How to Remove an Ice Maker in A Refrigerator: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you wondering how to remove an ice maker from the refrigerator? Are finding it difficult to access the ice maker on the refrigerator and remove it? Is your ice maker is damaged and you want to replace it and you don’t know how to remove it? You’re in the right place to find answers for your questions and troubleshooting in this article we’ll show how to remove an ice maker from Samsung, Frigidaire, LG refrigerators.

If you have other different types of ice maker refrigerators such as Kitchenaid, Kenmore and you want to remove the ice maker it’s the same process that we will mention below.

how to remove an ice maker

What are tools you need to remove an ice maker?

  • Screwdriver
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Flat blade Screwdriver
  • ¼ inch nut driver

How to remove an ice maker from Samsung refrigerator?

Step1. Put the refrigerator into Defrost mode

1) hold down the energy saver button and the fridge button for about eight seconds.

2) press the fridge button three or four times until (Fd) is shown on the display board.

This is enough force defrost mode.

3) leave it in the defrost mode for roughly five minutes to let the icemaker defrost.

when you’re ready to take it back out of the forced defrost mode:

4) repeat the same process by holding down these two buttons.

5) pressing the fridge button one more time it will back out of the forced defrost mode.

6) turn off the refrigerator by holding down the energy saver and freezer buttons.

Step2. Remove the ice bucket

1) lift up and pull out the bucket to remove it.

Some of the older models also had a button that you’d have to push up the bucket to release it.

Step3. Remove the wire housing cover.

1) Using a Philips screwdriver to remove the wire housing cover screw.

Once the screw is removed

2) pull forward on the cover and it’ll come right out.

Once the cover is removed.

3) depress the locking tab and unplug the wiring harness going to the icemaker.

Step4. Remove the ice tray duct.

1) using a Philips screwdriver to remove the screw for the ice tray duct.

2) take a flat blade screwdriver and try to put it in the little slot over on the left side and pry the tray so it will go over the way With that going over to the right you can pull down to release it.

So one of the things that makes this icemaker unique is that it has a Cooling coil that runs directly on the bottom side of the ice maker and that’s why at the beginning One of the first steps is they have to go through the defrost cycle.


  • make sure that there’s no ice or frost on this coil Because when you try to Pry it down.
  • You don’t want it to be stuck in place if you damage this coil You have to replace the refrigerator. There’s no fixing it.
  • So do not try to chip any ice off of it Because you could puncture a hole in it and ruin the entire refrigerator.

Step5. Pry down the cooling coil on the ice maker.

1) take a flat blade screwdriver and pry down the cooling coil Just enough.

so that way that when you slide the icemaker out the coil will stay in place what the icemaker will slide out forward.

Step6. release the ice maker.

1) press the depress locking tab at the top then you’ll be able to just grab the icemaker and Slide it forward.

while you’re doing that just make sure that that coil underneath the ice maker is free and that snagging on anything.

How to remove an ice maker from LG refrigerator?

In this style of the refrigerator, the ice maker is mounted in the door.


opening up the left-hand door.


Open up that access to the ice maker.


lift out the ice beam.

1) Lift up, pull out, and then set that aside.

Step4. Remove some screws that secure that whole assembly to the liner.

1) There are two across the bottom, one right in the center.

2) also need to loosen one right at the very top of the ice bin.

with the ice bin out of the way.

Step5. Remove these two bottom screws and one right in the center.

1) There’s another one right at the very top, it has a big plastic washer harness with it loosen.

with the screws removed and the one at the top loosened.

Step6. Lift on the whole assembly

1) to make sure that we lift up and out on the bottom of this and also press up on the top.

Once we’ve lowered that down enough.

Step7. depress the locking tab,

You can release that wire harness on the top back of the ice bin.

Note: make sure to support the whole assembly so it doesn’t drop out.


Disconnect the harness


Pull out the whole assembly and put in a suitable work surface.

How to remove an ice maker from frigidaire refrigerator?


remove anything that’s on this upper shelf that may be in the way.


reach in and turn the ice maker off by raising the shut-off lever.


Remove the ice bucket.

1)  use ¼ inch nut driver to remove two screws that secure the ice maker to the sidewall.

2)  with a feel by hand where those screws are located just

  • loosen them about halfway.

once we have loosened the screws about halfway:

  • simply lift up on the ice maker and disengage from the two screws.


grasp the wire harness connector at the back.

1) press the two tabs and disconnect the ice maker.

How to remove an ice maker from whirlpool refrigerator?

Step1. Turn the ice maker off.

1) set the switch to the of position.

Step2. Remove the ice door inside the top of the refrigerator.

there are a couple of little hinge pins on the door that fit into a hinge bracket

1) push that bracket just enough to clear the hinge pin.

2) do the same on the opposite side.

3) set the ice maker door aside.

Step3. Remove the shelf

to give ourselves a little more room.

1) remove one ¼ inch hex edge screw on the right side.

Step4. Remove the cover for the harness at the rear.

1) lift up on it.

2) unhook that and remove it.


there’s also a locking tab on each side of these two tracks that hold the ice maker in place.

1) depress the locking tab with a flat blade driver.

2) slide the ice maker forward.


keeping the infrared door closed.

1) slide the ice maker forward.


Disconnect the wire harness.


Pull out the ice maker.


take the ice maker to a suitable work surface.

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