How to Use OdoBan in Laundry: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you questioning how to use odoban in laundry? Is this the first time that you use odoban for your laundry and you don’t know how much quantity to add and you don’t know how to use it?

 Don’t worry you’re in the right place where we’re going to show you how to use OdoBan concentrate in your washing to freshen and soften your laundry and eliminate the toughest laundry odors, without damaging your soft fabrics.

OdoBan concentrate also removes static cling and is a great alternative to traditional fabric softeners.

maybe you’ve used OdoBan around your house for years to clean and freshen and disinfect, but you’ve never used it in your washing machine.

Or maybe you’ve never used OdoBan at all, but you want to take your laundry game to the next level.

Either way, this article is going to show you how to use concentrated OdoBan in your washing machine to freshen and soften your laundry, eliminate those tough laundry odors, and remove static cling.

All without additional fabric softeners or additives. If you know OdoBan, you know that known for its fresh scents. And OdoBan concentrate is available in a wide variety of fragrances.

how to use odoban in laundry

What you will need:

  • OdoBan concentrate in the fragrance of your choice.
  • measuring cup

You’re going to need dirty laundry and unless you’ve gone full pioneer, You’re going to need a washing machine.

before you get started there are just a few safety reminders.

  1. Never mix OdoBan with any other cleaning product.
  • Never reuse your measuring cup for food or drink after you’ve used it for OdoBan. 

How to use odoban in laundry on easy ways?

Using OdoBan concentrate in your laundry is actually one of the simplest ways to use it at all. 


Simply add one cup, 8 ounces ( 240 mL ), of OdoBan concentrate to the final rinse cycle of your washing machine.


 Add your odoban to the final rinse.

means it’s after the detergent has already done its job. So you really maximize the freshening power of your OdoBan. In fact, for maximum effectiveness, that’s why we don’t recommend adding it at the same time as the detergent.


pour that eight ounces directly into the final rinse cycle. 

if your washing machine has an automatic softener dispenser, and most do, you’ll find that is easier.

  1. Simply add the OdoBan concentrate to that dispenser at the same time you’re loading your laundry, and it takes care of everything automatically.

How to get Mildew Smell Out of Clothes with OdoBan?

Musty odors on laundry can be a seriously stinky problem, especially when those strong musty mildew odors latch onto your clothes and towels.

that musty smell is usually caused by mildew, a fungus, and a type of mold And this fungus isn’t just smelly- it can be hazardous to your health.

musty smell on fabrics is typically the result of stinky mildew byproducts.  

These byproducts include spores and other  MVOCs, or microbial volatile organic compounds. 

According to the US EPA, the health effects are still largely unknown,   but exposure to MVOCs has been linked to serious symptoms like headaches and nausea. As mildew grows on fabric, it releases these stinky organic compounds into the air,   resulting in the tangy, earthy aroma you know as a musty smell.

You’ve probably encountered that musty mildew smell on a damp swimsuit or towel left out after a day at the pool, or maybe on a laundry load that sat for too long in the washer. No matter where it came from,

let’s cover how to get rid of that musty stink.

Here are some things you should do to prevent  musty odors from happening in the first place:

  1. Never leave damp clothes towels out in warm,  unventilated areas. Heated spaces with little airflow are ideal places for mold and mildew  growth.

That’s why laundry left in the washer can turn stinky, and why it’s a good idea to dry clothes as soon as you’re done washing them.

  • dirty clothes hampers are  another place where mildew loves to grow.  

if it’s going to be a few days before you get to the laundry,  

spray your clothes or towels with OdoBan before you toss them in the hamper. But if  your clothes already smell like mildew:

  •  It’s probably no surprise that a stinky  washing machine can contribute to stinky laundry.

we recommend regularly cleaning the exterior rubber gaskets on your washing machine, since these can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew,   especially on a front-loading washing machine. 

Simple spray these surfaces down with OdoBan and wipe clean to prevent buildup and odors. 

If your washing machine still smells funny, a full machine cleaning may be necessary.

If mildew odors are already on your clothes,  

let’s talk about

How to get rid of musty smells for good with OdoBan?

First, a quick note about vinegar. Vinegar is shown in a lot of how-tos, but it’s not a great solution for getting rid of the mildew smell. Why?

Because the acetic acid in vinegar is very similar to the smelly MVOCs that mildew makes in the first place.

So here’s a better way.

To get rid of stubborn musty odors on clothes:

first, you need to remove the mildew living on your fabric’s surface. Washing clothes and towels can typically remove those lingering mold particles.

Step 1. Wash those musty clothes in your washing machine on an extended cycle using warm or hot water, depending on the color and type of fabric. 

  1. Use your normal laundry detergent, but don’t use  too much.
  • You don’t want to leave residue on the fabric that can trap in those musty odors.
  • Avoid  using fabric softener for the same reason. Plus, the fabric softener can trap those bad  odors in your washing machine itself.
  • let the load run as normal, but  add one cup of OdoBan concentrate to the  final rinse. 
  • if you have a fabric  softener dispenser on the machine
  • simply fill it with OdoBan and the  machine will handle it for you.
  • transfer those washed clothes to the  dryer immediately and dry them thoroughly.  Or if it’s a sunny, dry day, you can always hang  them outside on the line.
  • don’t let those damp clothes sit. When they’re completely dry, the  smell should be gone for good!

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Does OdoBan (The Original Odor Eliminator) act as a fabric softener when used in the laundry?


OdoBan Odor Eliminator has similar chemical properties as fabric softener and just like other softeners, OdoBan is not for use on children’s sleepwear or other garments labeled as flame resistant, as it may reduce flame resistance.

After following and reading all instructions above you may have the answer to your question how to use odoban in laundry? Thanks for reading


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