Top 10 Best Microwave Egg Poacher: Say Goodbye to Messy Pans and Hello to Easy Egg Delights! (Reviews & Buying guide)

Best Microwave Egg Poacher

If you looking for the best microwave egg poacher that provides easy-to-use and top performance then you’re on the right, the best microwave egg poacher for an easy and healthy breakfast is a perfectly poached tag also known as a dropped egg is one of the quickest and healthiest breakfast choices when running short on time or ideas

Some dishes are always better with a poached egg whether it’s your morning toast afternoon sandwich or evening pasta the silky yolk is difficult to substitute making a perfectly poached egg can take practice but if you use an egg poacher the learning curve will be less steep

so here’s our list of the best egg poachers to help you choose the right one if you like having poached eggs but can’t make them properly

Microwave egg poacher can save time and effort it is a small Gadget that uses steam to cook eggs they Are available as pans cups racks or electric cookers to make the process hassle-free so watch on to learn more about the available products and features to find one that suits your needs

it certainly is a challenge to find a microwave egg poacher that is worthy of your hard-earned money it isn’t impossible especially when you have a reliable source to point you in the direction of the brands

In this article countdown of the top 10 best microwave egg poachers, the team researched dozens of tools ranking each one based on its performance, durability, quality, price, affordability, and reliability of its manufacturer, and also read real-life consumers’ opinions about each product

Without further ado let’s jump in!

What is a microwave Poached egg?​

A poached egg is an egg that has been cooked by poaching, as opposed to simmering or boiling liquid.

This method of preparation is favored for delicate foods that could be damaged by cooking at higher temperatures such as the boiling point of water.

The ‘perfect’ poached egg has a runny yolk, with a hardening crust and no raw white remaining.

Why choose microwave-poached egg?

​Research at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York indicates that frying or grilling foods at high temperatures can produce compounds that may increase body inflammation, which is of special concern to individuals who struggle with arthritis or other inflammatory-type diseases.

Poached eggs are prepared with boiling water, which does not produce these inflammatory-causing compounds.

List of 10 Best Microwave Egg Poacher (Reviews)

1. Sistema Microwave Egg Cooker and Poacher with Steam Release Vent, Dishwasher Safe, 9.16-Ounce, Red


Sistema Microwave Egg Cooker and Poacher with Steam Release Vent

Microwave cookware lets you prepare egg dishes in the microwave, 100% virgin plastic; BPA- and phthalate-free

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Get breakfast on the table in a flash with the Sistema Microwave Cookware Easy Eggs Egg Cooker. This microwave cookware lets you give your stove a rest and prepare eggs the way you like them in just minutes.

With Sistema microwave egg poacher you can scramble or poach eggs on your own, or fill it with eggs, cheese, and other ingredients to use as a microwave omelet maker.

The Steam release vents in the lid help ensure splatter-free heating. As well as Crafted from BPA- and phthalate-free plastic

this microwave omelet maker is dishwasher-safe when placed on the top rack, microwave-safe without the lid, and safe for storing in fridges and freezers.

The vent enables splatter-free heating and for steam to escape during cooking, whilst maintaining moisture in your food, addition to that this microwave egg poacher comes with tabs, These tabs will keep your hands safe during handling, as they hold less heat than the container.

Here are the specifications of the Sistema Microwave Egg Poacher and Cooker:

Product dimensions:5.39 x 4.92 x 2.64 inches
Item weight:2.88 ounces
Country of origin:New Zealand


  • Ideal for preparing poached and scrambled eggs, omelets, and egg muffins
  • Steam-release vents in the lid help minimize splatter while heating
  • 100% virgin plastic; BPA- and phthalate-free
  • Dishwasher-safe on the top rack
  • Microwave-safe with vent open
  • Fridge- and freezer-safe
  • Easy lift tabs
  • Maintains moisture in food
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Too small and doesn’t last for long

2. Eggssentials Egg Poacher Pan Nonstick Coating – Poached Egg Cooker, Stainless Steel Egg Poaching Pan PFOA Free with Spatula, Poached Egg Maker, Egg Poachers Cookware


Eggssentials Egg Poacher Pan Nonstick Coating

Poaching Pan Cups are PFOA free non-stick coating- From Eggs Benedict to Eggs Sardou Hard boiled eggs without the shell, Egg bits, the easy-to-use Deluxe Egg Poacher

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2 Cup Egg Poacher with Silicone Handle Boasting a sturdy, durable stainless steel body that is suitable for all stove types, including induction, this egg poacher pan is equipped with an innovative Bakelite handle that stays cool to the touch to keep hands protected from high heat.

