How To Fix Kenmore Microwave Runs When Door is Open: A Step-by-Step Guide

is your Kenmore microwave runs when door is open? And you don’t know where is the problem comes from that’s what are we going to explain bellow please follow these instructions below to know how to fix Kenmore microwave runs when door is open.

instead of having to buy a brand new microwave we can just fix the one we have and save a little bit of money. it’s going to be a pretty easy fix.

How to fix Kenmore microwave runs when door is open

How to fix kenmore microwave runs when door is open?

Tools you will need:

  • Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Small flat-head screwdriver.
  • Torx bolt

Step1. Getting up to a proper height you want to make sure you unplug the microwave before you proceed with this.

Step2. Open the door.

Step3. use a Phillips head screwdriver to unthread the two screws securing the front vent. you can use a putty knife to help pry off the vent.

Step4. The vent will be swatted it needs to be split slid to the left and removed.

You’ll see one screw top left on the next of the microwave panel.

Step5. Unscrew this screw with the screwdriver to remove the whole panel.

Step6. Lift and Pull away the panel.

in this particular model, the reason why it’s running on with the door open is that one of the door switches is faulty.

Step7. take the unit out to see the door switches.

Step8. Take a Torx bolt and pack the door switches out by unscrewing the screws of door switches.

Once you unscrew the screws:

Step9. Lift the bracket to remove the door switches.

 be careful to work it out apart from the back and pull it out. the exposes all three of the door switches.

Step10. Test the 3 door switches with a multimeter

There is another way to test them without a multimeter by checking if door switches are clicking good or not.

using a screwdriver and clicking on all 3 door switches you’ll find the bad door switch if it’s clicking it’s good it doesn’t click well it’s the faulty one.

After finding the faulty door switch:

Step11. get it out pull back on the lock and pull the pulling unit right.

Step12. disconnecting wires.

Remember what goes where white goes on a body.

Once your bad switch is removed and you pulled it out you can check again, you will notice that doesn’t click good so you have to fix it or buy a new one it’s not expensive I was able to fix it by bending this tiny piece of metal but over time it would fail again.

To install and replace the new switch:

Step1. take the switch put the button forward place it in.

Step2. Hold it back and then push it in all right.

Step3. put the two wires back on remember the white one goes on the bottom then the black one will go on the top.

Step4. make sure everything’s locked in.

Step5. put the door switches back behind to its place.

Make sure the door switches have tabs to it will lock into slots in the microwave.

Step6. line up the screws or just

Step7. come put screws in them in two holes

on the panel holding all the door switches.

Step8. take your Torx screw and put it back in.

Step9. put back the microwave panel and tighten the screws.

Step10. put back the vent on the top of the microwave and tighten the two screws that you unscrewed.

Step11. test your Kenmore microwave if it runs when you open the door.

Step12. your Kenmore microwave is ready to use.

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After reading and following the instruction below you might know why your kenmore microwave runs when door is open and you know how to fix it.