How to Use Zote Laundry Soap for Maximum Effectiveness: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you wondering how to use zote laundry soap? zote soap it’s a cleaning product of Mexican origin very popular in such countries and others of the same continent usually it is used with all types of fabric and the white Zoet soap is primarily used with clothes of the same color.

With zote laundry soap, you’ll save your money without buying expensive detergent for your laundry, with high effect and good smell.

In this article we’ll show how to use zote laundry soap with borax (soda) to wash your clothes it’s optional to use borax (soda) please follow these instructions and steps below to know more:

How to use zote laundry soap

How big of a soap bar do you use for your five gallon bucket?

it’s the fourteen points one ounce of zoat bar.

Why don’t we add Borax to my mix or the Armand Hammer laundry soda?

 It works great unlike polyester uniforms and like this cool of our shirt that’s polyester it won’t fade those but if you have nice cotton clothing it will fade the color in that cotton clothing.

just remember you know brightener equals fader if you have colored clothes and clothing is expensive and we want to take good care of our clothing that’s why we do our homemade laundry soap so you know you the last thing you want to do is put too much borax in there and fade your clothing

Can they use this detergent in their high efficiency washing machines?

their high-efficiency washing machines, yes you can it’s perfectly safe in fact it’s recommended because there are

no bubbles in it they don’t want bubbles in those high-efficiency washers so yes feel free to make your homemade laundry soap and use it in your high-efficiency washer.

All the things you’ll need to make zote laundry soap deteregent

  1. five-gallon bucket.
  2. a big five gallon bucket paint stirrer to stir your soap
  3. fourteen point one ounce of Zote
  4. grater 
  5. measuring cup 
  6. use some borax in my detergent (you do not have to use borax if you need a gentle mild soap because you have very delicate clothing or baby clothing just skip the borax and make the soap without it it’ll be fine)

How to use zote laundry soap Step-By-Steps

Step1. grade the whole bar of soap into the bucket.

It takes a few minutes but it’s actually very easy, it takes a little effort to make your homemade laundry soap but it’s really worth it, and when you wash your blankets and your sheets and your jackets and all just all your clothing your curtains everything just comes so clean and nice and fresh no chemical.

The soap also gets the sweaty smell out of work clothes.

Warning: Be careful not to get your fingers when you get down to the end.

Step2. you’ll need some plastic gallon jars to put your soap into.

you can use plastic milk bottles or vinegar bottles it’s better they’re a little thicker a little more heavy-duty than the milk bottles that are thin plastic.

Step3. get two gallons of hot water dumped into the grated soap shavings.

what this does is the hot water starts dissolving the soap shavings.

Step4. Stir the zote soap and the hot water for a while and let these dissolve in the hot water.

Step5. scoop it up so you can see what it looks like.

You’ll note some bubbles, you might say all those bubbles you said there were no bubbles but I don’t, in the beginning, it makes a few bubbles not many, and if you can look.

you’ll see the little shavings starting to dissolve.

when you’re using this all the time as your home you know your home laundry soap you do want to speed the process up, and the beginning you’re kind of like it’s a hobby it’s so much fun and you take your time and it’s wonderful but you know as life goes on and you’re truly using this as your homemade product you know you have things to do you want to get it done as fast as you can.


Once you have stirred the soap and the hot water for two minutes you’ll note that it’s all dissolved and there are no more Zote shavings, they’re completely dissolved.

Step7. get two more gallons of hot water to fill the bucket up to the top.

only do two at a time because it’s just easier to stir it and you don’t splash it out of the bucket.

If you choose to add your borax (soda) to your laundry detergent.

Step8. Add your cup of borax (soda).

Step9. add two more gallons of hot water. (this is gallon number four)

You can feel the borax in the bottom of the bucket it’s like gritty so you know it takes time you have to stir quite a bit to get that dissolved 

You may make my soap out on the porch it’s just easier in case you splash or spill.

Step10.  move this bucket out to the porch when it only has four gallons in it.

  • add the fifth gallon out on the porch because it’ll be to the tippity-top.
  • give it a final stir.
  • put the lid on the bucket.

make sure you have a lid for the 5-gallon bucket

the important part of making this homemade laundry so no matter if you add the borax or not you have to stir it enough it takes quite a while to stir it up if you want it to come out good after this soap.

Step11. Sits this homemade 24 hours.

it’ll be thicker you’ll note before sits it 24 hours seems like it’s just water you know it’s just watery soap but after it sits overnight this will be more like a gel it’ll be thicker and this is double strength.

Step12. After sitting 24 hours on the porch give it another final stir.

Stir it for a while until you see it thick and looks like gel give it time in stirring, if you see it still like water just stir and stir.

Step13. Get two jugs here full with half full of warm water.

  1.  put the funnel in jug.
  2.  pour the soap in there all right you want to leave just a little bit of room in the jug so you can shake the soap up.
  3. give it a good shake every time you go to use it

Step14. Your zote laundry soap detergent is ready to use it.

Step15. Simply add one cup of zote soap detergent to the final rinse cycle of your washing machine.

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After your laundry is finished wash your clothes you will smell good at your clothes and your laundry with zote soap detergent.


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