How to Use Bosch Washing Machine Sstep-by-Step: Maximizing Efficiency

Are you wondering how to use bosch washing machine? Don’t you know how much and how to add detergent to your bosch washing machine? Don’t you know how to use a cycle in the washing machine?

You’re in the right place we’ll show you how to use bosch washing machine from A to A so please follow the steps and instructions below.

A washing machine (laundry machine, clothes washer, washer, or simply wash) is a home appliance used to wash laundry.

The term is mostly applied to machines that use water as opposed to dry cleaning (which uses alternative cleaning fluids and is performed by specialist businesses) or ultrasonic cleaners.

The user adds laundry detergent; which is sold in liquid or powder form, to the wash water.

How to use bosch washing machine step-by-step

Step1. Preparing the washing machine

1. Connect the mains plug.

2. Turn on the tap.

3. Open the door.

4. Check that the drum is completely emptied. Empty if necessary.

Step2. Select program/switch on the washing machine

If you have activated the childproof lock, you must first deactivate it before you can set a program.

Use the program selector to select the required program. Can be rotated in either direction.

The washing machine is switched on.

The program default settings for the selected program appear in the display panel:

  • Temperature
  • Spin speed
  • The maximum load and the duration of the program (alternately
  • Energy consumption

Step3. Change the program default settings

You can use the default settings or change them.

To do this, repeatedly select the corresponding button until the required setting is displayed.

The settings are activated without needing to be confirmed.

They are not saved when the appliance is switched off.

The program default settings for all programs are preset at the factory and are displayed in the display panel after the program is selected.

1. Temperature (Temp. °C)

Setting depending on the model Depending on what stage the program is in, you can change the set temperature before and at the beginning of the program.

The maximum temperature that can be set depends on the program that has been selected.

2. Spin speed (rpm//Spin Speed)

Depending on what stage the program is in, you can change the spin speed (in rpm; revolutions per minute) before and during the program.

Setting 0: The rinsing water is drained but there is no final spin. The laundry stays wet inside the drum, e.g. for items that should not be spun.

Setting – – – -: (Rinse Stop) = no final spin. The laundry stays in the water after the final rinse.

You can select “Rinse Stop” to prevent creasing if the laundry will not be taken out of the washing machine immediately after the program has ended.

The maximum speed that can be set depends on the model and program that has been selected.

3. Finish in time

Before starting the program,

you can preselect the program end (“Ready in” time) in hourly increments (h = hour) up to a maximum of 24 hours.

1. Select a program.

The program duration is displayed for the selected program, e.g. 2:30 (hours: minutes).

2. Press the ( “clock icon” Ready in//“clock icon”  Finished in) button repeatedly until the required number of hours is displayed.

3. Press the (≥││) button. The door will be locked.

The selected number of hours (e.g. 8 h) is shown in the display panel and counts down until the wash program starts. The duration of the program is then displayed.

During the timer count-down,

you can change the preselected number of hours as follows:

1. Press the (≥││)  button.

2. Use the (“clock icon”  Ready in//“clock icon”  Finished in) button to change the number of hours.

3. Press the (≥││)button

During the timer count-down

 you can add or remove laundry as required:

1. Press the  (≥││) button.

2. Open the door and add or remove laundry.

3. Close the door.

4. Press the  (≥││) button.

Note: The length of the program is automatically adjusted when the program is running. Certain factors can affect the program length, e.g.:

  • Program settings,
  • Detergent dosage (additional rinse cycles if required due to foaming),
  • Load size/type of textiles (longer washing for higher load and for textiles which absorb more water),
  • Imbalances (e. g. due to fitted sheets) are offset with several startups of spin cycles,
  • Fluctuations in power supply,
  • Water pressure (infeeding speed).

Step4. Select additional programme settings

By selecting additional settings, you can better adapt the washing process to your items of laundry.

The settings can be selected or deselected depending on the program’s progress.

The indicator lamp for the button lights up if a setting is active.

The settings are not saved when the appliance is switched off.

1. SpeedPerfect/EcoPerfect


Washing in a shorter time while achieving a washing result that is consistent with, but uses more energy than, the selected program, without the SpeedPerfect/EcoPerfect setting.

Note: Do not exceed the maximum load


Energy-optimized washing by reducing the temperature while achieving a washing result that is consistent with the selected program, without the SpeedPerfect/ EcoPerfect setting.

Press the button to do this. First of all, you can select the SpeedPerfect icon setting.

 If you press the button again, the EcoPerfect icon setting is active.

The respective symbol is shown in the display when the setting is activated.

If you press the button again, no setting is active.

2. Rinse&Water Plus

(‘Rinse Plus//Extra Water//Water Plus)

Increased water level and additional rinse cycle, extended washing time. For areas with very soft water or for further enhancing the spin result.

3. Easy Iron

((Easy iron//Easy Iron))

Special spin sequence with subsequent fluffing. Gentle final spin – residual moisture in the laundry slightly increased.