These Poaching Pan Cups are PFOA free non-stick coating- From Eggs Benedict to Eggs Sardou Hard boiled eggs without the shell, Egg bits, the easy-to-use Deluxe Egg Poacher Pan lets you prepare up to 6 XL, perfectly poached eggs, so you can start your day the right way and enjoy a delicious, healthy breakfast without any hassle.

This deluxe poacher pan features a quick-cool bakelite knob on the cups that makes it easier to handle than other brands.

Most poacher pans feature either plastic insert cups that are susceptible to melting and don’t cook the eggs well or aluminum cups that don’t function as well.

This egg cooker features convenient nonstick cooking surfaces that are polished stainless steel and individual insert cups that can be easily removed, cleaned quickly, or put into the dishwasher, so you can get on with your day and not spend unwanted time cleaning up.

Simply remove the insert with the individual poached egg cups, and use this egg poacher as a sauté pan to prepare other home-cooked meals.

With a sleek, polished look and an elegant satin line, you’ll not only have a more practical cooking vessel but also an added touch of style for your stovetop.

Here are the specifications of Eggssentials Egg Poacher Pan Nonstick Coating:

Product dimensions:14.13 x 8.03 x 4.69 inches
Item weight:3.03 pounds
Material:Stainless Steel
Country of origin:China


  • New & improved larger 75ml cups with PFOA-free anti-stick coating
  • High-quality material and performance
  • Safe and easy to use
  • High-quality poaching cups and clean up
  • More versatility and style for your stovetop
  • Features a quick-cool bake-lite knob on the cups that makes it easier to handle
  • Premium 3-PLY aluminum encapsulated bottom 
  • Upgraded, extra thick, tempered glass lid
  • Innovative steam vent


  • Strong plastic smell

3. Nordic Ware Egg Poacher Microwave, 2 Cavity, White


Nordic Ware Egg Poacher Microwave

Use this simple microwave cooker to take the fuss out of poaching eggs. Place 1/2 teaspoon of water in each 3-inch cup. Add a cracked egg to each cup and pierce yolks lightly. Snap lid closed and microwave to taste.

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This microwave egg poacher poaches 1-2 eggs to perfection in under a minute. With handles and feet for added stability and functionality.

Cook a healthy, nutritious breakfast with the egg poacher. This egg poacher can poach two eggs together in a microwave within a few minutes. It has a nonstick coating, which eases the cleanup process. Made from Polypropylene

this poacher ensures years of utility. It has a white finish and includes a lid for covering the eggs. The egg poacher by Nordicware is easy to care for and maintain.

This poacher is made in the United States of America by Nordicware, which is a leading manufacturer of quality kitchenware all across the globe.

Use this simple microwave cooker to take the fuss out of poaching eggs.

  • Place 1/2 teaspoon of water in each 3-inch cup. Add a cracked egg to each cup and pierce yolks lightly.
  • Snap the lid closed and microwave to taste. (Cooking times vary depending on the microwave’s power. )
  • Let stand a minute or two to finish cooking.
  • Open the lid and serve gold-and-white poached eggs on toasted English muffins, over hash, or with potato pancakes.

The 7-1/2-inch poacher, made of hard plastic, should be hand-washed.

Here are the specifications of the Nordic Ware Egg Poacher Microwave:

Product dimensions:2.1 x 10.75 x 8.5 inches
Item weight:2.82 ounces
Brand:Nordic ware  
Country of origin:USA


  • Breakfast in minutes
  • Perfectly cooks eggs
  • Easy to use
  • Two 3-inch cups of BPA and Melamine free
  • Proudly made in the USA by Nordic Ware
  • Easy to clean
  • Quality material
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with 2 Cavity Egg Poacher


  • The lid doesn’t close properly

4. Egg Poacher Microwavable, Egg Steam with Measure Cup Dishwashable, Egg Maker Poached Egg Steamer Kitchen Gadget


Egg Poacher Microwavable, Egg Steam with Measure Cup Dishwashable, Egg Maker Poached Egg Steamer Kitchen Gadget

2 Packs egg poacher. Double microwave egg poacher, three-layer design make it easy to get the eggs out. 

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This microwave egg poacher Egg is made of high-grade silicone material that is BPA-free, non-toxic and safe for humans, and friendly to the environment.

