How To Use LG Washing Machine: Tips and
Tricks for Optimal Performance

Are you wondering how to use LG washing machine? Don’t you know how much and how to add detergent to your LG washing machine? Don’t you know how to use a cycle in the washing machine?

You’re in the right place we’ll show you how to use LG washing machine from A to A so please follow the steps and instructions below.

A washing machine (laundry machine, clothes washer, washer, or simply wash) is a home appliance used to wash laundry.

The term is mostly applied to machines that use water as opposed to dry cleaning (which uses alternative cleaning fluids and is performed by specialist businesses) or ultrasonic cleaners.

The user adds laundry detergent; which is sold in liquid or powder form, to the wash water.

How To Use LG Washing Machine

How To Use LG Washing Machine Step-By-Step

Step1. Sort laundry and load items.

 1. Sort laundry by fabric type, soil level, color, and load size as needed.

• To get the best results, sort clothes into loads that can be washed with the same wash cycle.

• Different fabrics need to be washed at varying temperatures and spin speeds.

• Always sort dark colors from pale colors and whites.

•Wash separately as dye and lint transfer can occur causing discoloration of white and pale garments. If possible, do not wash heavily soiled items with lightly soiled ones.

– Soil (Heavy, Normal, Light) Separate clothes according to the amount of soil.

 – Colour (White, Lights, Darks) Separate white fabrics from colored fabrics.

– Lint (Lint producers, Collectors) Wash lint producers and lint collectors separately.

2. Open the door and load items into the washing machine.

Step2. Caring before loading.

• Combine large and small items in a load. Load large items first.

• Large items should not be more than half the total wash load. Do not wash single items. This may cause an unbalanced load. Add one or two similar items.

• Check all pockets to make sure that they are empty. Items such as nails, hair clips, matches, pens, coins, and keys can damage both your washing machine and your clothes.

• Close zippers, hooks, and strings to make sure that these items don’t snag on other clothes.

• Pre-treat dirt and stains by brushing a small amount of detergent dissolved water onto stains to help lift dirt.

• Check the folds of the flexible gasket (gray) and remove any small articles.

• Check inside the drum and remove any items from a previous wash.

• Remove any clothing or items from the flexible gasket to prevent clothing and gasket damage.

Step3. Add cleaning products and/or detergent and softener.

• Add the proper amount of detergent to the detergent dispenser drawer. If desired, add bleach or fabric softener to the appropriate areas of the dispenser.

1. Detergent Dosage

• Detergent should be used according to the instruction of the detergent manufacturer and selected according to type, color, soiling of the fabric, and washing temperature.

• If too much detergent is used, too many suds can occur and this will result in poor washing results or cause heavy loading on the motor and a potential malfunction.

• If you wish to use liquid detergent follow the guidelines provided by the detergent manufacturer.

• You can pour liquid detergent directly into the main detergent drawer if you are starting the cycle immediately.

• Do not use liquid detergent if you are using Time delay, or if you have selected Pre Wash, as the liquid may harden.

• If too many suds occur, reduce the detergent amount.

• Detergent usage may need to be adjusted for water temperature, water hardness, size, and soil level of the load. For best results, avoid overusing.

• Refer to the label of the clothes, before choosing the detergent and water temperature:

• When using the washing machine, use designated detergent for each type of clothing only:

– Generally powdered detergents for all types of fabric

– Powdered detergents for delicate fabric

– Liquid detergents for all types of fabric or designated detergents only for wool

• For better washing performance and whitening, use detergent with the general powdered bleach.

• Detergent is flushed from the dispenser at the beginning of the cycle.


• Do not let the detergent harden. Doing so may lead to blockages, poor rinse performance, or odor.

• Full load: According to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

• Part load: 3/4 of the normal amount.

• Minimum load: 1/2 of full load.

2. Adding Detergent and Fabric Softener

Adding detergent

• Main wash only → ││  

• Pre wash+Main wash  →  │• ││


• Too much detergent, bleach, or softener may cause an overflow.

• Be sure to use the appropriate amount of detergent.

Adding fabric softener

• Do not exceed the maximum fill line. Overfilling can cause early dispensing of the fabric softener, which may stain clothes. Close the dispenser drawer slowly.

• Do not leave the fabric softener in the detergent drawer for more than 2 days (Fabric softener may harden).

• Softener will automatically be added during the last rinse cycle.

