How to Fix RV Water Heater for Optimal Performance: A Step-By-Step Guide

You could have a water heater at your property? And you wonder how to fix RV heater?

sometimes you may face points together with your water heater RV.

 Lots of people have difficulty repairing the RV water heater they usually don’t know find out how to fix RV water heater. In this text, we’re going to point out you find out how to repair an RV water heater.

But first not checklist we’ll present essentially the most well-known points that you just going to face when you have got a water heater particularly the problems of the RV water heater.

 Please comply with all directions and steps below to know to find out how to fix rv water heater.

how to fix rv water heater

How does a water heater switch work?

1. Main 110V Power Switch

The most important 110V switch is operated identical to a lightweight change and most will illuminate when energy flows by the switch.

If the sunshine switch usually does light up however will not be lighting up now, there could also be an unfastened connection on the again of the change, or the 110V circuit breaker could have tripped.

Note that some newer fashions could use a rocker switch for electrical operation.

2. Secondary 110V Power Switch

Again, it’s critically essential that you just test that the water heater is stuffed with water earlier than turning on the 110V warmth.

If there’s no water, the heating aspect will burn out in a short time and should get replaced. Of course, even when your trailer is in guarantee, burning out the electrical aspect is taken into account a consumer error, which isn’t coated by the guarantee towards manufacturing defects.

If you’re unsure find out how to test for water within the water heater, see the part beneath.

The secondary 110V switch is a rocker-type that may be pinned within the OFF place with a small cotter pin.

On a brand new trailer, to show it on the primary time, you need to take away the cotter pin and rock the swap to the ON place.

 You can go away the switch ON completely.

But remember that if you winterize, the water heater tank can be emptied, and if subsequently, a customer activates the within 110V swap, the aspect can be ruined. So every time the water heater tank is emptied, it’s a good suggestion to show the secondary swap to the OFF place

The secondary swap is accessed by eradicating the duvet from the bottom of the water heater. The location on the RV will differ, however, it’ll look one thing like this.

On the Suburban, with the duvet off, you’ll discover the second swap within the backside left nook.

How do I know if my water heater has water on it?


verify that the Water Heater Bypass is within the regular working place. On many trailers, there’s a diagram on the basement storage door displaying regular and bypass settings. If you will have a Universal Docking Center (UDC) for water connections, the Water Heater Bypass might be situated within the UDC. On different trailer configurations, the bypass valve will often be inside, close to water connections to the water heater, accessible using a drawer or panel.


 open a faucet and test that water flows equally when the tap is full to Cold and full to Hot settings. While you’re checking issues, make certain if in case you have an outdoor bathe that the taps are turned off. If you permit them open, cold and hot water will combine and you’re going to get lukewarm water from different faucets.

NOTE: If the water heater is in bypass mode, checking water movement might be deceptive. In bypass mode, with an empty water heater, the cold water provides will move via each the cold and hot traces.

 If not sure whether or not in water heater bypass mode, fastidiously open the temperature/strain reduction valve. With city water flowing, or the pump pumping water, when the water heater is full, water will come out of the aid valve.

How to Test the 110V Circuit to the Heating Element?

First of all

guarantee that each 110V switch is turned on. The major change, if it usually lights up, needs to be lit. If it’s not lit, the circuit breaker could have tripped, or you’ll have an unfastened connection on the again of the sunshine change.

In regular operation, there’s a thermostat that determines when to activate the heating factor and closes the 110V circuit to the heating factor because the water cools. When the water is hot, the thermostat opens {the electrical} circuit so that the water doesn’t get too hot.

 If the thermostat fails to open the circuit, the water temperature will proceed to extend. To keep away from a harmful over-temperature situation, a second sensor referred to as a Hi-Limit or Electric Cut Off (ECO) opens {the electrical} circuit to the aspect.

That change then stays open, interrupting energy to the heating factor till you press the RESET button. The left-hand button is the electrical circuit reset and the righthand is the LP reset.

If each energy switches are ON, however, the electrical factor shouldn’t be heating the water, press each reset button on the again of the water heater.