It comes with a free measuring cup, Maintaining a suitable water depth is critical. The silicone egg cooker comes with a measuring cup. Fill water into each cup when cooking. You can add warm water or preheat it.

This microwave egg poacher can be used to steam eggs in the microwave and keep the water and nutrient of eggs, which makes eggs taste fresh. It is convenient to make breakfast. Can also act as cake molds, rice ball dies, pudding dies

You can set time from 80-90 seconds for 800 watts microwave,70-80 seconds for 1000 watts,60-70 seconds for 1100 watts, and 50- 60 seconds for 1250 watts.

It takes some practice, you can try 40-60 seconds first, then for increments of 10 seconds to check it. These times are flexible based on how powerful your microwave is.

This microwave egg poacher takes a few times to get the time down right, but once I did, it made PERFECT poached eggs! I take 75 seconds in my microwave. A perfect poached egg is a solid white with a loose but not runny yoke; enough yoke that you can dip your toast in. Clean-up is very, very easy!

Here are the specifications of Egg Poacher Microwavable, Egg Steam with Measure Cup Dishwashable:

Product dimensions:15 x 3 x 14.5 inches
Item weight:0.5 Pounds
Capacity:50 Milliliters
Country of origin:China


  • Giftable
  • Durability
  • Free measuring cup
  • Food-grade pp material
  • Nontoxic and safe for humans 
  • Friendly to environment
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use


  • Egg white sticks and unequal cook

5. Egg Poacher – COZILIFE Silicone Egg Poaching Cups with Ring Standers, For Microwave or Stovetop Egg Cooking, Kraft Box Packing, BPA Free, Pack of 4


Egg Poacher – COZILIFE Silicone Egg Poaching Cups with Ring Standers

The simplicity and efficiency of the product is what we had in mind when we designed it. The product is stackable and a space saver. No need to buy another pan for your crowded cabinet

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Using spray oil before poaching to get a better non-stick experience. During cooking, the poacher stands on the pan and in the boiling water, protecting the egg from the tumbling action of water while conducting heat to poach the egg.

The egg is evenly cooked, you can watch and decide how you want the egg. When egg rings are always a fail, try our poacher!

Every set of these Egg Poachers has 4 different colors. An easy-to-pick hole is on every side of the product. It is easy to remove the egg from the soft silicone.

To clean up, simply flip it over and wash it or just toss it into the dishwasher. The ring stander design makes it steady on any kitchen surface and it is also suitable for microwave use.

The poachers are stackable and easy to store. These poachers save a lot of trouble from egg poacher pans.

These egg poachers can be used as cake, dessert, and jelly mold. It can also be used to melt chocolate, heat pasta source, and steam vegetables. And by extending cooking time, you can have a hard-boiled egg without a shell from our poacher.

With the specially designed ringed base, COZILIFE Egg Poacher holds firm in boiling water, microwave oven, and on the kitchen table. No need to worry that it would fall and spill the egg.

Here are the specifications of COZILIFE Silicone Egg Poaching Cups:

Product dimensions:3.94 x 3.94 x 3.35 inches
Item weight:2.39 ounces
Country of origin:China
Are dishwasher safe:Yes


  • Premium Quality Silicone
  • Long-Lasting Surface Processing Technology
  • BPA free
  • Food grade silicone
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Multi-functional in Kitchen
  • Functional and Exquisite Design.
  • Gift Package with Instructions Inside
  • Egg poacher US patent authorized


  • Small and unstable

6. ExcelSteel Egg Poacher, 2 Cup, Stainless,530,5


ExcelSteel Egg Poacher, 2 Cup, Stainless,530,5

Take the strain out of poaching the perfect egg for breakfast or brunch with Excel steel’s bestseller 2 cup egg poacher! Poaching eggs are made simple with the included instructions.

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Are you looking to create a deliciously healthy and nutritious breakfast or brunch? look no further than our ExcelSteel 2 Cup egg poacher.

Part of our best-selling egg poacher selection, this egg poacher will take the strain out of poaching the perfect egg. You’ll be able to impress your friends or family with brunch or breakfast get-togethers.

