How to Add Fabric Softener to Washing machine: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you find it difficult to add fabric softener to washing machine? Do you have top load or front load washing machines and you don’t know how to add fabric softener to them?

Fabric softener leaves a microscopically thin waxy coating on the fibers of your textiles. That’s why they feel softer, and that’s also why fabric softener makes your towels and exercise clothes less functional.

Fabricius softener can straighten cotton fibers and in so doing make the actual cloth feel softer.

Fabric softeners infuse your fabrics with softness so they feel smooth to the touch they, also help neutralize the negatively charged particles in scratchy fabrics that cause static cling.

in addition to freshening many fabric softener scents release renewing scent pearls into fabrics for fresh bursts of fragrance that lasts beyond laundry day and that’s all, it takes just add ultra downy in sit back and wait for fresh wonderfully soft fabrics with less static so you can feel more.

In this article, we’ll show you how to add fabric softener to washing machine in the top and front load washers so please follow the instructions and steps below.

How to add fabric softener to washing machine

How to add fabric softener to a front load washing machine?

with today’s front-loading washing machine you have a built-in automatic dispenser adding fabric softener is just as easy as adding detergent.

the dispenser drawer for your washing machine is divided into different compartments for each detergent type there is a compartment for liquid chlorine, bleach liquid, fabric softener, pre-wash detergent, and a main Wash detergent compartment that holds it removable liquid detergent Cup.

To add fabric softener to your front load washer:


1. at the start of each load measure out the right amount of fabric softener, your fabric softener bottle has fill lines right on the cap.

  • For front-loading machines use the middle line for medium loads and the upper line for large loads.


1. locate your fabric softener dispenser tray.

in most front-loading machines that are near where you add in detergent and bleach, all machines are different so be sure to check labels carefully.

if you are previously a fabric softener ball user with your old machine, be sure not to use it in your front-loading machine you shouldn’t use any separate dispensers in your new washer unless your use and care guide recommends them.


1. dilute concentrated softener with warm water to the fill lines.

  • Do not exceed the maximum fill line, Overfilling can cause early dispensing of the fabric softener which could result in stained clothes.
  • Do not pour fabric softener directly on the wash load.

once you’ve added your detergent and fabric softener:


1. close the tray and begin the load

during the rinse cycle your machine will wash water up into the dispenser fabric softener is then released mixing in with the load in the wash fabric softeners.

How to add fabric softener to top load washing machine?

with your machine automatic dispenser adding fabric softener is as easy as adding detergent.

To add fabric softener to your top load washer:


1. measure out the correct amount of fabric softener

your fabric softener bottle has fill lines right on the cap similar to your detergent for medium-large and extra-large loads.


  • Lift the lid
  • locate your fabric softener dispenser.
  • pour your fabric softener in at the same time you add detergent.

Do not use more than the recommended amount.


  • Close the lid
  • press the Start/Pause button again to start the washer.

during the spin cycle fabric softener in the dispenser is pushed out of the cup, as the water level rises the softener begins to dissolve and distribute in the rinse water.

IMPORTANT: Rinse option must be selected to 1 Rinse with Softener or 2 Rinses with Softener to ensure proper distribution at the correct time in the cycle. Do not overfill or dilute.

How to use fabric softener in a washing machine without dispenser?

Wait until the wash cycle (fill, agitate, rinse and spin) finishes. Then the final rinse cycle starts and the washer will again start to fill with water first so wait until the washer is mostly full of water and then add the fabric softener directly into the water and close the lid so the rinse and spin cycle finishes.

There are variances in cycles but basically, you’ll want to add the fabric softener just after the final fill so that the fabric softener is dispersed into the water and not poured directly onto your clothes, before the final spin cycle.

If you add the fabric softener and detergent at the same time it impedes the sudsing and cleaning ability of the detergent.

So don’t add the fabric softener before the laundry detergent has been agitated into the clothes to suds slightly and clean them and then rinsed out once.

It also lessens the effectiveness of the fabric softener to add it too soon because, by the time your clothes are rinsed a second time, it’s rinsed out most of the fabric softener too.

I’d suggest timing the cycle so you know how long after starting a washer load of laundry it takes to get to the end of the final fill.

Once you know that you can set a timer (such as the one on your phone) and then you’ll never miss the best time to add fabric softener to the wash!

When do you put a softener in the washing machine?

In the final rinse. When you hear the washer filling with water after it washes and spins.

when it starts filling up with water and the total cycle is close to the end, add your fabric softener when it’s filling up with water for the last time in the cycle.

You can also purchase a round ball that is in the laundry section at stores, and you add your liquid softener to that ball and throw it in at the beginning of the washer and it will open up and add the softener when it’s time.

Those balls are great for forgetful people like me that always miss the rinse cycle!

I think downy makes the ball, but any fabric softener will work in it.

Where to put fabric softener in a washing machine?

For front load washing machine:

the dispenser drawer for your washing machine is divided into different compartments for each detergent type there is a compartment for liquid chlorine, bleach liquid, fabric softener, pre-wash detergent, and a main wash detergent compartment.

Usually, there is a small drawer you slide open.

If you look closely you will see areas listed as the places to add the wash at the right part of the cycle.

The labels will usually say something like detergent, fabric softener, and bleach. You want to get the product in the correct area so the machine adds the softener at the right time in the cycle.

For top load washing machine:

Look for the fabric softener dispenser. This can be located inside the agitator or off to the side.

Some washers will not have one. If so,

measure the amount and add it to the rinse water. Not wash water.

You can add this anytime it starts filling with water for the second time.

Does fabric softener damage washing machine?

No, a fabric softener would not damage a washing machine.

A liquid fabric softener is like a thick lotion that’s added to the final rinse cycle and is removed from the machine as rinse water is drained away.

While liquid fabric softeners do work well, I find it more convenient to use dryer sheets as I’m usually in a different part of the house during the final rinse cycle so I wouldn’t know when it occurs.

By the way, all fabric softeners will make bath towels less absorbent because they leave a slight coating on the towel fabric.

What happens when you mix up the detergent and the fabric softener?

It is better though to use only detergent in the wash cycle and only softener in the rinse cycle. If you mix the two into the first wash cycle, this could make the wash cycle water a little bit sticky and might not get the clothing quite as clean as using the detergent and softener separately.

You risk diminishing the effectiveness of both products, but, especially the detergent.

Fabric softeners work by coating the fibers with oil, wax, or both. This inhibits the detergent’s ability to do its job well.

You will get clothes that are cleaner than they were before you washed them, but not as clean as they could be.

Detergent is added at the beginning of the wash cycle, fabric softener is added in the rinse. If you put detergent in the fabric softener dispenser, it will be added in the rinse cycle, and your clothes will be soapy. Fortunately, there is a simple fix, just rinse them again.

The chemistries of the two products are working against each other to some degree, thereby reducing the cleaning efficiency of the detergent and nullifying the antistatic and hand softening effects of the softener.

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