If urgent the reset buttons restore operation, it’s an indicator that the thermostat could have failed to chop energy to the heating factor. This would have allowed the water temperature to succeed in too excessive a stage. The Hi-Limit/ECO change is the failsafe system that cuts energy when the thermostat fails to take action.

Why does my hot water heater keep tripping?

If the heating component repeatedly shuts down and operation is restored by urgent reset buttons, the Thermostat meeting (together with the Hi-Limit/ECO switch) must be changed.

Warning: Never bypass the Hi-Limit/ECO or Thermostat. Doing so might end in an unsafe situation inflicting property injury or private harm.

How to fix 110V Not Getting to the Heating Element?

If the voltmeter doesn’t present 110V on the electrical factor terminals, work backward to find out the place the circuit has been interrupted. Test for voltage on the thermostat, and the Hi-Limit/ECO sensor.

 If voltage is current at one aspect of the Hi-Limit/ECO/Thermostat system, however not on the different, and the water is cool, that system will be changed. Turn off each energy switch, be certain that the water is cool, and drain the water heater earlier than changing it.

If there’s NO power on both terminals of the Hi-Limit/ECO/Thermostat, test for energy on each side of the secondary 110V change when the switch is on. Turning the switch off ought to interrupt power circulation.

How to relay behind the switch panel?

some trailers might have an inside water heater electrical swap that makes use of 12V DC as an alternative to 110V AC. DC switches are sometimes rocker switches whereas AC switches are often wall-type gentle switches.

A 12V DC switch powers a relay that’s most likely positioned behind the swap panel. The relay, when energized, provides 110V AC to the water heater.

110V is Present on the Heating Element

If the voltage on the heating aspect is right (measured from the black wire’s terminal to the border floor) that may often imply the electrical aspect is flawed or burned out and must be changed. Before altering the component, you must do the extra checks that observe.

How to Check Resistance of the Heating Element?

The heating factor usually has a resistance of 14.5-17 Ohms. Turn each energy switch off. Before continuing, use the voltmeter to confirm there isn’t any voltage on the heating element.

After verifying no voltage on the element, take away one of many heating element wires to test the resistance. If resistance is infinite (open) substitute the element.

NOTE:  If you contact your meter result in a hot wire (110V) whereas set to learn continuity, you might injury your meter and presumably injure yourself.

How to Replace the Heating Element?

Replacement Suburban heating components could also be bought from most RV sellers, or online. Compatible heating components are additionally accessible at many big-box {hardware} shops. The normal factor is 1440 watts.

Suburban provides a component with a distinct composition that received be broken if turned on with no water within the water heater.

When changing the element on water heaters, search for the newer kind factor.

1. Turn off each 110V power switch and the LP switch and ensure the water has cooled.

2. Follow the process later on in this doc to empty the water heater.

 3. Remove the quilt from the heating factor.

4. Remove the wires from the heating aspect and gently bend them again away from the opening.

5. The burner assembly barrel blocks entry to the heating factor.

Before eradicating the burner meeting gentle a range burner then shut off the LP provided on the tanks. The burner will exit when the residual stress is gone. That step reduces stress within the traces throughout the disassembly of the burner meeting.

6. The burner assembly (the barrel half) is probably going the one factor wanted to be eliminated and you could not need to loosen any fittings. The tube & orifice must be resting in a gap on the finish of the burner.

7. Using a 7/16” wrench, take away the burner meeting barrel.

8. Using a 1-1\/2” socket or wrench, rotate the heating element counter-clockwise to loosen and take away it. If caught, use penetrating oil to loosen it.

9. Clean the mounting floor the place the brand new gasket will probably be utilized so that it makes good contact.

10. Install the brand new gasket and new heating factor. Applying a coating of plumber’s grease to the brand new gasket will assist stop leaks (use a product secure for rubber gaskets). Using anti-seize on the element threads will make it simpler to take away the aspect sooner or later.

11. Tighten to compress the gasket, however, don’t overtighten.

12. Reattach wires and substitute the quilt.

13. Reconnect the burner assembly and ensure the fittings are tight. Turn on the availability, take a look at the joints with a soapy water spray earlier than & throughout the first lighting of the burner.

14. Install the anode rod and fill the water heater.

15. Test for proper operation.

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