This microwave egg poacher is designed with a vented glass lid, easily removable non-stick cups, and rust-resistant stainless steel to ensure durability, reliability, and comfortable long-lasting use in the kitchen

Create a variety of breakfast meals that are healthy and nutritious, such as eggs benedict, toasted English ham muffin, or a poached egg on toast. Use the pot as a second cooking pan to get more done in the kitchen.

This microwave egg poacher is designed with Stainless steel to ensure durability and long-lasting use. All parts included are dishwasher safe.

This egg poacher doubles as a regular cooking pan so you can be efficient and versatile in the kitchen and get back to cooking to create a wider selection of foods without needing a 2nd pan.

After creating an appetizing meal, cleanup is made is easy with the included non-stick egg cups. All parts included are dishwasher-safe!

Here are the specifications of ExcelSteel Egg Poacher:

Product dimensions:12.5 x 3.5 x 6.75 inches
Item weight:1.07 pounds
Material:Stainless Steel
Country of origin:China


  • Easy to use
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Delicious breakfast & brunch
  • Easy cleanup 
  • Constructed in high-quality stainless steel for durability
  • Features stay cool handle and knob
  • 2 Non-stick coated egg cups for easy extraction of eggs
  • Vented glass lid for easy monitoring
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • Doubles as a 9″ fry pan


  • All metal makes it difficult to remove eggs due to heat on the handle

7. Home-X – Microwave Egg Poacher, Easy-To-Use Dishwasher-Safe Poached Egg Maker for Fast, Low-Calorie Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinner, Cooks Two Eggs at Once


Home-X – Microwave Egg Poacher

Easy-To-Use Dishwasher-Safe Poached Egg Maker for Fast, Low-Calorie Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinner, Cooks Two Eggs at Once

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The Home-X Microwave Egg Poacher is a unique, fun kitchen tool that makes perfect poached eggs every time, making it a great addition to your kitchen supply.

No more waiting around for water to boil, hard yolks, or messy eggs, the Microwave Egg Poacher allows you to make perfect eggs in about 15 seconds.

These delicious, low-calorie poached eggs are easy to make. Simply break eggs into the cups, add a half teaspoon of water and pierce the yolks. Cover with the lid then cooks for about 15 seconds in your microwave.

You can have two homemade poached eggs in minutes and without any mess! Made from a stain-resistant, non-stick material, eggs slide right out when finished and go great on toast, hashes, or by themselves.

This must-own kitchen tool is perfect for making quick breakfasts to get your day going sooner rather than later!

The Egg Poacher is non-stick, so your eggs slide right out onto toast, English muffins, hash, or potatoes. Made from a stain-resistant polycarbonate, BPA-Free material, this egg poacher is safe on the top shelf of any dishwasher.

Simply break eggs into the cups, add a half teaspoon of water and pierce the yolks. Cover with the lid then cooks for about 15 seconds.

If you prefer a harder yolk, just add 5 seconds. These high-protein, low-calorie eggs go great on just about anything including salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

Here are the specifications of Home-X – Microwave Egg Poacher:

Product dimensions:12.5 x 3.5 x 6.75 inches
Item weight:3.02 ounces
Country of origin:USA


  • Fast, no-mess egg poacher
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Great gift for chefs cooks & foodies
  • Made from a stain-resistant
  • non-stick material
  • Dishwasher-Safe


  • Lids have no way to securely attach to the base

8. Eggssentials Egg Poacher Insert Stainless Steel Poached Egg Cooker Eggs Poaching Cup PFOA Free Egg Poachers Nonstick, 7.25″ Rack Compatible with Skillet Instant Pot

Eggssentials Egg Poacher Insert Stainless Steel Poached Egg Cooker Eggs Poaching

This patented Eggssentials Egg Poaching Egg Rack works as an insert for many pans, pots, skillets and pressure cookers. 

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This patented Eggssentials Egg Poaching Egg Rack works as an insert for many pans, pots, skillets, and pressure cookers.

It measures 7.25 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall including the handle. So it will fit in a pot where the inside diameter is larger than 7.25 inches.

These Poacher cups are designed to hold 75ml. That means that they easily hold 4 extra large eggs without any spillage. Unlike the silicone poaching cups on the market, these Poaching Cups are made from stainless steel with a high-quality nonstick coating.

No messy residue that never fully washes out. Stainless Steel Poacher Cups will cook the eggs faster and more evenly and last for many years. Silicone is an insulator and will not help in the cooking process.

