How To Use a Wok on an Electric Stove: Discover the Secrets to Authentic Asian Cuisine

How To use a wok on an electric stove to create exciting dishes : Electrically charged

Recently a friend asked me whether it is suitable for her to use a wok on an electric stove. the direct electric stove is the kind of stove where the electrical coil is embedded beneath a layer of glass and ceramic Materials.

Efflector electric stove has become very popular mainly because of its flat surface making it very easy to clean and maintained, furthermore it has also another advantage because of how the heat is being transmitted only the surface area right below the electric coil will be heated up the other part of the stove will remain to be cool.

I have cooked on any type of stove Over the years including gas stoves electric stoves with electric coil induction stoves and now I am cooking on a glass-top electric stove which I have been using for almost 10 years.

initially, when I first switch from my gas stove to the flat electric stove I struggle a little bit because I’m not used to making that switch but after I make the adjustment and become more familiar with the characteristics of the Flat electric stove, I have no problem with it at all in stir frying all my dishes now I prefer the flat electric stove to any other type of stoves mainly because it is very easy to clean and maintain.

in this article, I would like to share with you my experience in using a wok on a flat-top electric stove as well as the adjustment that I make when I switch from the gas stove to this flat-top electric stove.

I’ll also show you how to get the best out of your flat-top electric stove the flu selecting the right kind of wok managing its heat capacity cleaning the stove after each cooking session and overall maintenance of the stove.

Without further ado let’s jump in!

Top 5 Ideas on How to use a wok on an electric stove to create exciting dishes

Idea 1: The wok does not change shape when it is Heated up

One of the most important considerations, when you select a wok to be used on a flat top electric stove, is that the wok does not change shape when it is Heated up

When that happened the bottom of the wok becomes uneven and it will start to wobble on the surface of the electric stove worst of all it might even start to spin

There are four different types of work materials carbon steel light cast iron and stainless steel and of the four materials the only one that will undergo shape change is carbon steel, particularly rocks that are made from a Thin gauge carbon steel

I have recommended this carbon steel walk to many people for those who cook on a gas electric stove or an electric stove with an electric coil but not on a flat top electric stove because it will undergo shape change when it heats up and becomes unstable.

Idea 2: Select a wok with a large flat surface area

Another important consideration when you choose a wok to be used on a flat-top electric stove is to select a wok with a large flat surface area

This will provide maximum contact of the bottom of the wok to the area on the stove that is being heated some walks with a small flat surface area is not ideal for use on a flat-top electric stove because the small contact between the wok and the heated area of the stove reduces the heating efficiency during cooking.

Idea 3: Switch from the gas stove to this flat-top electric stove

One of the biggest adjustments that I have made When I switch from a gas stove to a glass-top electric stove is heat management when I turn off a gas stove the heat terminates almost instantly

whereas I turn off an electric stove or any type of electric stove, not just the flat top electric stove the heat will persist sometimes up to 0 minutes so I have to learn to make the adjustment

accordingly, if I want to terminate cooking instantly after I Turn off the stove I have to remove the wok from the stove

After I learn to manage the heat on my flat electric stove effectively I’m able to stir fry on it as well as I would have for stir fry on a gas stove

Idea 4: the heat output of the glass-top electric stove

when it comes to the heat output of the glass-top electric stove it is not much different from a conventional home gas stove

there is plenty of heat for me to cook almost anything that I want At the lack of heat control of the reflector electric stove is a disadvantage but it may come by its easiness as well as the efficiency in cleaning

Idea 5: Cleaning

Cleaning the cooked surface of the flat top electric stove could not be easier it takes only about a few minutes I start by spreading it with some cleaning vinegar I then scrub the cooked surface with a 3m scotch scrub sponge

Most of the stain comes off easily some areas I need to scrub a little bit harder it takes only about 30 to 40 seconds to get it clean and now the cooking area is quite clean and I use the sponge to soak up any residual fluid that’s still left behind.

and the last step is to wipe dry the cooked surface area and restore it to its original state.

