How to Clean a Scotsman ice Maker a Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you wondering how to clean a Scotsman ice maker?  Your ice maker machine needs to be clean from time to time to keep the continuity of your machine. and you don’t know how?

You’re in the right place we’ll show you how to clean a Scotsman ice maker in two models which are ice prodigy plus nugget or flaker Ice machine and nugget ice maker machine.

how to clean a scotsman ice maker

How to clean a scotsman ice maker (Prodigy Plus Nugget or Flaker Ice Machine)?

To begin the process:

1. press and release the red off button.

2. remove the front panel by removing the two screws in the bottom corners.

3. from the bottom pull gently forward and down to remove the front panel from the machine.

4. remove the screws at both the top and bottom of the front edge of the right panel.

5. to fully remove the right panel:

  • push the top panel up
  • pull the right panel forward 

after removing the right panel.

6. turn the water off by twisting the knob on the water reservoir lid a quarter-turn counterclockwise

Note: in older units instead of a knob a lever is used to turn the water off.

7. remove the water reservoir lid by releasing the tab in the front and then pulling up and forward.

8. remove the drain hose from its bracket.

9. take out the red plug and drain all the water from the reservoir and freezer into a bucket.

once complete.

10. replace the hose plug and place the drain hose back into its bracket.


  • in preparation for the descaling process mix a solution of three quarts of warm water and eight ounces of Scotsman clear one the approved scale remover for all Scotsman machines.
  • Using an improper ratio of Scotsman clear 1 can damage the machine and should be avoided.

11. fill the water reservoir to the fill line with the properly diluted scale remover.

using a funnel or smaller measuring cup is a good idea to avoid overfilling the reservoir.

we are ready to initiate the clean cycle:

1. press and release the yellow clean button on the control panel.

the display will show c for clean and the time to clean light will flash.

the machine will then begin to turn the auger and circulate scale remover throughout the freezer to dissolve any scale built upon the walls of the freezer.

after 20 minutes the compressor will kick on and make ice with the scale remover for a second 20 minutes, at this point stay next to the machine and top off the reservoir as needed.

if all the scale remover is used before the end of the second 20 minutes

2. simply turn the water to the reservoir back on.

3. allow the machine to complete the clean cycle.

once the clean cycle is completed the machine will return to the off position and the time to clean light will turn off it will remain off for another six months and then light back up when the machine will need to be cleaned again.

4. drain any remaining scale remover from the machine.

5. melt or discard any ice made during the cleaning cycle.

the machine should then be sanitized using a locally approved sanitizer.

after ensuring the water flow to the machine is off

6. add sanitizer directly to the reservoir.

7. turn the machine on by pressing and releasing the green button on the controller.

8. switch the water supply to the machine back on and allow the machine to operate for 20 minutes.

after 20 minutes 

9. turn the machine off drain the machine and then melt or discard any ice made during the process.

Now is a good time to inspect the bearing and re-grease if needed a bearing check should be completed every time the unit is cleaned.

10. start the process by pushing the bale clamp back and removing the chute cover.

11. unscrew and remove the ice sweep.

12.  followed by the watershed.

13. the breaker cover which is reversely threaded can then be removed.

at this point, the condition of the grease can be evaluated normal wear on the bearing will cause the grease to become gray over time which is an indicator that the bearing needs to be re-greased.

if the grease is extremely dark watery rusty or has any visible metal flakes the bearing should be replaced.

once it’s been identified that the bearing needs to be re-greased.

14. first start by removing all the old grease sitting on top of the bearing.

15. the old grease sitting between the rollers of the bearing needs to be removed.

using a grease gun with Scotsman grease and a Scotsman grease needle.

16. gently insert the grease needle between two rollers.

Be careful not to puncture the lip seal beneath the bearing.

as the fresh grease is applied it will replace the old grease by pushing it up and out on top of the bearing.

16. insert fresh grease in between each roller until all the old grease has been replaced and fresh grease can be seen coming out.

continue this process around the entire bearing.

17. now that the new grease has pushed all the old grease up and out remove and discard all excess grease

sitting on top of the bearing rollers.

18. place a generous amount of fresh grease on top of the bearing rollers if needed.

  • use a finger to make sure the entire surface is covered.

before reassembly clean off any grease from around the bearing housing.

To reassemble the unit:

19. inspect both the lip seal and the o-ring on the breaker cover for damage. replace

if needed

20. confirm both are properly seated beforehand tightening the breaker cover which as a reminder is reverse threaded

21. before the cleaning process is fully complete it is important to remove several parts of the machine for extra cleaning.

since the ice chute and ice sweep were already removed to access the bearing.

22. remove the upper ice chute.

23. slide the bin control eyes out.

24. remove the lower ice chute.

all of these parts the ice sweep chute cover and both the upper and lower ice chute as well as the water reservoir lid and water level sensor should then be cleaned using a nylon brush and a setup similar to this.

25. scrub each part with properly diluted scale remover.

26. rinse.

