How To Replace Dyson Vacuum Cord: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you wondering how to replace Dyson vacuum cord? do you have a Dyson vacuum cleaner at your home and it doesn’t turn on? Here is what to do

Maybe the power cord is the problem and needs to replace, a burn-in power cord or wires inside your vacuum we’ll cause damage to the vacuum cleaner and it will not work anymore so to fix that you have to replace your power cord from the old one to new power cord.

How to replace Dyson vacuum cord

How to replace Dyson vacuum cord in 20 steps.

to replace the vacuum cord all you need is a screwdriver and your new vacuum cord.

Step1. Removing the canister from the vacuum.

Step2. Remove screws.

Step3.  push outward on the two classic clips that are acute.

Step4. switch cover to the vacuum goes in.

Step5. hold the front portion. Because this will fall forward so just put your hand right there as you press the clip to press the second clip.

Step6. remove the switch cover from the vacuum the purple switch in our case red may separate from the rest of the switch cover.

Step7. hold both of the wires by their classic coverings,

Step8. firmly pull the two wires from the power switch.

be sure to grip the wires from their attached connectors pulling directly on the actual wires that damage the vacuum.

there’s a little bit of common sense right there the terminals only fit one way during reassembly so only one of the wires is long enough to reach the far terminal to switch.

Step8. pull the switch forward, slide towards you comes right out.

you’ve got everything exposed

step9. grab the wire from the base not from the actual wire because you will damage some potential parts until disconnect the wires white to the white wires.

Grab also the black wires and disconnect them black to the black wire.

Step10. pull the black wire from the XO switch.

you’ve got everything disconnected and exposed.

Step11. remove the plastic little clips from the connectors.

Step12. Run the cord through the wireline.

Step13. Puch and back your new cord through the wireline.

Note: make sure to give yourself some slack because you are going to be ringing it around like area it looks like C

Step14. Put back the plastic that you removed from the wires head.

Step15. hook up wires the white to the white and the block to belt block.

Step16. Get your switch it has two little prongs which grab the power from so both of these black wires to plug into your switch plug them.

Note: try not to bend little terminals whatever tabs there you go.

Step17. Put back all wires and switch and cord that removed to their place if you find it hard unplug the switch from the wires after put back the wires and cord you can plug in with switch and put back your switch.

Step 18. check your items are secure and everything plugin their place.

Step19. make sure not to touch any exposed metal because you will like to cure yourself.

Step20. Check from pres the switch button if your vacuum works or if it’s so everything in their place and there’s no fatal and if doesn’t work you have to recheck all your items if they are plugged or not.

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After reading and following the instructions and steps above you may know now how to replace Dyson vacuum cord