These deluxe poacher cups feature a convenient Bakelite handle that cools down from the heat quickly and makes for easy removal. Each cup can be individually removed and poured directly onto your breakfast plate or toast.

Many Silicone Cups will tip over and spill in the pan or Pressure Cooker. The Eggssentials Egg Rack will keep all your eggs free of spills and mess. The egg insert features a handle in the middle to make it easy to remove from your pan or Instant Pot TM.

 Just 5 minutes to have perfectly poached eggs. All you need is ½ an inch of boiled water to poach the eggs and less than 5 min to cook them. Nonstick coating makes cleanup a synch.

They are dishwasher safe so you do not have to spend unwanted time cleaning up. EASY TO STORE- get the advantages of a specialized egg poacher pan but at the same time save on storage space. The Poaching Cups are stackable and the rack is small enough to be easily stored in a cabinet.

Here are the specifications of Eggssentials Egg Poacher Insert Stainless Steel Poached Egg:

Product dimensions:16.61 x 10.24 x 5.28 inches
Item weight:3.54 pounds
Material:stainless steel
Country of origin:China


  • Cooks fast
  • Cups stand without spilling
  • Can be used in most pans and skillets
  • Versatile – works in most pressure cookers
  • Easy storage
  • Easy cleanup
  • Lasts for years
  • Quality antistick
  • Quality Stainless Steel
  • Sturdy
  • Easily holds XL & jumbo eggs
  • Easy cleanup
  • Multi-use
  • Stack-able for easy storage


  • Not non-stick

9. Trenton Gifts Microwave Egg Cooker/Poacher, Easy Scrambled Omelet Maker, Breakfast Cookware


Trenton Gifts Microwave Egg Cooker/Poacher

Every egg lover is different. Some love their omelets with peppers, mushrooms, and other veggies, while others prefer something simple like egg whites and cheese. No matter your preference

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This classic microwave egg cooker is the perfect bakeware gift for anyone who owns a microwave and loves simplifying their kitchen routine.

Instead of getting out a pan, spraying it with oil, waiting for it to heat up, and then waiting even longer for the eggs to get done, they’ve created a quick fix to the hassle of making omelets and scrambled eggs.

With this egg-cooking utensil, you’ll have a perfectly shaped egg or omelet in minutes. Depending on your preferences, you can cook your egg for a shorter or longer period to get the right consistency for you.

Once you decide if you’re making scrambled eggs, poached eggs, or an omelet, you’re ready to start cooking. Just put your eggs in the durable plastic cooker, add your desired seasoning or toppings, cover it with the splatter guard lid, and place the cooker in the microwave.

Once you’ve made your egg, it’s ready to be used on an egg sandwich or as a stand-alone entree the possibilities are endless.

After enjoying your meal, you won’t have to worry about a hectic cleanup. Simply throw the container into your dishwasher and it’ll be clean in no time.

This egg-cooking solution is not only great for a quick meal at home but it can also be used if your office has a microwave and you don’t have time to cook breakfast.

Because this egg cooker is so small, it’s extremely portable and can be carried around in a bag or purse.

Here are the specifications of the Trenton Gifts Microwave Egg Cooker:

Product dimensions:6.75 x 5.75 x 2.25 inches
Item weight:2.08 ounces
Brand:n’ Muffin
Country of origin:USA


  • Fast egg cooker
  • Hot food on the go
  • Easy scramble or poach
  • Quick cleanup
  • Easy to use
  • great gift for men and women
  • dishwasher safe


  • Doesn’t stay closed

10. Egg Poacher – Skoo Silicone Egg Poaching Cups + Lids + Bonus eBook – Egg Cooker Set – Perfect Poached Egg Maker – For Stove Top, Microwave, and Instant Pot – Pack of 2 – Green


Egg Poacher – Skoo Silicone Egg Poaching Cups + Lids + Bonus eBook – Egg Cooker Set 

Perfect Poached Egg Maker – For Stove Top, Microwave and Instant Pot – Pack of 2 – Green

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If you’ve been looking for a Versatile Egg Poachers Set, then your search is over! That’s because our product works perfectly in Microwaves, Stove tops, and Instant Pots as well, which means that you don’t need another kitchen gadget and you’ll get the job done, every time, guaranteed!