27. scrub again with properly diluted sanitizer and a final rinse.

before reassembling the machine the bin eye should be wiped down with scale remover and then rinsed and dried thoroughly.

after putting the lower ice chute back into place.

28. install the bin eyes.

29. reassemble the upper eye chute.

30. screw the sweep back into place

31. place the chute cover back on top and secure them all with the metal bail clamp.

32. put the water reservoir cover back on starting with the back and then snapping the front back into place.

33. turn the water supply to the machine back on.

34. finally, turn the machine back on to resume normal ice production.

How to clean a scotsman ice maker (Nugget machine)?

Step1. Press the on-off button.

your green ice-making light will begin to blink and you’ll notice during that time the noises of the unit, will change slightly what’s happening in the unit is pushing out the remainder of the ice in the freezer so that it prepares you for the cleaning process.

Step2. remove the ice from the storage bin.

which you can either discard or you could place in a cooler or a bag and put in a freezer for future use.

Step3. take the scoop out.

 there’s a metal bar that holds that scoop and you would rotate that bar down flush against the sidewall.

Step4. remove the two thumb screws in the upper right and upper left of the back access panel.

once those thumb screws are loose simply

step5. pull the panel down and out of the front of the unit.

you’ll see on the unit has shut off.

Step6. use the spare float.

Step7. push the tab and remove the cover from the float tank.

Step8. take a spare float on/off lever on the side and push upon it.                                                                                                                             

what that does is it raises the float ball to shut the water off so no water will come in while you’re descaling the machine.

on some machines, we do have a blue flow lever on this particular machine that lever is white.

Step9. pull the rubber plug located just under the left area of the bin hen you would put that rubber plug back after

the water has drained from the system.

you’ll notice on pump models you will hear the pump cycling during that process.

For the cleaning and descaling :

what you will need:

  • a unique bottle of Scotsman clear
  • one pre-mixed ice machine cleaner comes with this squirt nozzle tip on top of this chemical is available through your local distributor.

before adding the cleaning solution to the machine.

We recommend that you snip the tip of the nozzle off approximately half an inch back and then you take the bottle place the tip in the reservoir and squeeze the chemical into the machine until you’ve gotten the reservoir approximately half full.

once you’ve gotten the reservoir half full.

Step1. take and press both blue buttons for approximately five seconds right after the time to clean light begins to blink.

you can let go you’ll see the unit is at the initial start of the cleaning process.

what’s going to happen is these lights going to blink and just the auger is rotating inside the freezer assembly this is agitating the cleaner and allowing it to soak inside the ice-making system.

The light will blink for about 10 minutes.

you’ll notice that time in the cleaning process the time to clean light has gone from blinking to on solid

what’s happening.

at this point is the full unit is running the refrigeration system so it’s ready to start pushing ice out with the ice machine cleaning solution in it.

At that time it can be normal for the ice that drops into the bin to be gray and discolored that’s normal that’s just the cleaning solution removing mineral content from the ice-making system and flushing that down the drain.

In addition, you may also hear a potential squealing noise which again can be normal as that cleaning solution is extruded through the machine.

you’ll notice for the first ten minutes or so of the solid time the clean light on and the refrigeration system running you may not have ice being removed from the system once it does start to deliver ice through the chute you’ll see the level in the float tank begin to lower and now you do need to:

step3. add the remaining solution little by little until the solution is gone from the bottle.

Step4. put that nozzle back into the reservoir tank and add a little at a time.

Step5. as your level lowers you’ll end up running out of the solution you do want to maintain approximately half a tank in that reservoir of fluid.

once you’ve finished adding the solution

step6. lower the on/off lever on the side of the float tank.

simply push down on that lever and that float tank drops.

after the cleaning cycle is complete and as you’ll notice there are no lights on on the indicator.

Step7. Pull the rubber drain plug again drain any remaining cleaning solution from the ice-making system in any tubing and return that drain plug.

Step8. return the reservoir cover.

We recommend cleaning your scoop and panel with soap in a sink since you have it out of the machine use a scrub brush to clean the panel.

Step9. Put the scoop back into the machine

Step10. put the panel back in the left corner needs to go into the machine first drop it into the bin raise it and position it where it belongs tighten the two thumbscrews.

Step11. push on the lower left and the lower right to snap it in position.

in addition to the descaling process at this time, I would recommend that you go ahead and use a little bit of warm water and some ice machine cleaner mix that up and you can scrub areas of the bin inside as well as the door liner and areas around the gasket.

in addition to that cleaning, we also recommend that you sanitize this system the drain and the bin, and the sanitizing solution is an ounce of household bleach to two gallons of warm water we pre-mixed some in this bucket and the

sanitizing solution should be poured into the ice machine storage bin which will sanitize the whole bin area

 flush down the drain lines which is very important to keep in those drain lines clear.

in the cleaning process, the time to clean light will come on approximately every six months the sanitizing of the bin and the drain lines

we do recommend that a little more frequently depending on your location your final.

Step12. push your blue on/off button to initiate the ice-making system again.

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