How To Replace a Frigidaire Ice Maker: A Quick and Easy Guide

Are you wondering how to replace a Frigidaire ice maker? Is your ice maker not working anymore and you want to replace it and you don’t know how? You’re in the right place.

Maybe you don’t have any experience in this field but at the end of this article, you’ll know how to replace your ice maker easily without calling a professional which costs you some cash.

In this article we’re going to show you how to replace a Frigidaire ice maker on your refrigerator it’s a really easy job.

We will start with how to remove the old icemaker and install the new one.

So please follow the instructions and steps below:

how to replace a Frigidaire ice maker

All you’re going to need is:

  • a quarter-inch nut driver.
  • Your new ice maker.

How to replace a Frigidaire ice maker step-by-step

1. How to remove exest ice maker on your Frigidaire refrigerator?

Step1. remove the ice bin 

1) open the freezer door.

2) lift up the ice bin front.

3) pull the bin straight out.

4) set the bin aside.

Now you can reach into the ice maker.

Step2. Turn off the ice maker

1) lift up on the shut-off arm turn that icemaker off.

two quarter-inch screws mount the icemaker to the sidewall of the freezer.

Step3. Unscrew the screws that mount the ice maker.

Two quarter-inch screws mount the icemaker to the sidewall of the freezer.

1) locate those screws.

2) we don’t need to take those completely out just in some 4 or 5 turns.

some models may have a leveling screw on the bottom and if so you’ll need to remove that screw.

Step4. Remove the ice maker.

1) lift up on the ice maker.

2) pull the ice maker away from the rear film tube.

3) pull it far enough forward.

4) reach in disconnect the wire harness.

5) depress the locking tabs disconnect the harness.

6) pull the old icemaker Road and discard it.

2. if your model refrigerator uses the leveling bracket on the front of the icemaker:

Step1. transfer that to the new icemaker

1) using a quarter-inch nut driver remove that screw in the bottom of the ice maker.

2) transfer that bracket over to the new icemaker.

3) screw down through the hole first.

depending on your model the slotted portion of that bracket may be against the icemaker or maybe against the wall.

4) put it on in the same manner that the old one was tightened securely.

5) you can put that new icemaker into the refrigerator.

3. How to install new ice maker on a frigidaire refrigerator?

Step1. verify that the fill cup notch in the back is cut out.

Step2. some models may have an extra cover over the wire harness connector.

1) push that up the harness far enough that we can access the locking tabs.

Step3. Set that ice maker back into position.

Step4. reconnect that harness.

Step5. make sure that both of those locking tabs engage on the harness.

1) slide the cover-up over the top of the connector.

2) lift the shut-off arm into the off position.

Step6. lower  two mounting spaces over the edge of the screw 

1) at the same time make sure that that filter with the back fits into the fill cup.

2) using your quarter-inch nut driver tighten the two screws.

3) verify that nothing is interfering with that fill tube into the fill cup.

Note: if your model did have the leveling bracket at the front you would have to transfer that from the old icemaker onto the new one.

Step7. make sure we turn the icemaker back on.

Step8. reinstall the ice bin.

 make sure it’s in position.

your repair is complete and your ice maker definitely will work.

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After reading and following the steps above you may know now how to replace a Frigidaire ice maker refrigerator with yourself without any cost.