How to install portable air conditioner in casement window: The Ultimate Guide

Are you wondering How to install portable air conditioner in casement window? To set up a portable air conditioner is different with set up the normal air conditioner the installations of a portable air conditioner doesn’t must be expert to install just stay with us and follow the instructions below to know how simple it is to install a portable air conditioner.

What are the tools you need to install a portable air conditioner

• Drain Tube and Adapter (1)
• Window slider Kit and Bolt (1)
• Seal Sponge (3)
• Remote Controller (1)
• Battery (2)
• Exhaust hose (1)
• Exhaust hose Adapter A (1)
• Exhaust hose Adapter B (Flat mouth) (1)
• Exhaust hose Adapter C (Round mouth) (1)
• Wall exhaust adapter (1)
• Screw and Anchor (4)

How to install portable air conditioner in casement window

Where should I place my air conditioner?

1. Place the unit on stage flooring.

2. For greatest performance, allow a minimum of 20 in of air area on the again aspect of the unit for good air circulation.

3. Place the unit close to a window. The hose and diffuser shall be used to attach the air conditioner to the window set up package to vent exhaust air outdoors.

How to install portable air conditioner in casement window step by step?


The window installation package permits you to set up the air conditioner in most vertical-sliding home windows 18″ to 50″ wide, or casement-style home windows from 18″ to 50″ high.
Panel     window length  Panel(A) 18″  Panel(B) 9″  Panel(C) 17″  Panel(D) 17″
  19″ − 26″  
  27″ − 34″  
  35″ − 50″ 
  1. Please check your window length and select the match panels from the above table.
  • in case your window length want more than 2 panels, after adjusting the size.

• For an 18″ window opening, use the window vent panel by itself.

• For window openings from 19″ to 26″, use the window vent panel (Panel A) and an extension panel (Panel B).

• For window openings from 27 “to 34”, use the window vent panel (Panel A) and an extension panel (Panel C).

• For window openings from 35 ” to 50″, use the window vent panel and two extension panels (Panel C and Panel D).


1. Cut the foam seal (adhesive sort) & (adhesive type-shorter) to the right size, and connect it to the window sash and body.

2. Insert the vent panel meeting, together with extension panels, if wanted, into the window opening. Extend the extension panels, if used.

3. Cut the foam seal (Non-adhesive sort) to the window width. Stuff the foam seal between the glass and the window to forestall air and bugs from entering the room.

4. Install the safety bracket with a screw.

5. Insert the diffuser into the Vent Panel. And then slide.

• First, insert to the vent panel absolutely after which slide for locking.

• If you wish to repair the diffuser extra firmly, use the screw.

NOTE: The window setup package can be utilized with vertical sliding home windows between 18″ and 50″ wide.


1. Cut the foam seal (adhesive sort) & (adhesive type-shorter) to the right length, and connect it to the window sash and body.

2. Insert the vent panel assembly, together with extension panels, if wanted, into the window opening. Extend the extension panels, if used.

3. Cut the foam seal (Non-adhesive sort) to the window peak. Stuff the foam seal between the glass and the window to forestall air and insects from entering the room.

4. Install the window safety bracket with a screw.

5. Insert the diffuser into the Vent Panel. And then slide.

• First, insert to the vent panel absolutely after which slide for locking.

• If you wish to repair the diffuser extra firmly, use the screw.



Before utilizing your remote, install the supplied AAA batteries

1. Press and glide the battery cover on the again of remote, then you’ll be able to take away the quilt.

2. Insert two new alkaline AAA batteries into the battery compartment, being positive to notice the right polarity.

3. Reattach the battery cowl, ensuring the locking tab clicks into place.

• Use solely alkaline batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries.

• When changing batteries, all the time exchange each battery with new batteries. Do not combine previous and new batteries.
• If the air conditioner won’t be used for a prolonged interval, take away the batteries from the remote.


Your air conditioner has a particular place for convenient storage of the remote control. See the drawing to the best.