• Do not open the drawer when water is being supplied.

• Solvents (benzene, etc) must not be used.


• Do not pour fabric softener directly on the clothes.

Adding water softener

• A water softener, such as Anti-limescale (e.g. Calgon) can be used to cut down on the use of detergent in extremely hard water areas.

 • Dispense according to the amount specified on the packaging.

• First add detergent and then the water softener.

• Use the quantity of detergent required for soft water.

Using tablet

• Open the door and put tablets into the drum.

• Load the laundry into the drum and close the door.

Step4. Turn on the washing machine.

Press the Power button to turn ON the washing machine.

1. Power button

• Press the Power button to turn the washing machine on.

• To cancel the Time Delay function, the Power button should be pressed.

2. Start/Pause button

• This Start/Pause button is used to start the wash cycle or pause the wash cycle.

• If a temporary stop of the wash cycle is needed, press the Start/Pause button. If the wash is not resumed within 5min the machine will automatically turn off.

3. Display

• The display shows the settings, estimated time remaining, options, and status messages. When the product is turned on, the default settings in the display will illuminate.

• The display will show the estimated time remaining after it has calculated the load size. While the size of the load is being calculated automatically, blinking or ‘Detecting’ appears.

4. Programme Dial

• Programmes should be appropriately selected to suit the laundry type.

• Lamp will light up to indicate the selected program.

5. Options

• This allows you to select an additional option and will light when selected.

• Use these buttons to select the desired cycle options for the selected cycle. Not all Options may be available with all cycles.

Step5. Choose the desired washing cycle.

Press the Cycle button repeatedly or turn the cycle selector knob until the desired cycle is selected.

1. Begin cycle.

• Press the Start/Pause button to begin the cycle. The washing machine will agitate briefly without water to measure the weight of the load.

 If the Start/Pause button is not pressed within 5 minutes, the washing machine will shut off and all settings will be lost.

2. End of cycle.

• When the cycle is finished, a melody will sound. Immediately remove your clothing from the washing machine to reduce wrinkling.

• Check around the door seal when removing the load for small items that may be caught in the seal.

Step6. Option Cycle

1. Time Delay

You can set a time delay so that the washing machine will start automatically and finish after a specified time interval.

• Press the Power button.

•Select a washing program.

•Press the Time Delay button and set the time required. 

• Press the Start/Pause button.


The delay time is the time to the end of the program, not the start. The actual running time may vary due to water temperature, wash load, and other factors. Do not use Liquid detergent for this operation.

2. Crease Care

To reduce creasing, select the Crease Care option.

• Press the Power button.

•Select a cycle.

• Press the Crease Care button.

• Press the Start/Pause button.

3. Pre Wash

 If the laundry is heavily soiled, the Pre Wash cycle is recommended.

• Press the Power button.

• Select a washing program.

• Press the Pre Wash button.

• Press the Start/Pause button.

4. Favorite

The favorite program allows you to store a customized wash cycle for future use.

• Press the Power button.

• Select a washing program.

• Select the cycle (Washing method, number of rinses, spin speed, water temperature, etc.).

• Press and hold the Favorite button for 3 seconds.

The favorite program is now stored for future use. To reuse the program, select the Favorite program and press the Start/Pause button.

5. Medic Rinse

For best results or cleaner rinsing. This allows the final rinse to be heated to 40 degrees.

• Press the Power button.

• Select a cycle.

• Press the Medic Rinse button and set the time required.

• Press the Start/Pause button.

6. Wash

• Turbo  Clean

Wash cycle in under 1 hour with energy and water-saving. (based on half loads)

• Intensive

If the load is normal and heavily soiled, the Intensive option is effective.

6. Temp.

The Temp. button selects the wash temperature for the selected cycle.

• Press this button until the desired setting is lit. All rinses use the water from the cold water hose connection.

• Select the water temperature suitable for the type of load you are washing.

7. Rinse

• Rinse+

Adds rinse.

• Rinse++

Adds 2 additional rinses.

• R++Hold

Adds 1 additional rinse, then after the rinsing process, the course is paused until the start button is pressed again.

• N+Hold

The cycle is paused until the start button is pressed again when the rinse is finished.

8. Spin

Spin speed level can be selected by pressing the Spin button repeatedly, Spin Only.

• Press the Power button.

• Press the Spin button to select RPM.

• Press the Start/Pause button.


