How to Clean a Self Cleaning Oven Kenmore: Restore Your Oven’s Shine with Ease

Are you questioning how to clean a self cleaning oven kenmore?

A self-cleaning oven cleans itself with excessive temperatures (nicely above regular cooking temperatures), which remove soils or reduces them to positive powdered ash you may wipe away afterward with a moist cloth.

The Self Clean perform lets you choose three different cleansing times from 2, 3, or 4 hours. A 3-hour cleaning time is finest used for regular cleaning; a 2-hour time for light soils, and a 4-hour clean time for heavier stubborn soils.

how to clean a self cleaning oven kenmore

1. before beginning Self Clean

  • Do not leave small children unattended close to the equipment. During a self-clean cycle, the surface of the oven can become very hot and trigger burns if touched.
  • Do not line the oven walls, racks, oven bottom, or any part of the vary with aluminum foil. This will trigger permanent damage to the oven inside and destroy warmth distribution and will likely be met to the oven inside.
  • Do not pressure the oven door open. This will harm the automatic door locking system. Use caution when opening the oven door after the self-clean cycle ends.

What to do before starting oven self clean?

 The oven may still be very hot and trigger burns. To keep away from attainable burns, stand to the aspect of the oven when opening the door to permit steam or hot air to flee.

2. important notes before beginning self-clean

  1. Completely take away all oven racks and any equipment from the oven cavity to keep away from damage to oven racks. If the oven racks are usually not eliminated they may discolor.
  2. Remove all gadgets from the oven and cooktop together with cookware, utensils, and any aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is not going to stand up to excessive temperatures from a self-clean cycle and will melt.
  3. Do not use oven cleaners or oven-protecting coatings in or around any part of the oven inside. Clean any soil from the oven frame, the door liner outdoors the oven door gasket, and the small space on the front center of the oven bottom.

These areas heat sufficiently to burn soil on. Clean utilizing cleaning soap and water earlier than starting Self-Clean.

  • Remove any extreme spills. Any spills on the oven bottom need to be wiped up and removed earlier than beginning a Self Clean cycle. To clean use hot, soapy water and a cloth. Large spills could cause heavy smoke or fire when subjected to excessive temperatures.

Do not enable meal spills with high sugar or acid content (such as milk, tomatoes, sauerkraut, fruit juices, or pie fillings) to stay on the floor as they could go away an uninteresting spot even after cleaning.

Which Areas to clean and avoid in the oven?

Do not clean the oven door gasket. The woven materials within the gasket are important for a great seal. Care must be taken to not rub, damage, or take away the oven door gasket.

Doing so might trigger damage to the door gasket and compromise the efficiency of the oven.

  • The kitchen space must be effectively ventilated utilizing an open window, air flow fan, or exhaust hood in the course of the first Self-Clean cycle. This will assist remove the conventional odors.
  • Do not try to open the oven door when the OVEN LOCK indicator light is flashing. Allow about 15 seconds for the motorized door latch mechanism to fully lock or unlock the oven door.
  • When the clean time finishes, the oven door will stay locked till the vary has cooled sufficiently. In addition to the clean time that was programmed, you need to enable about 1 extra hour for the oven to cool before you can open the oven door.

Radiant floor parts will function when an oven is in Self Clean mode IF the vary is provided with knobs. If that is the case, it’s NOT advisable to make use of the surface elements when utilizing the Self Clean operation. The oven reaches very excessive temperatures and you can be burned.

How to clean a self cleaning oven kenmore step-by-step

Step1. Setting Self Clean

To set Select Clean to start instantly:

1. Be certain the oven is empty and all oven racks are eliminated. Remove all gadgets from the cooktop. Be certain the oven door is closed.

2. Press Self-Clean. 3:00 seems within the display.

3. To change to a 2-hour clean time, press ∇ . 2:00 seems within the display. To choose a 4-hour clean time, press  ∆. 4:00 appears within the display.

4. After selecting the clean time, press START to activate Self Clean. The OVEN LOCK indicator light will light, and CLn will seem within the display.

When Self Clean begins the cleaning cycle, the motorized door latch mechanism will automatically begin to lock the oven door, and the OVEN LOCK indicator light will flash.