The problem with other silicone egg cups is they have a round bottom, small capacity, flimsy material, no handles, and no lids at all. They solved these problems! Why? That’s because our poacher has them all and the silicone is Sturdy, Well Made Dishwasher Safe, and Easy to Store.

his perfect poached egg maker can be used to poach eggs and also to melt chocolate, and steam vegetables, for cakes, desserts, or jelly molds. Skoo Egg Cookers are High-Grade Heat Resistant to 446F/ 230C.

How do use Skoo egg poaching cups on Stove Top? The egg is cracked into a cup, and then gently slide into a pot with 1 inch of water at approximately 75 Celsius.

Once placed on the bottom of the pot, cover it with a lid and it will take about five minutes until is cooked and the egg white has mostly solidified, but the yolk remains soft. The perfect poached egg has a runny yolk, with a hardening crust and no raw white remaining.

Here are the specifications of Egg Poacher – Skoo Silicone Egg Poaching Cups + Lids:

Product dimensions:6.06 x 3.74 x 3.54 inches
Item weight:6.7 ounces
Country of origin:China


  • Unique Design
  • Generously Sized
  • Including handles
  • Lids for Microwave Use
  • Vents in the Base for Stove Top Use
  • Complete Superior Set 
  • Thick, sturdy silicone
  • Quick, Easy & Safe to Use & Clean
  • EBOOK including 10 Delicious Recipes
  • Versatile and Safe
  • Variety of Uses


  • Doesn’t work on the top microwave

What to consider before picking up the best microwave egg poacher?

With a bunch of microwave egg poachers on the markets and online stores, it is hard to make a decision about which is best for you, but after reading our guide you will have a general idea and knowledge to choose the best microwave egg poacher, here are some factors and things to consider before buying:

1. Material:

Choosing the wrong material egg poacher such as cheap plastic, your egg poacher will melt in the microwave or explode inside it and make a mess and you will not enjoy a yummy breakfast

Make choose and check the material before trying to buy a new microwave egg poacher, when the material is high-quality, the egg poacher will last long and cook and poach fast

Make sure to choose high-quality material that will stand and not melt in the microwave, examples of quality materials to choose, from are stainless steel, silicon, and Polycarbonate… These materials will stand on the microwave and are BPA-FREE material

So don’t worry if you choose from our list, we choose high-quality materials and we tasted them one-by-one

2. Non-stick:

Choosing a Non-stick microwave egg poacher the eggs won’t stick on the side of the poacher, and you will reach your egg easily and enjoy your breakfast, In addition to that use a non-stick egg poacher to use and clean.

Non-stick microwave egg poacher distributes heat evenly across the cooking surfaces and will not only keep your eggs from boiling but also burn the eggs, and damage the microwave egg poacher.

Non-stick microwave egg poacher is easy to clean up using a sponge with hot water and start clean, also most of the egg poachers are dishwasher safe, so put your egg poacher on the top rack and you’re done.

3. Size:

Most microwave egg poacher comes with two to four holes and even some come with 6 holes, if you have a big family of up to 4 persons so you may use an egg poacher with 4 or 6 holes, otherwise, if you are a couple or single then use egg poacher with one hole it’s better.

Note: even if you are a big family you can use an egg poacher with two because it doesn’t take time to poach an egg in the microwave, so the size of the microwave egg poacher it’s not important.

 4. Microwave egg poacher lid

One of the most important things to consider before buying a microwave egg poacher is the lid, if the egg poacher comes with a strong lid with tabs so it can close easily and will not open once you put it in the microwave.

So make sure to choose an egg poacher with a strong lid and tabs or with a glass lid…  

5. Long lasting

The long last of a microwave egg poacher depends on the material of the egg poacher, so if you choose high-quality material such as silicon, polycarbonate, or stainless steel…the microwave egg poacher will last for long

But otherwise, if you choose cheap material such cheap plastic the egg poacher will explode inside the microwave

The other things that will be kept long lasting of the microwave egg poacher are use and care, if you often use it make sure you care of it and clean it up after each use that what will keep your microwave working for long

Egg poacher vs regular pan

The benefit of a poacher is that the egg white stays contained around the yolk. Thus you end up with a compact, uniform shape; being a circular formation of about 3″ diameter. Fits well for Eggs Benedict.

The saucepan will deliver a properly cooked egg, but the white may spread out in wispy strands.

