How to Replace water Filter in Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator: A Quick and Easy Tutorial

Are you questioning how to replace water filter in kenmore coldspot refrigerator? Have you changed your water filter after six months to use your refrigerator?.

Once you buy your new filter which will install and replace it with an old one whenever you open up the package you’re going to get the new filter a sticker to go on the inside of your fridge to tell you when to change the filter and the filtered datasheet.

there are a few different types of these filters and they all have a six-month or a certain gallon that they’re actually good for some fridges actually have an indicator system that the light comes on and tells you when to change the filter before we take the filter out.

In this article we’ll show you how to replace water filter in kenmore coldspot refrigerator moreover we’ll show you how to change Kenmore elite refrigerator water filter, how to replace Kenmore refrigerator water filter 9690.

How to replace water filter in Kenmore coldspot refrigerator

But before we start you may know:

Where is the water filter on a kenmore coldspot refrigerator?

Most water filters are positioned within the grille on the backside of the fridge or the back, upper-right corner of the fridge.

Some models, often older ones, have the filter on the outside at the back of the fridge on the water supply line.

Where is the water filter on elite fridge?

Most water filters on the elite fridge are located inside the refrigerator on the top back of the refrigerator, the upper-left corner of the inside refrigerator.

before start:

keep in mind anytime you work on a piece of equipment make sure it is unplugged or the circuit breakers are off so there’s no chance of electrocution.

How to replace water filter in kenmore coldspot refrigerator

you may want a little hand towel down on the floor to catch any water that comes out in order to take the old filter out of the fridge.

you’ll need a 1-gallon pitcher as you will have to swap out 4 gallons of water once you replace the filter to flush the system once you have installed the new filter

Step1. Take out the older water filter.

  1. Get down to the bottom of the fridge and find your filter on the right corner on the grill refrigerator.

Once you find your water heater you notice that there is a button next to the filter

  • push on that button release and then your tap on the top of your filter.
  • Push the button in.
  • pull the water filter straight out the pull the filter out.

Once you pull out the filter.

Step2. Install the new water filter.

  • take the new filter out of the package on the top of your filter you’re going have a protective dust cap remove that .
  •  Take your new water filter and slide within the plastic cap that you removed from the previous filter until you line up the marks.

in order to put the new filter in all you have to do is:

  • line it up with the filter housing
  • push it in till you feel it seat, it will lock it into place

once you finish the installation of the new water filter.

Step3. Flush out the fridge.

flush out the 4 gallons of new water

  1. get your one gallon pitcher and put within the dispenser.

burn your 4 gallons of water one thing you prefer to try to do is reuse that water if you have some plants inside a garden outside anywhere you can use some water outside of drinking it as you want to wait till you’ve burned the 4 gallons of water and cycled out the system with the new filter.

you can also just take it to downpour down the sink there make sure you get 4 gallons out your system has

been flushed and you’re ready to use your new filter.

How to change kenmore elite refrigerator water filter?

most of the water filter replacements are going to be up on the top of the fridge.

 the water filter is just a matter of pushing. If this sticker is missing, there’s actually a little push button right You push that in.

step1. Remove the old cartridge (old filter)

  1. push within the button both sides of the water filter cover and it just snaps out of place. And then you have the water filter.

Note: replacing the filter causes a small amount of water (around oz, or 25 cc) to drain.

  • Place a cup under the filter hole to catch any waste.
  • Pull the cartridge (old water filter) downward.
  • Pull out the filter cartridge (water filter).

Note: when opened at the full angle the cartridge should easily come out

Step2. Install the new cartridge ( new water filter)

  1. Take the new cartridge (new water filter) out of its packing.
  • remove the protective cover from the 0-rings.
  • With cartridge ears within the horizontal position.
  • Push the new filter cartridge into the manifold hole until it stops.
  • Firmly lock in cartridge the cover will click on back into place.

Note: after changing the filter.

Step3. Flush 2.5 gallons through filter 

Before use ( flush for approximately 5 minutes)

  • Check the filter for leaks.

Step4. Reset the water filter

When the water filter indicator displays the message O Filter month

  1. Hold 3 secends

Reset the water status display and indicator light by pressing and holding the light/water filter button for at least 3 seconds.

Note: filter Bypass plug

Keep the filter bypass.

You must use the filter bypass plug when a replacement filter is not available.

Ice maker will not operate without the filter or filter bypass plug inserted within the correct compartment.

How to replace kenmore refrigerator water filter 9690?

Step1. Before installing your new filter, soak it in water for 15 minutes.

Step2. Press the button to open the filter cover.

Step3. Pull the old filter down, then remove it.

Note: If you have a Kenmore fridge, check if there is a plastic or metal cap that covers the top of the old filter. If there is, pull off the cap and connect it to your new filter. If there is not, continue to step 4.

Step4. Push the new filter into the compartment horizontally till it stops.

Step5. Push up firmly so far as it will go.

Step6. Close the filter cover until it clicks into place.

Step7. Run 2-3 gallons of water through your fridge to remove air and lose carbon pieces.

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 If your fridge has a change filter indicator, reset it. To reset it: Press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds.