How to Unlock Kenmore Oven In Easy Steps: 2 Effective Methods for Oven Accessibility

Is your kenmore oven locked? and doesn’t want to open. and you don’t know how to unlock kenmore oven?

Kenmore has all the time been a leader in home equipment and produces several appliances including ovens.

Kenmore oven is Easy, understandable controls keep you adept of the functionality especially has lock feature easy to unlock the oven if your Kenmore oven door won’t open and stays locked, then it’s likely as a result of the self-cleaning cycle being interrupted.

When an oven self-cleaning it heats to a thousand degrees Fahrenheit, which burns off the food and grease residue contained in the oven.

For safety, the oven door will lock throughout each self-cleaning cycle. If the power is interrupted during the cycle or if the door lock motor fails, they will stop the door from unlocking, alternatively in case your oven display isn’t working after a cleaning cycle, then it may very well be a blown thermal fuse.

In this article, we’ll present two methods to unlock the oven, the primary one which easily unlocks the oven from the panel lock function, and the second, your oven doesn’t unlock and is stuck. we’ll present you with how to unlock and fix it manually.

Follow these two methods and steps below to know how to unlock kenmore oven:

how to unlock kenmore oven


The Oven Lock function permits you to lock the oven portion of the equipment.

How to unlock Kenmore oven Lock function,

1. Be certain the door is completely closed.

2. Press and hold Oven Lock for 3 seconds. Loc will appear within the display.

3. The OVEN LOCK indicator light will flash whereas the motor-driven door latch begins locking the oven door.

4. Do not open the door throughout this time.

5. Allow 15 seconds for the door to completely lock.

6. Once the oven door is locked, the time of day will seem on the display.

How to cancel Kenmore oven Lock function?

1. Press and hold Oven Lock for 3 seconds. The OVEN LOCK indicator light will flash and the motor-driven door latch will start to unlock. Do not open the door presently. The door will unlock completely in about 15 seconds.

2. The oven control keys will likely be obtainable, and the oven door will be opened once more.


• To keep away from potential damage to the oven door latch mechanism, don’t try and open or shut the oven door each time the OVEN LOCK indicator light is flashing.

 • If a control key is pressed when the OVEN LOCK is active, Loc will appear within the display as a reminder that the oven keys are inactive when the OVEN LOCK function is active.



Before you attempt anything else it’s best to reset the oven.

  • Disconnect the power on the breaker, wait 5 minutes, and switch the breaker back on.
  • Start a self-cleaning cycle, this could engage the lock mechanism
  • Once the
  • Disconnect the power on the breaker, wait 5 minutes, and switch the breaker back on.
  • Start a self-cleaning cycle, this could engage the lock mechanism
  • Once the self-cleaning is began press stop, clear, or cancel to stop it.
  • The door lock ought to disengage
  • is began press stop, clear, or cancel to stop it.
  • The door lock ought to disengage

If it still doesn’t open then you definitely must manually launch the lock

What you will need:

To start you may need a screwdriver, a nut driver, gloves, and a multimeter.

Door lock motors are available in two types and are either mounted on the front or the back.

  • If it’s close to the front then the motor and latch will likely be single united.
  • If it’s on the back, the motor will function as a small rod that may pull the latch shut.


1) gently pull the range slightly away from the wall or where you located it, as soon as there’s sufficient room go in behind and unplug it from the receptacle.

2) make sure that there isn’t an excessive amount of tension on the cord.

3) slide the range out, so you have loads of room to work. on the back of the oven is a cover panel, some models have a small panel close to the top, and a larger panel close to the bottom.

4) Remove the screws, the panel will possibly be sitting on several hooks, simply raise to take away the pane.


  • all the time be safe and disconnect the power on the breaker.
  • Since there might be some sharp edges it’s best to put on cut-resistant gloves.


  1. To unlock the door you’ll have to take away the motor and push the latch ahead

Note: to remember the place every wire goes it’s best to take a picture for reference.

  • Disconnect the wire
  • Remove the screws.
  • Lift and unhook the rod.
  • Push the rod ahead to unlock the door latch.
  • Using a multimeter you possibly can verify the motor for continuity to see if it’s defective, a continuity check will decide if there’s a continuous path for electricity to flow through.
  • Set the multimeter to the ohms or resistance setting.
  • Touch the probes to each motor terminal, if there is no such thing as reading and no continuity, then the motor is defective and can have to be changed.
  • Simply hook the rod into the new motor, and tighten the screws
  • Reconnect the wires.

Keep in thoughts, in case your motor tested good and also you’re reconnecting the identical motor, then you definitely might need to unscrew the cam and spin it 180 degrees to reset the position


If you will have a front-mounted motor, a locked door would possibly stop you from lifting the stovetop to access the motor, on this case, you’ll  manually move the lock,

one way is to use:

1) a coat hanger with a small hook

2) insert the hook and pull the latch open

you probably have a radiant or glass stovetop, so you definitely must open the oven door.

3) take away the mounting screws.

4) raise and use a piece of wooden or a sturdy object to prop it open

in some models you possibly can disconnect the wires to remove the top entirely, for conventional stoves, the top will raise similar to the hood of a car, the support rods will hold the highest in place.

5) unscrew and remove the plate that sits on top of the insulation.

Note: Take a reference picture and disconnect wires.

6) unscrew the motor assembly.

7) Use the multimeter to check the motor for continuity if there is no such thing as reading then there’s no continuity and the motor assembly should get replaced

8) align the new assembly and tighten the screws.

9) replace the wires.


  • Lower the stovetop and tighten any screws.
  • Align the back panel and replace the screws.
  • Plug within the cord, and push the vary back into place.
  • Reconnect the power.
  • Test your oven.

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After reading and following the two methods and steps below you might know now how to unlock kenmore oven.