Can You Use A Wok On An Electric Stove?

Many of my friends have asked me whether they could use a wok on an electric answer is yes because I cook on a glass table electric range for almost ten years, I have made minor adjustments and it works very well I’m going to give you some tips below:

Tip 1: Flat bottom walk I mean the bottom of the wok should be truly flat

Some walk Particularly carbon steel walks and in some cases standard steel walks when they heat undergo slight shape change, even some minor shape changes across the wok to wobble now sometimes the change soldiers dramatic that the wok actually will spin on the surface of the glass top

I think ovens do walk such as the 14-inch EMU sir carbon steel from warmer changed shape quite a bit when it is heated up imagine revealing the Amuse of 14-inch cabins to walk

I provided a solution to fixing the problem if you cook on a glass of electric range the best is to avoid carbon steel walk like cast-iron walks as well as cast-iron was do not undergo shape change so they work well most of the stems do walk also do not undergo shape change.

Tip 2: Heating

Add a modern glass hub electric range to heat rapidly particularly the burner that labels a fast boil, however, They take a long time to cool down so you should remove the food from the burner even though it has been turned off.

So it is important not to leave the wok on the burner after you are done cooking not because the food might be cooked more than you would like to.

Tip 3: Weight of the wok

Weight of the wok, for this reason, you probably will move the wok quite often and therefore you want to avoid a walk that is too heavy, for example, a cast Iron wok is often too heavy to move about.

I also find it is important to have a wok with a handle that stays cool so you can move it without getting burned cleaning the bottom of the wok.

I find that it is important to clean the bottom of the wok when you cook on a glass top electric range when a wok is heated up on a glass top electric wrench quite often any food particles that might be underneath the wok get burned and form a grind

If these Grimes are not Clean off from the bottom of the wok after a while they would burn onto the surface of the glass top electric wrench and leave a permanent mark

One of the reasons I like my class top electric wrench is that it is so smooth and beautiful so having those masks burn into the top of this stove is often undesirable, now I make sure the bottom of my wok is clean each time before I start using it on the glass-top electric range using the wok is Wonderful to reduce the mess on top of the stove

I find that the bigger the wok the better it is I like to use my 16 inches cast iron wok on the glass-top electric range to reduce splatter materials there are four common types of wok materials carbon steel cast iron a sign and stainless steel

I have used all of them on the glass-top electric range and they all work very well I prefer like cast iron wok best for use on the cast electric range However a stainless steel wok also works very well

I occasionally also use my cast iron wok however I don’t use it too often because it is too heavy and not only it is difficult to move but it also has a greater tendency to damage the glass top surface

I also like to use my 14-inch carbon steel walk after I fix it and solve the shape change problem a heat capacity at a gas top electric range that I have been cooking on a generate plenty of heat for stir frying the Cast of electric range is easier to clean and aesthetically pleasing so far he has worked well for me a steel

if I have a choice I would get a gas stove for better heat control

Final Verdict

Before I start the cooking sessions and one thing that I like about the flat top Electric stove is that when I’m not using it for cooking it becomes an extension of my countertop

so I’m very happy with my flat top electric stove and I will recommend it to anybody who would like to have something easy to clean and maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I season a wok if I only have an electric stove?

Seasoning a wok normally relates to the metal is sealed with a baked-on coat of oil and can be done with any high heat source. You should also never wash your wok after use but simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth, this keeps the layer of oil coating the metal and prevents fried material from sticking to it, nonstick coating in other words.

Is it worth buying a wok if I have an electric stove?

Probably not. Not if your goal is authentic stir fry. However, you can buy an outdoor wok with a stand and propane tank. Amazon sells these as complete kits. That’s the only way to get authentic stir fry at home.

Consider that Asian restaurants not only cook over gas, they have much larger gas lines than homeowners do. A commercial range will put out BTUs no home cook can get close to. With electricity, you’re gonna be even further removed from the ideal.

Finally, real stir fry requires such heat that you’d also need a heavy ventilation system to compensate. That’s why the outdoor wok setup is ideal.