NOTE: in order to keep away from dropping the remote, please put the remote within the storage place when you don’t use it.

How to use controls in a portable air conditioner?


Press the POWER button to turn the air conditioner ON or OFF. When you flip the air c tone will play and the LED show will present the set temperature and any energetic conditioner on, an ascending mode.

The air discharge on the highest of the air conditioner will automatically open. When turning the air conditioner off, you’ll hear a descending tone and the air discharge on the highest of the air conditioner will shut.

Any management settings comparable to Mode, Set Temperature, Auto Swing, and so forth. might be retained in memory when the ability is off.

NOTE: When turned on after being unplugged, the air conditioner will automatically reset to COOL mode, with a temperature setting of 72°F. Any settings will be re-entered.


  • Press the MODE button to pick out the working mode (COOL, FAN, DRY, ENERGY SAVER) for the air conditioner. And you possibly can see the active mode by way of the LED Display. The default setting is COOL.
  • Press the MODE button to change to FAN.
  • press once more to vary to DRY, once more to change to ENERGY SAVER, once more to alter to HEAT, and once more to return to COOL.

Always level the remote on the sensor. The remote might not work if the sensor is in brilliant light or if there may be not a transparent path between the remote and the sensor.

  Mode    Features
COOLThe compressor runs and cools the room. Use the (∆ ∆) and FAN buttons to set the specified temperature and circulation fan velocity.
FANThe fan circulates air however the compressor doesn’t run. Use the FAN button to set the specified fan speed.
DRYDry mode is used to take away humidity from the room without extra cooling. Once the set temperature is reached, the compressor and circulation fan turns off, and solely the exhaust fan will run. Fan speed is pre-set and can’t be adjusted.
ENERGY SAVERUnder regular operation, the exhaust fan cycles on and off with the compressor, and the circulation fan runs on the set velocity. The mode helps cut back power consumption by routinely turning off the circulation fan in addition to the exhaust fan when the compressor is off. The air conditioner will routinely cycle each follower on and off with the compressor as wanted for cooling.

3. FAN

Pressing the FAN button cycles the circulation fan speed from low to medium to high.

The chosen fan speed will probably be proven within the LED display. The performance can be utilized in both COOL or FAN modes. When changing fan speeds, there’s a transient delay earlier than the fan motor adjustments speed.

4. ∆ / ∆ (TEMP/TIMER)

In COOl, and DRY modes, the ∆/∆ / (TEMP/TIMER) buttons modify the set temperature as much as 86°F or right down to 60°F, in single degree increments. The temperature could be switched between degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius, urgent the button ∆  and button ∆ at the identical time, or pressing °C =°F button on the remote.

When the TIMER perform is chosen, use the ∆/∆ / (TEMP/TIMER) buttons to regulate the delay time from 1 to 24 hours, in single-hour increments, If you press and maintain the ∆/∆ / (TEMP/TIMER)  buttons, the set temperature or time will change automatically after just a few seconds, the set temperature or time will change robotically after just a few seconds.

NOTE: The displayed temperature is the SET t DRY, temperature, not the room temperature. In COOL, ENERGY SAVER mode, the thermostat within the air conditioner will run the compressor till the set temperature is reached, then cycle the compressor on and off to keep up the set temperature.


When the TIMER function is selected, you possibly can set the air conditioner to either automatically turn OFF or turn ON after a delay of as much as 24 hours. The show will present 0. Use the ∆/∆ / (TEMP/TIMER)  buttons to regulate the delay time from 1 to 24 hours, in one-hour increments.

To set a computerized off delay, press the TIMER button whereas the air conditioner is operating and use ∆∆ / (TEMP/TIMER)  the buttons to regulate the delay time. The air conditioner will routinely turn OFF after the set delay.

To set an automatic delay, press the TIMER button whereas the air conditioner is off, and use the ∆∆ / (TEMP/TIMER)  buttons to regulate the delay time.

