How to Fix Oven Door: Step-by-Step Guide to Repairing Your Oven’s Entrance

Are you find it difficult to fix your oven door? don’t worry we’ll show you how to fix oven door.

the problem of the oven door is one of the most problems that the buyer faces after a while from using its oven.

The problems of the oven door are many such as door doesn’t want to close, the door glass is broken and door hinges in addition to that the problem of oven handles.

If you suffer from these problems and you don’t know how to fix them. That we are going to explain below so please follow these instructions below to have ideas on how to fix the oven door.

how to fix oven door

How to Fix Oven Door Catch or Striker Pin?

If your oven door isn’t closing properly or it’s sticking, it may well be that the door catch or the striker pin is faulty and it needs replacing.

Note: Always disconnect an appliance before carrying out any work

1) Remove the side panel by undoing the two screws at the front and two screws at the back.

With the side panel out the way you can access the door catch easy enough to remove, just undo the two screws withhold it in place, and put it in place.

2) Grab your new door catch and if you put it into place just make sure the holes line up for the screws.

3) Half insert one screw to hold it in place while you then insert the second one.

4) Once both screws are in place you can then tighten them up.

The holes for the door will not come threaded, but the screws provided when you put them in cut their threads so don’t worry.

5) Once your new door catch is in place just try the door to see if it closes properly.

On some ovens, the striker pin is adjustable so you can raise the height or lower the height of the strike pin to make sure that it fits inside the door catch properly.

If you need to replace the striker pin:

1. Grab a pair of pliers to get a firm grip on the striker and it should undo very simply.

2. Grab your new striker screw it tightening it with the pliers.

3. Once your door closes you can then replace the side panel and screw it back into position.


Make sure when you are screwing the side panel in from the back that the panels all fit together properly.

How to fix oven door handle?

 A loose or broken door handle can be quite annoying when you’re trying to use the oven. In many cases, the handle screws are easy to tighten, but in some models, the screws are hidden away inside the door.

If the handle is still loose after tightening the screws, then it’s likely that the threads are stripped or the plastic is cracked.

We’ll show you how to take apart the door to replace the handle.

What you will need.

To begin you’ll need a flat blade screwdriver, a Philips screwdriver, and gloves.

  • when working on your oven it’s always best to disconnect power at the breaker.
  • Since there might be some sharp edges, it’s best to wear cut-resistant gloves.

Step1. Door removal

1. open the oven door

Many doors have locking tabs that secure the door hinges.

2. use a flat blade screwdriver to release the locks.

3. close the door until it rests partially open.

4. lift up to move the door off the hinges.

5. pull the door backward.

6. set the door on a clean work surface.

Step2. Outer glass removal

Though it’s not necessary in all cases, it can be helpful to remove the outer glass panel.

The outer door glass is held together by the top cap, two side pieces, and a lower bracket.

1. remove the screws at the bottom.

2. in some cases you can remove the outer glass and frame as one piece.

In other models, you’ll have to separate the lower bracket first, before sliding out the glass.

Step3. Door handle removal

The handle screws are either on the top of the inside of the door, so you might have to flip the door over.

1. remove the screws.

2. separate the handle and the top cap.

In some models, the handle is connected through a mounting bracket.

3. unscrew the bracket, and separate the pieces.

 Step5. Door handle installation

If your model has a top cap that is separate from the handle, then you will have to align the holes of both pieces.

1. You can use the screws to help line up the holes.

2. Tighten the screws.

3. If the door uses mounting brackets, you will have to screw the brackets into the new door handle.

4. align the handle and tighten the screws.

Step6. Outer glass installation

If your model has two side pieces then attach the sides to make the frame.

1. slide the glass in so it is secure under the top cap.

2. align the lower bracket, and make sure that the edge is holding the glass in place.

3. replace the screws.

4. If the frame and glass are all one piece, then align the frame and push it into place.

5. tighten the bottom screws.

Step7. Door installation

With the door almost closed

1. align the door hinges into the slots on the oven.

2. you might have to push it slightly forward until catches and drops into place.

3. open the door all the way.

4. push the locking tabs back into place.

5. close the door.

6. Reconnect the power.

How to fix oven door hinge?

before you replace an oven door hinge be sure to unplug the appliance’s power cord or shut off the power supply.

depending on the model the hinge may be attached to a spring within the oven frame or the hinge and spring assembly may be installed within the door itself.

Remove the oven door 

1. you may be able to simply open the door to the broil position then lift it off of the hinges.

other models will require you to fully open the door and rotate the two-door hinge locks back.

2. partially close the door then lift and pull the door toward you to remove.

some models may require the removal of the door retaining brackets as well.

3. to reach all of the bracket screws you may have to lift up the front of the appliance and support it.

4. once you’ve unthreaded all of the screws rotate the hinge locks back then loosen the brackets.

5.  you might be able to use tape to help secure the brackets to the door.

6.  with the bracket secured partially close the door then lift and pull the door torture to remove.

7. if the hinge is located within the oven frame you will probably need to remove the broiler door to access it.

8. detach any side covers if necessary and return the hinge to the upright position.

9. applicable unhook the adjustment bar from the frame and remove it from the spring.

10 .note the position of the spring in the hinge and detach it.

11.  release the retaining clip to remove the mounting pin or if applicable unthread the screw and you can slide out the old.

11. first, apply some grease to the spring mounting hole.

12. insert the hinge into the frame and align it on the hinge support.

13. replace the mounting pin or screw and secure

14. attach the spring to the new hinge.

15. insert the opposite end of the spring into the appropriate hole in the adjustment bar then hook the bar into the same hole in the frame. as before to ensure the tension is the same for both hinges

16. replace any covers if necessary then reinstall the broiler drawer.

17.  if the door hinge is secured within the door itself: set the door handle side down on a towel or blanket.

18. remove the retaining brackets if applicable.

19. unthread all of the screws securing the inner and outer door panels together.

20. you may also need to unscrew securing the door handle and set the handle aside.

21. separate the inner door assembly from the outer panel.

model variations may require that trim pieces along with the inner door glass beer moved.

22. remove any brackets as necessary, and you can unthread the mounting screws securing the hinge you’re replacing.

23. with the screws unthreaded remove the old ones.

24. position the new door hinge and secure it with the mounting screws.

25. replace any brackets as required.

26. join the inner door assembly and the outer door panel together.

27. realign the handle as required and fully thread the screws to secure it.

28. replace the remaining screws to secure the inner and outer panels or if applicable to your model realign the inner door glass and replace any trim pieces.

29. if necessary realign the retaining brackets over the hinges you can use tape to hold them in place depending on the model you may be able to return the hinges to the broiled position.

30. reinstall the door by simply aligning it on the hinges and sliding it into position.

on models where the hinges are installed inside the door

31. insert the hinges into the hinge slots at a 45-degree angle than lower the door to its fully open position and rotate the hinge locks forward.

32. if applicable to your model reposition the retaining brackets before you rotate the hinge locks Forward.

33. rethread the screws to secure the brackets.

34. with the repair completed plug the power cord back in or restore the power supply and the oven should be ready for use.

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