How to Replace Ice Maker in Ge Profile Refrigerator: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you questioning how to replace ice maker in ge profile refrigerator? Is your ice maker not working anymore and you want to change it and you don’t know how? You’re in the right place.

Maybe you don’t have any experience in this field however at the end of this article, you’ll know to find out how to change your ice maker simply without calling an expert which costs you some money.

In this article we’ll show you how to replace ice maker in ge profile refrigerator it is a very easy job.

We will begin with finding out how to take away the previous icemaker and install the new one.

So please follow the directions and steps beneath:

how to replace ice maker in ge profile refrigerator

Tools you will need:

  • a quarter-inch nut driver.
  • Your new ice maker.

How to replace ice maker in ge profile refrigerator step-by-step

1. How to remove old ice maker on your ge profile fridge?

Step1. Open the door.

Step2. Remove the upper shelf set it out of the way.

Step3. take away the ice bin 

1) lift up the ice bin front.

2) pull the bin straight out.

3) set the bin apart.

Now you possibly can attain into the ice maker.

Step4. Turn off the existing  icemaker

1) lift up on the shut-off arm flip that icemaker off.

Step5. Remove The three quarter inch hex head screws secure the auger motor assembly.

Step6. pull the auger assembly out of the way so that you are able to gain access to the wire harness for the ice maker to do this:

1) lift up on the auger assembly.

2) tilt it forward.

Step7. attain in and disconnect the wire harness at the back.

two little tabs that lock it into place

1) press those together pull the harness out.

2) set that apart.

Step8. Loosen two screws quarter-inch hex head screws that hold the ice maker to the mounting bracket.

don’t need to take away these screws all the way simply loosen them up enough that the bracket

will slide up over them.

Step9. reaching underneath disconnect the wire harness.

Step10.pull out the ice maker

1)  lift up on the ice maker until it clears the two screws.

2) slide it ahead.

Note: the new fill cup that comes along with your ice maker equipment might not resemble the existing one.

in that case you’ll disregard the new one:

step1. take away the old one from the ice maker.

1) simply depress the tab

2) slide it up by way of the mounting slot.

3) mount it onto the new icemaker in the same location.

  • slide it into the mounting slot.
  • Press it in till it locks into place.

How to install  new ice maker on a ge profile refrigerator?

step1. slide the ice maker into place on the fridge.

Step2. connect the wire harness.

Step3. make sure the fill cup goes in underneath the fill spout.

Step4. locate the harness and connect it correctly.

Step5. ensure that it pushes in till you hear the retaining tabs snap into place.

Step6. tighten up the quarter-inch hex head screws.

before you tighten the last screw you want to make sure that that ice maker is as level as attainable.

Step7. tighten up the retaining screw.

Step8. take the existing auger motor and line it up.

Step9. connect the wire harness.

1)  First, make sure that the wire harness snaps firmly into place.

Step10. lift the motor assembly up until it lines up with the three mounting holes and secure it with one screw.

1)  center it up and replace the remaining two screws.

Step11. replace the shield that hides the wire harness.

it might or could not fall off when you’re disassembling it.

Step12. take the two closure tabs put the portion on the bottom.

the two wider space tabs go on the top snap into place.

Step13. replace the auger bin.

Make sure that you simply line up the auger with a motor drive.

Step14. attain in and switch our ice maker on.

Sep15. replace the top shelf.

your repair is complete and your ice maker positively will work.

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After reading and following the steps above you might know now how to replace ice maker in ge profile refrigerator with yourself without any cost.