The display will present the variety of hours remaining till the unit is ready to come back on. The air conditioner will routinely turn ON after the set delay.

If you need to know what number of hours you might have set, press the TIMER button after which you possibly can see the time by way of the LED display. If you want to change the set timer, press the TIMER button and modify the time when the quantity is flickering.

To cancel the Timer perform, press the TIMER button and modify the quantity to 0 when the quantity is flickering, then the performance will probably be canceled in just a few seconds.

Another better method is to press the TIMER button and press this button once more when the quantity remains to be flickering.


To turn the AUTO CLEAN function on, press the AUTO CLEAN button whereas the air conditioner is operating in COOL, DRY, ENERGY SAVER mode. This performance can solely be chosen from the remote; it’s not accessible from the control panel. It should be set every time you want to run the AUTO CLEAN performance.

AUTO CLEAN is used to take away moisture from the heat exchange coils. This helps forestall the formation of mildew and odors.

1. To use AUTO CLEAN With the air conditioner operating in COOL, DRY, ENERGY SAVER mode, press the AUTO CLEAN button.

2. AUTO CLEAN shall be displayed within the LED display. Press the POWER button to turn the air conditioner off. AUTO CLEAN will run the circulation and exhaust followers with the compressor off for a couple of minutes after the ability is turned off.

To cancel AUTO CLEAN, or to cease an AUTO CLEAN cycle in course of, merely press the AUTO CLEAN button once more. The AUTO CLEAN perform won’t function if the air conditioner is already off.


AUTO SWING function can solely be activated with the remote. When this performance is on, the air discharge will oscillate to flow into the air extra evenly by way of the room. To turn this performance off, merely press the AUTO SWING button with the remote once more.

With AUTO SWING off, you might also manually modify the air discharge to the specified place. It will preserve this place till the air conditioner is turned off or AUTO SWING is activated.

8. °C / °F

When the displayed temperature is °C (or °F), you possibly can press this button to switch to °F (or °C)

How to clean portable air conditioner?


Wipe the case with a barely damp cloth, then wipe dry with a dry cloth or towel.


The air filter ought to be cleaned every two weeks; relying on indoor air high quality, extra frequent cleaning could also be wanted. A grimy air filter will decrease airflow and scale back effectivity.

1. Grasp the grip which is within the center and on the highest of the highest filter & within the center and the highest of the bottom filter and pull out the filter straight.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the filter. If the filter is heavily dirty, it may be washed in heat water utilizing a light detergent.

3. Allow the filter to dry completely earlier than reinstalling.

4. Reinsert the filter, making sure that the filter is between the tabs and the coil guard. Reinstall the filter cover, ensuring it clips into place.

  • Do not function the air conditioner without the air filter in place.
  • Do not use harsh cleaners or extremely popular water. Do not wash in a dishwasher.

How to emptying the water collection tank?

When the internal water collection tank is full, FL will seem within the show and the air conditioner will turn off till the tank is emptied.

1) Using the upper drain port

1. Remove the water plug firstly on the again of product.

2. Install the endpoint of the drain pipe to the unit, and put the opposite finish of the pipe right into a bucket. (Bigger than 28oz)

3. Press the TIMER and DOWN buttons concurrently to activate the drain pump within the product.

4. This pump will probably be activated for Three minutes. (If you need to cease draining earlier than Three minutes, you may press the TIMER and DOWN buttons simultaneously once more.)

5. Pull out drain pipe from the product

6. Reassemble the drainage cover.

2) Using the bottom drain port

1. Unplug the air conditioner, disconnect the exhaust hose from the again, and transfer the air conditioner to an acceptable drain location or open air. You might also place a pan underneath the drain that can maintain as much as three pints of water.

2. Remove the drain cap and the rubber plug from the drain outlet.

3. Once the water collection tank is drained, reinstall the rubber plug and the drain cap, ensuring it’s on securely.

4.  Place the air conditioner within the desired location, reconnect the exhaust hose, and plug within the air conditioner.