Do not open the oven door when the OVEN LOCK indicator light is flashing. Allow about 15 seconds for the oven door to fully lock.

Once the oven door has locked, the OVEN LOCK indicator light will glow steadily. When CLn will seem within the display, Self Clean is active.

When Self Clean is finished:

1. The time of day will seem within the display window, and the OVEN LOCK indicator light will proceed to glow.

 2. Once the oven has cooled down (about 1 hour) and the OVEN LOCK indicator light has turned off, the oven door could also be opened.

3. When the oven inside has utterly cooled, wipe away any residue or powdered ash with a moist cloth or paper towel.


Use caution when opening the oven door after self-cleaning. The oven should be very popular and might trigger burns. To keep away from doable burns, stand to the aspect of the oven when opening the oven door to permit hot air or steam to flee.

Step2. Delayed Start Self Clean

To begin Delay Start Self Clean:

1. Be certain the oven is empty and all oven racks are eliminated. Remove all gadgets from the cooktop. Be positive the oven door is completely closed.

2. Be sure the clock reveals the right time of day.

3. Press Delay Start.

4. Press and hold ∆  to scroll to the time desired to begin the self-clean cycle. Press START when the specified start time is displayed.

5. Press Self-Clean. 3:00 seems within the display.

6. To choose a 2-hour clean time, press ∇ . 2:00 seems within the display. To choose a 4-hour clean time, press ∆ . 4:00 seems within the display.

7. After deciding on the specified clean time, press START. Self-Clean is about to activate. The OVEN LOCK indicator light will activate, and the oven door will lock prematurely at the beginning time. Once the

If it becomes essential to stop Self Clean when active:

1. Press ( stop icon)

 2. If Self Clean has heated the oven to a high temperature, enable sufficient time for the oven to chill and for the OVEN LOCK indicator light to show off. When this indicator light turns off, the oven door could also be opened.

3. Restart Self Clean, if needed

Note :

• If Self Clean is active and a power failure happens, the oven could not have been cleaned. This would rely upon how a lot of cleaning time had elapsed earlier than the ability failure. I wanted after power is restored, set Self Clean once more.

How do you steam clean a Kenmore oven?

Steam cleaning works finest for spot cleaning and lightweight soils on the oven bottom. Steam clean might also be used earlier than manually cleaning the oven or before Self Clean to assist loosen soils on the oven bottom.

To set the controls for steam clean:

1. Oven ought to be at room temperature. Remove all racks and oven equipment.

2. Scrape or wipe free particles from the oven bottom.

3. Pour Eight oz (235 ml) of distilled or filtered water onto the oven bottom. Close the oven door.

4. Press Bake.

5. Enter 170ºF (77ºC) utilizing the arrow keys and press START.

6. Set the minute timer for 10 minutes.

7. Allow the oven to warm. Do not open the oven door whereas the oven is heating.

8. An alert will sound when the timer is completed. Press Timer On/Off to cease the timer and press ( stop icon) to return to the clock.

9. Set the minute timer for 10 minutes to permit a cool-down interval. Do not try to wipe out the oven earlier than a 10-minute cool-down interval.

10. An alert will sound when the timer is completed. Press Timer On/Off to cease the timer.

11. Stand to the aspect of the vary out of the best way of escaping vapor when opening the oven door.

12. Wipe oven cavity and bottom. Do not clean the oven door gasket.

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Essential notes:

• Always keep near the oven when steam cleaning, so you’ll be able to hear the timer alert.

• For finest outcomes, wipe out the oven instantly after the cool-down period is full.

• Some condensation or water vapor might seem near the oven vent, and a little water might stay on the oven bottom. This is regular. Wipe with a soft cloth or sponge when the cool-down interval is full.

• The oven gasket might turn damp; don’t wipe dry. Open door to broil place and permit to air dry.

• Local water sources usually include minerals (hard water) and can depart deposits on the oven cavity surfaces. If this happens, wipe cavity surfaces with diluted vinegar or lemon juice. Use distilled or filtered water.

• If the door is opened throughout steam cleaning or cool-down period, steam will escape and the oven could also be tougher to scrub. Keep the oven door closed in the course of the steam cleaning.

After reading and following the instructions and the steps above you might know now how to clean a self cleaning oven kenmore.