Step5. Placing laundry into the drum


  • Mix items of laundry of varying sizes. Laundry items of different sizes distribute themselves better during the spin cycle. Individual items of laundry may lead to imbalances.
  • Observe the specified maximum load. Overfilling has a negative impact on the washing result and promotes creasing.

1. Place presorted items of laundry unfolded in the washing drum.

2. Make sure that no items of laundry are trapped between the washing machine door and the rubber seal, and close the door.

The (≥││) button indicator lamp flashes to indicate that the washing program can be started. It is possible to change the settings.

Step6. Measure and add detergent and care products


Measure the detergent and care products according to:

  • Water hardness; ask your water supply company
  • The manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging
  • The amount of laundry
  • Soiling


Pour the detergent and care products into the appropriate compartments.

For liquid detergent for the main wash, water softener, bleach, stain remover Fabric softener, starch Do not exceed the max.

1. Pull out the detergent drawer as far as possible.

2. Add detergent and/or care products.

3. Close the detergent drawer.

Measuring aid* for liquid detergent

Position the measuring aid for measuring the correct amount of liquid detergent:

1. Pull out the detergent drawer. Press down the insert and fully remove the drawer.

2. Slide the measuring aid forwards, fold it down and click it into place.

3. Reinsert the drawer.

Note: Do not use the measuring aid for gel detergents and washing powder, or for programs with prewash or when “Finished in” time is selected.

For models without a measuring aid

pour the liquid detergent into the appropriate dispenser and place it in the drum.

Step7. Starting the programme

1. Press the (≥││)  button. The indicator lamp lights up and the program starts.

The display panel shows the Ready in time while the program is running or the program duration and the program progress symbols once the wash cycle has started.

Note: Foam detection

 If the foam detection symbol also lights up in the display panel, the washing machine has detected too much foam during the wash cycle and automatically activated additional rinse cycles to remove the foam.

2. Add less detergent to the next wash cycle with the same load.

If you want to lock the program to prevent it from being inadvertently adjusted, you can select the childproof lock as follows.

Step8. Select the Childproof lock

You can lock the washing machine to prevent the functions you have set from being changed inadvertently. To do this, activate the childproof lock when the program has started.

To activate/deactivate:

press and hold the (rpm//Spin Speed) and ( Ready in//Finished in) buttons at the same time after the washing program has started.

Keep pressing the two buttons for approx. three seconds. The E symbol appears in the display panel.

  • if the key icon lights up: The childproof lock is active.
  • if the key icon flashes: The childproof lock is active and the program selector has been adjusted. To deactivate the childproof lock, reset the program selector to the initial program. The symbol lights up again.

To avoid the program to terminate, do not turn the program selector beyond the Off position.

Note: The childproof lock remains active after the program has ended and the appliance is switched off. You must always deactivate the childproof lock if you want to start a new program.

Step9. Adding/removing laundry

Press the  (≥││)  button to do this. The A button indicator lamp flashes and the machine checks whether it is possible to add laundry.

If the following appears in the display panel:

  • if The lock icon symbol disappears: adding laundry is possible.
  • if The lock icon lights up: it is not possible to add laundry.

To continue the program:

press the button (≥││). The program continues automatically.


  • Do not leave the door open for too long when adding laundry as water from the laundry may leak out.
  • For safety reasons, the door remains locked when the water level or temperature is high, or while the drum is turning, and it is not possible to add laundry during this time.
  • The load display is not active during reloading.

Step10. Changing the programme

1. Press the (≥││) button.

2. Select another program.

3. Press the (≥││) button.The new program starts from the beginning.

Step11. Cancel the programme

For programs at high temperature:

1. Press the (≥││) button.

2. To cool down laundry: Select Rinse/Freshen up//Rinse icon.

3. Press the (≥││) button.

For programs at low temperature:

1. Press the (≥││) button.

2. Select the Spin/Drain icon.

3. Press the (≥││) button.

Step12. Programme end during rinse hold

– – – – (Spain/drain icon) appears in the display panel and the indicator lamp of the A button flashes. Continue the program by:

  • Press the (≥││)  button (the laundry will be drained with the default spin speed setting*) or
  • Select a spin speed or set the program selector to Spin/Drain and then pressing the (≥││) button.

Step13. Programme end

End appears in the display panel and the indicator lamp of the (≥││)  button is off.

Step14. Removing laundry/switching off the appliance

1. Open the washing machine door and remove the laundry.

2. Turn the program selector to Off. The appliance is switched off.

3. Turn off the tap. Not required for Aqua-Stop models. Contents of package.

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  • Do not leave any items of laundry in the drum. They may shrink in the next wash or discolor another item.
  • Remove any foreign objects from the drum and the rubber seal
  • risk of rusting.
  • Leave the washing machine door and detergent drawer open so that any residual water can dry away. – Always remove the washing.
  • Always wait until the program ends, as the appliance could still be locked. Switch the washing machine on and wait for the unlocking device.
  •  If at the end of the program the display has gone out, the energy-saving mode is active. To activate, select any button.


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