Why Does My Oreck Vacuum Smell: Exploring the Reasons Behind My Oreck Vacuum Smell

Exploring the Reasons Behind My Oreck Vacuum Smell

Are you wondering why your Oreck vacuum smell like burning? And you don’t know where the Oreck vacuum smell comes from? Here is what to do.

In this article, we’ll show you what causes the Oreck vacuum smell and how to fix this troubleshooting.

why does my Oreck vacuum smell

Oreck vacuum smell Causes and solution

cause1. Burning Rubber

A burning rubber/melting plastic odor is all the time related to the belt that turns the brush bar. There are several causes a belt could also be burning.

First. the bag could also be too full.

Solution: Replace the bag with a recent one out of your briefcase.

Second. the carpet may be too thick.

Solution: Place the thick carpet attachment on the bottom of the machine.

Third.  the belt might be replaced.

How to examine belt in Oreck vacuum

To examine the belt :

1) find the belt cover on the left-hand aspect.

2) Unscrew the one screw and pull the bumper off barely in direction of the bottom of the vacuum cleaner.

3) The cover slides off towards the front of the vacuum.

4) Check the belt to see that it doesn’t have a cracked or stretched look.

5) Move the belt backward and forwards to ensure it’s turning the brush bar with ease.

6) Remove the belt.

Does it have a particularly oblong form, with one spot in particular that’s pointier than the rest? This is the spot the place the motor pulley was rubbing against the belt.

This is the most common belt problem and is caused by thick carpet, full bags, or dirty bearings on the beater bar. Replace the belt and transfer on to burning hair signs.

Cause2. Burning Hair

A burning hair smell is the result of too much hair caught within the beater brush bearings. These must be cleaned out recurrently.

Solution :

1. Remove the 5 screws on the underside plate of the vacuum, with red arrows.

2. Gently take away the bottom plate, keeping track of the 5 screws.

Note: the orientation of the 2 brackets that maintain the bar in place, circled in red to the left. These must get replaced in the identical orientation as they came out.

3. Pull the brush bar straight out, removing the belt as it comes out.

4. Remove the brush belt pulley.

It is reverse threaded, so to unscrew it should be turned clockwise.

5. Righty-Loosey, Lefty-Tighty. Remove the 2 plastic brackets by pulling them straight off.

6. Use a pair of pliers, razor blade, or knife to remove as much hair out from beneath the bearings as possible.

If needed, the bearings may be removed by carefully prying them straight out from the brush.

7. Replace the plastic brackets and screw the pulley again on (counter-clockwise!)

8. Replace the brush with the brackets in the same position and put the belt again.

9. Turn the brush a few times to straighten the belt, and replace the bottom plate.

After reading and following the causes and solutions above you may know now why your Oreck vacuum smells like burning

Why my Oreck vacuum won’t turn on and how to repair it?

This vacuum problem is often the result of the machine falling over backward or in any other case tough treatment.

Beware of pulling the wire too far and knocking it over, setting it on an uneven surface, or knocking it around during loading/unloading.

If it activates & off sporadically, relying on squeezing/smacking the handle, stays on always when plugged in, or if you know that different devices work from the identical plug.

Solution1. Plug into an outlet on a different circuit breaker.

Try a plug on a different ground, or one from a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

These typically have different circuit breakers. If the vacuum works now, notify the consumer and team chief/manager {that a} breaker has accidentally been tripped and needs to be reset.

You can normally find the breaker field within the storage, basement, or utility room.

The tripped breaker would be the one with a small quantity of orange showing within the window, although it is best to attempt to confirm that it’s the correct one on the key printed on The within of the breaker box door.

Solution 2: The on/off switch has become disconnected.


1. Lay the vacuum on its aspect, with the handle screws facing up

2. Remove the screws, and gently pull the handle apart, maintaining the steel part of the handle with the highest part.

3. Examine the 2 metal spades hooked up to the black wires.

4. Make sure it’s firmly attached! If you have a pair of needlenose pliers, squeeze the spade simply slightly to make the fit tighter.

Making sure that all of the wires are of their proper channels, nooks, and crannies, carefully place the top half of the handle again on the bottom half.

5. Make sure that this peg lines up with the hole on top! Replace that screw first, as it is the one that holds the metal bar in place, then replace the other screws.

6. Make sure the switch is turned off, plug the machine again in and ensure it works.

Why my Oreck Vacuum Doesn’t Suck?

There are several reasons why the Oreck might lose suction or suffer poor performance.

First, check that the bag just isn’t too full. If so, change the bag.

Second, check that the brush is spinning.

Third, make certain the bag inflates and quickly springs back when squeezed. If it doesn’t, then comply with these instructions for clearing a clog.

How to clear a clog on Oreck vacuum

Unplug the Vacuum:

1. Remove the bottom plate and brush bar following the instructions above.

2. The first place to examine is the intake funnel.

Sometimes a bit of paper will completely block this part. If nothing is seen, try to peer in to see if it has gone deeper.

If this isn’t the location of the clog, it’s within the handle tube.

To clear this clog :

1) first the filter bag should be removed.

2) Remove the dust bag.

3) Sqeeze the hinge of the dock together to remove the bag attachment.

4) push the 2 prongs aside to take away the fixed piece of the dock.

After removing the spring clip on the backside of the filter bag.

5) gently pull the bag off the handle.

6) unscrew the tube lock.

7) pull the tube straight up from the bottom of the vacuum.

8) Locate the clog, both within the tube or within the base of the vacuum, and clear it out.

9) Replace the tube, filter bag, dock, and dust bag. As long as it’s taken aside, you may as nicely take the filter (cloth) bag outdoors and clean it.

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