3) Use Drain hose when using the DRY mode

1. When want to operate in high humidity, or throughout the DRY mode take away the drain cap and the exhaust from the again of the unit.

2. Install a drain hose (11/16″ [18mm] inside diameter) and place the open finish of the hose in an acceptable drain location or open air.

  • FL appears within the show: The water collection tank is full, drain the tank and restart the air conditioner.
  • When turned on after being unplugged, the air conditioner will automatically reset to COOL mode, with a temperature setting of 72°F.

How to strong the air conditioner?

1) If the air conditioner will not be used for an extended period:

1. To drain the water collection tank completely, go away the underside drain cap off lengthy sufficient to permit any residual water to empty. Once the tank is drained and no extra water flows out, reinstall the cap.

2. Remove and clear the filter, enable it to dry completely, then reinstall it.

3. Remove the batteries from the remote.

4. Store the air conditioner in a cool, dry location, away from direct daylight, excessive temperatures, and extreme mud. Remove the batteries from the remote.

2) Before using the air conditioner again:

1. Make certain the filter and drain cap is in place

2. Check the ability twine to ensure it’s in a good situation, with no cracks or injury.

 3. Place new batteries within the remote.

 4. Install the air conditioner as described within the Installation Instructions.

Why is my portable air conditioner not working?

Common Portable Air Conditioner Problems And possible causes & Solutions

Problem1: Air conditioner does not start


1) The air conditioner is unplugged.  

2) The fuse is blown/circuit breaker is tripped.

3) Power failure.   

4) The present interrupter gadget is tripped

5) FL seems within the show.

6) The room temperature is lower than the set temperature.


1) Make certain the air conditioner plug is pushed fully into the outlet.

2) Check the home fuse/circuit breaker field and change the fuse or reset the breaker.

3) If energy failure happens, flip the mode management to Off. When energy is restored, wait three minutes to restart the air conditioner to stop tripping of the compressor overload.

4) Press the RESET button situated on the facility twine plug. If the RESET button won’t keep engaged, discontinue the use of the air conditioner and get in touch with a professional service technician.

5) The water assortment tank is full. Drain the tank and reset your settings.

6) This is regular. The air conditioner routinely shuts off when the room equals or is lower than the set temperature. Adjust the temperature setting, if wanted.

Problem2: The air conditioner doesn’t cool because it ought to


1) Airflow is restricted.

2) The temp management is probably not set appropriately.

3) The air filter is soiled.

4) The room might have been sizzling.


1) Make certain there aren’t any curtains, blinds, or furnishings blocking the entrance of the air conditioner.

2) In the COOL mannequin, press the DECREASE pad.

3) Clean the filter no less than every 2 weeks. See the Care and Cleaning part.

4) When the air conditioner is first turned on, it is advisable to permit time for the room to chill down.

Problem3: Air conditioner freezing up


1) The cooling coils are frozen.


1) Ice might block the air movement and impede the air conditioner from correctly cooling the room. Set the mode management at High Fan or High Cool.

Problem4: Air conditioner runs too usually or too lengthy


1) The area to be cooled is just too giant for the air conditioner.

2) Doors or home windows are open.


1) Consult your seller for the air conditioner capability mandatory to chill the specified space.

2) Make certain doorways and home windows are closed.

Problem5: Code seems within the show. F1,F2 or F3


1) The air conditioner is in FAN mode and the quantity proven is the set fan pace.


1) This is regular. The air conditioner is working correctly.

Problem6: Code seems within the show FL


1) The water assortment tank is full.


1) Empty the water assortment tank. See the Care and Cleaning part.

Problem7: Code seems within the show CH01


1) Short or open circuit within the indoor air thermistor.


1) Empty the water collection tank. See the Care and Cleaning part.

Problem8: Code seems within the show CH02


1) Short or open circuit within the indoor pipe thermistor.


 1) Unplug the air conditioner and get in touch with your approved service heart.

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