• When you select ‘No Spin’, it will still rotate for a short time to drain quickly.

9. Rinse+Spin

 This can help prevent fresh stains from setting in fabrics. This is a separate cycle.

•  Press the Power button.

•  Select a cycle.

•  Press the Rinse+Spin button.

•  Press the Start/Pause.

9. Child Lock

Select this function to lock the buttons on the control assembly to prevent tampering.

1) Locking the control panel

• Press and hold the Child Lock (Spin) button for 3 seconds.

• A beep will sound, and ‘EL’ will appear on the display. When the child lock is set, all buttons are locked except the Power button.


• Turning off the power will not reset the child lock function. You must deactivate the child lock before you can access any other functions.

2) Unlocking the control panel

• Press and hold the Child Lock (Spin) button for 3 seconds.

• A beep will sound and the remaining time for the current program will reappear on the display.

11. Beep On / Off

• Press the Power button.

• Press the Start/Pause button.

• Press and hold the Crease Care and Pre Wash button simultaneously for 3 seconds to set the Beep on/off function.


• Once the Beep on/off function is set, the setting is memorized even after the power is turned off.

• If you want to turn the Beeper off, simply repeat this process.

Step7. Using Smart Function (Optional)

1) Using the Tag On Function

The Tag On function allows you to conveniently use the LG Smart Diagnosis™ and Cycle Download feature to communicate with your appliance right from your smartphone.

• The Tag On function can only be used with most smartphones equipped with the NFC function and based on the Android operating system (OS).

2) Installation of the application               

• Search “LG Smart Laundry” on the Google Play Store from your smartphone.

3) Using the Application

LG Smart Laundry application allows you to use various features for your convenience.

• Cycle Download

• Smart Diagnosis™

• Tag On Cycle Set

• Laundry Stats


• Press ? the icon in the LG Smart Laundry application for a more detailed guide on how to use the Tag On function.

• Depending on the smartphone manufacturer and Android OS version, the NFC activation process may differ. Refer to the manual of your smartphone for details.

• Because of the characteristics of NFC, if the transmission distance is too far, or if there is a metal sticker or a protective case on the phone, the transmission will not be good. In some cases, NFC-equipped phones may be unable to transmit successfully.

• The content found in this manual may differ depending on the version of the “LG Smart Laundry” application, and it may be modified without informing customers.

Washing Programme guide


  • Program


  • Description

Provides better performance by combining various drum motions.

  • Fabric Type

Colored fast garments (shirts, nightdresses, pajamas, etc) and normally soiled cotton load (underwear)

  • Proper Temp

40°C (Cold to 95°C)

  • Maximum Load

Rated capacity


  • Program

Baby Care

  • Description

Removes solid and protein stains provide better rinse performance.

  • Fabric Type

Lightly soiled baby wear.

  • Proper Temp

60°C (60°C to 95°C)

  • Maximum Load

4.0 kg


  • Program

Sports Wear

  • Description

This cycle is suitable for sportswear such as jogging clothes and sportswear.

  • Fabric Type

Coolmax, gore-tex, fleece, and sympathy

  • Proper Temp

40°C (Cold to 40°C)

  • Maximum Load

1 single size


  • Program

Dark Wash

  • Description

If it’s possible for clothes to discolor, please use this cycle. This cycle helps prevent discoloring. (Please use detergent for colored fabrics.)

  • Fabric Type

Dark garments are made from cotton or mixed fabrics.

  • Proper Temp

20°C (Cold to 40°C)

  • Maximum Load

3.0 kg


  • Program

Stain Care

  • Description

Wash off several kinds of stains such as juice, dirt, etc. (Water temperature is increased step by step for washing various stains.)

  • Fabric Type

cotton blended fabrics, NO delicate clothes

  • Proper Temp

40°C (40°C to 60°C)

  • Maximum Load

3.0 kg


  • Program


  • Description

This cycle is for hand and machine washable delicate clothes such as washable wool, lingerie, dresses, etc. (Use detergent for machine washable woolens).

  • Fabric Type

wool, hand washable clothes, delicate, easily damaged laundry

  • Proper Temp

20°C (Cold to 20°C)

  • Maximum Load

1.5 kg


  • Program


  • Description

Washes laundry in a hot cycle

  • Fabric Type

cotton, underwear, pillow covers, bed sheets, baby wear

  • Proper Temp


  • Maximum Load

4.0 kg

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