provider from a neighbor’s phone. Follow the gas supplier’s instructions.

• If you can’t attain your gas supplier, name the fireplace department.

3. Use only your hand to push in or flip the gas control knob. Never use instruments. If the knob is not going to push in or turn by hand, don’t attempt to restore it, call a certified service technician. Force or tried restore might lead to a fireplace or explosion.

4. Do not use this appliance if any half has been underwater. Immediately name a qualified service technician to examine the equipment and to switch any part of the control system and any gas control which has been underwater.

How to light a gas water heater step-by-step

step1. Remove the outer door.

Step2. Set the thermostat dial to the “PILOT LIGHTING” place.

Step3. Turn the gas control knob clockwise to the “OFF” place. The knob can’t be turned from “PILOT” to “OFF” except the knob is depressed barely. DO NOT FORCE

Step4. Wait five minutes to filter out any gas. If you then scent gas comply with the directions above. If you don’t scent gas, go to the following step.

Step5. Remove (or open) the interior door situated under the gas control unit.

Step6. Find pilot-follow metallic tube from gas control. The pilot is positioned at the entrance of the burner.

Step7. If you don’t smell gas, flip the knob on gas control counterclockwise to the “PILOT” place.

Step8. Push within the control knob all how and maintain down.

Immediately light the pilot with a match. Continue to carry the control knob in for about one (1) minute after the pilot is lit. Release the knob and it’ll pop again up. The pilot ought to stay lit. If it goes out, repeat steps 3 by way of 8.

• If the knob doesn’t pop up when launched, cease and instantly name your service technician or gas supplier.

• If the pilot is not going to keep lit after several tries, depress and switch the gas control knob clockwise to “OFF” and name your service technician or gas supplier.

Step9. Replace (or shut) the inside door. Replace the outer door if the door doesn’t cover gasoline control on/off knob or temperature adjustment knob.

Step10. At arm’s size away, turn the gas control knob counterclockwise to the total “ON” place. WARNING: Do not use a gasoline management knob to control gas circulate.

Step11.  At arm’s size away, set the thermostat to the specified setting. The mark ( ▲ ) indicative of roughly 120°F is the popular start line. Some native legal guidelines might require a decreased start line. If hotter water is desired, see the instruction guide and “warning” beneath.

Step12. Replace the outer door if not changed in step 9.

How to turn off a gas water heater?

1. Set the thermostat dial to the “PILOT LIGHTING” place.

2. Turn the gas control knob clockwise to the “OFF” place. The knob can’t be turned from “PILOT” to “OFF” except the knob is depressed barely. DO NOT FORCE.

3. Replace the outer door (if eliminated).

Due to the character of the standard gas water heater, the water temperature in sure conditions could fluctuate as much as 30°F larger or decrease on the level of use similar to bathtubs, showers, sink, and so forth.

This signifies that when the temperature adjustment dial is ready on the mark approximating 120°F, the precise water temperature at any hot water faucet may very well be as excessive as 150°F or as little as 90°F.

Any water heater’s meant goal is to warmth water.

Hot water is required for cleaning and sanitizing (our bodies, dishes, clothes).

Hot water will current a scald hazard. Depending on the time element, and the individuals concerned (regular adults, youngsters, toddlers, aged, infirm, and so forth.) scalding could happen at totally different temperatures.

The thermostat of this water heater has been manufacturing facility set at its lowest place, to cut back the danger of scald damage. It is adjustable and has to be reset to the specified temperature setting.

The mark ( ▲ ) indicative of roughly 120°F is the popular place to begin. Some states require a decrease setting.

If you want hotter water, observe instructions for temperature adjustment, however, watch out for the warnings on this part.

Turn the water temperature dial clockwise to decrease the temperature, or counterclockwise to increase the temperature.

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PILOT LIGHTING – Set here before attempting to light pilot..

  Temperature Setting    Time to Produce 2nd & 3rd Degree Burns on Adult Skin  
  VERY HOT= approx. 160°F    About 1/2 second  
  C= approx. 150°F    About 1-1/2 second
  B= approx. 140°F    Less than 5 seconds
  A= approx. 130°F    About 30 seconds
  ▲= approx. 120°F    More than  5 minutes
  LOW= approx. 80°F    ___________

If overheating happens or the gas provider fails to close off.

  1. turn “OFF” the handbook gas control valve to the equipment.


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