A good compromise is to start the eggs by frying them in butter or oil until the whites begin to solidify. Then add water to the pan and swirl it over the eggs until done.

It takes all of 6 minutes to poach an egg in a poacher or about 3 minutes directly in water and either way it is as easy as breathing (OK breathing for most of us). There is no reason to microwave an egg if you want a poached egg.

How to make a poached egg without an egg poacher?

1. Put about 1.5 inches of well-salted water in a small saucepan (a 1–1.5qt pan is perfect).

2. Bring the water over high heat to a strong boil.

3. Crack one to three eggs in a cup or small bowl with a more or less rounded bottom (ex: a teacup or desert bowl – flat bottom coffee mugs don’t work as well).

4. Reduce the heat on the pan and wait a few seconds for the boiling to subside.

5. Lower the cup/bowl to a 1/2 inch of the water and gently slide the eggs into the water.

6. Immediately turn the heat back up to high.

7. When the egg begins to turn white on top (about a minute) gently lift it off the bottom of the pan and away from the sides with a small spatula (no not a spoon).

8. Gently agitate the eggs up and down a couple of times to expose any whites around the edges of the yolk that are not yet cooking to the hot water (this is the area that cooks last).

9. The eggs are ready when the water is just beginning to return to boiling.

10. Remove the eggs with a wide slotted spoon or spatula optionally cutting multiple eggs apart first or afterward.

That’s it. No swirling. No vinegar. No complex spooning water over the eggs in a frying pan. Easy peasy.

You will have a nicely cooked egg or two or three that is 95% intact with very few floating whisps of whites lost and a very warm creamy yolk. If you want a firm or hard-cooked yolk let the water come fully to a boil before removing the eggs.

Poaching eggs benefits

1. Eggs raise the good cholesterol

Beating eggs leads to elevated levels of HDL high-density lipoprotein which is also known as the good cholesterol people who have higher HDL levels have a lower risk of heart disease stroke and other health issues –

2. Can help you lose that extra weight

For Good counting calories and cutting out carbs the key to losing weight could be as simple as having two eggs for breakfast scientists have shown that those who start their day with poached boiled or scrambled eggs can leave up to two-thirds more weight than others the secret of the success of the egg lies in its ability to make us feel full for longer than many other foods thereby consuming fewer calories

3. Eggs help with brain development And memory

Choline an essential nutrient found in eggs stimulates brain development and function it has also been linked with increasing memory power and alertness for

4. Two eggs at breakfast can protect your eyesight with antioxidants lutein and xanthine are present in eggs and have been linked to protecting eyes from damage related to ultraviolet exposure they have also been associated with reducing the likelihood of developing cataracts in old age

5. Strong bones

Hard-boiled eggs provide vitamin D to keep your bones and teeth strong vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium it regulates calcium levels in your blood

This process ensures that your skeleton gets the calcium it needs for strength and structure you need 600 international units of vitamin D each day reports the office of dietary supplements you get about 45 international units of vitamin D from one large hard-boiled egg

Final Verdict

After having hours and days of searches we provide you with this knowledge guide to choose the best microwave egg poacher on the market, with several egg poachers it’s difficult to make a decision about which one is the best

But after reading reviews and buying guides you will have a general knowledge about which best microwave to choose and which is the high-quality material, and best size and long-lasting…

I hope you have benefited from this guide

Frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between a basted egg and vs poached one?

A basted egg is cooked without flipping. You have hot butter in the pan that you spoon over the top to cook the white and firm the yolk just a bit.

A poached egg is cracked into a pan of simmering liquid, usually water. It is then left in the water until the white is cooked through.

Why do eggs explode in the microwave?

Because, the Egg contains a Yolk Sac that is not just inside the eggshell, but inside the egg. the reason the Egg still explodes is that heat builds up in the Yolk Sac and the Yolk Sac is an isolated system, trying to cut an egg that came out of the microwave is cautious because there’s no telling how much heat has built up in it.

How can cook 10 poached eggs at the same time?

The trick isn’t to poach them all at the same time, the trick is to poach them ahead of time.

Poach each egg individually and slip it into an ice bath as soon as the white is set enough to hold together (this can be done even several days in advance without sacrificing quality… I promise you, no one will know the difference.)

Right before serving, slip the chilled eggs into simmering water for one minute to reheat, and voilà, you have 10 perfectly poached eggs all ready at the same time!

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