How To Shampoo Carpet With Rainbow Vacuum: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you questioning how to shampoo carpet with rainbow vacuum?

To shampoo carpet with the vacuum, it doesn’t take much effort to do it what you need is the vacuum cleaner and water plus shampoo to scrub your carpet we’ll clarify below step-by-step how to do that operation please follow instructions and steps below to know:

how to shampoo carpet with rainbow vacuum

How to shampoo carpet with rainbow vacuum?

step1.  Prepare the carpet

1. Use the Rainbow and Power Nozzle to vacuum all the space to be cleaned, making sure there is no remaining debris on the floor.

 2. Empty and rinse the water basin. Do not refill.


Preparation:  First, vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Then you’re prepared to use your aquaMate or shampoo


  • Attach the water hose to any threaded kitchen or bathroom faucet. Some faucets have exterior threads and others have internal threads. Most have aerators or display screen filters the unscrew.
  • Unscrew the aerator. If pliers are obligatory.
  • Wrap the aerator with tape to keep it away from injury. If an adapter is important.
  • Screw it to the faucet ( discuss with instruction sheet included in adapter package).
  • Screw the water hose to the adapter. This needs to be carried out carefully and slowly to keep away from damaging threads. If you most connect with a laundry-type thread. An adapter may be purchased individually.
  • There are additional adapters accessible that can connect to threadless faucets known as pos-A-Grip adapters.


  • Set your faucet between warm and cold. Hot water could damage the system and carpet.
  • Run water earlier than attaching the hose to keep away from cold water start.
  •  A washer is provided on the hose to prevent drips.


  • Remove the solution bottle by sliding the bottle release latch within the direction of the arrow.
  • Pour aquaMate carpet cleaning formula into the fill line.


  • Reattach the solution bottle to the control housing.


  • Insert the underside wand with the male end into the opening positioned on top of the AquaMate. Press downward till the button lock clicks.
  • Add one capful of Rainbow AquaMate Concentrate Solution to the AquaMate cleaning soap reservoir.
  • Fill the remainder of the AquaMate cleaning soap reservoir with cool, clean faucet water and secure the cap tightly.
  • Fill the AquaMate water reservoir with cool, clean tap water and safe the cap tightly.
  • Place the AquaMate tank onto the AquaMate till you are feeling it lock into place.
  • Do not overfill.


  • Set the mode selector on the aspect of the control housing to “wash”


  • Set the AquaMate switch to the SOAP + WATER position. Turn on the Rainbow to HIGH mode.
  • Set the AquaMate swap to the WATER ONLY place.


  • Plugin the rainbow electrical cord right into a wall receptacle and you’re prepared to clean your carpets.


  • Before cleaning the room, heavily dirty areas needs to be pre-noticed. This may be achieved by releasing a cleaning solution pray with the discharge set off.
  • holding the wand approximately six inches over the heavily soiled areas.

This operation may be accomplished without the rainbow working. Use solely the water pressure out of your faucet.

  • Once you have got pre noticed the closely soiled areas, you’ll be able to proceed to clean all the rooms as directed.


  • Turn on power by the off-on switch on the rainbow unit.


  • Set the AquaMate switch to the EXTRACT position.


  • Place the extraction head on the carpet and with one hand engage the injector set off.
  • Release the spray of cleaning solution and heat water into your carpet.
  • Pull the unit towards you in order that rainbow picks up the soiled water.


  • Back and forth scrubbing will assist loosen spots pre-spot traffic areas with a fast preliminary pass, then clean all the room.


 Areas that have been cleaned with the cleaning solution could also be rinsed. This is completed by switching the mode selector on the aspect of the control housing to “rinse”.


  • A final pass over. The carpet with the aquaMate will help the carpet dry quicker. The faucet or water provide ought to be turned off.


  • Each time you refill the solution bottle, you need to empty the liquid waste within the rainbow water basin.
  • The water pickup capacity of the rainbow unit is two quarts. Additional volume past the two quarts will trigger your rainbow overload.
  • If the rainbow unit begins to make noise or rock, turn the unit off immediately and empty the water basin.


When completed with the cleaning job.

  • Clean the water basin and wands earlier than storing.
  • Rinse the elements with water.
  • To dry wands and the hose, connect the hose to the exhaust finish of the rainbow unit for 5 to 10 minutes.


  • When the unit is clean and dry, store water hose on hooks supplied.
  • When the carpet is thoroughly dry, vacuum to comb nap.

after you followed all these steps above you’ll have the answer to How to shampoo carpet with a rainbow vacuum.

How to clean a central vacuum system?

Follow the instruction under  for cleaning the central vacuum system:

The aquaMate carpet cleansing solution contains a carpet protector to prevent re-soiling. This carpet protector solution can clog the small orifices within the aquaMate if the unit is just not properly rinsed after each use.

Follow these directions exactly before storing your  vacuum cleaner aquaMate:

1. empty the remaining carpet cleaning solution from the solution bottle.

2. rinse the solution bottle and fill partway with clear water

3. reattach the solution bottle and set the mode selector to the” wash” position.

4. pull the set off and run clear water by way of the aquaMate to flush the system.

5. depart the mode selector within the “wash” position throughout storage.

  • Do not store with the mode selector within the “rinse” position.

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The AquaMate could require priming, which can take approximately 20 seconds. To scale back priming time, several issues may be accomplished:

1. Make certain the water tank is fully seated

 2. Turn the valve to the SOAP + WATER position

3. Squeeze and release the deal with trigger several times.

If the cleaning soap reservoir turns empty while you are operating the AquaMate, and the valve is within the SOAP + WATER place, no water can be distributed as a result of air is being sucked by way of the cleaning soap reservoir. When working the AquaMate without cleaning soap, at all times fill the soap reservoir with water to prevent loss of prime.