How to Fix ice Maker on LG Refrigerator: A Quick and Easy Tutorial

are you wondering how to fix ice maker on LG refrigerator? Is your ice maker doesn’t produce ice anymore or doesn’t work you’re in the best place where we’ll find the top cause and how to fix the ice maker on LG refrigerator.

In this article we’re going to be talking about how to fix ice maker on LG refrigerator and no ice you have an LG refrigerator and you have no ice what are the things you can do to hopefully prevent having to call a

a service technician to your home and what we’re going to do is talk about those things:

please check all these causes and fix them below it may be one of them which causes the problem that your ice maker doesn’t produce ice anymore or doesn’t work.

How to fix ice maker on lg refrigerator

How to fix ice maker on LG refrigerator Causes & Fixing

1. Is their power to the refrigerators?

It plugged in that doesn’t mean you need to pull it out and have a meter it just means maybe open the door to the

lights come on hey you got power now.

 if you had a storm or a tornado hurricane and you’ve noticed the power in your house is dimmer then yes

you may need an electrician to verify proper voltage but just to make sure you have voltage you have power just making sure your display works that are probably the easiest thing you can do.

2. How old or how long the unit’s been sitting?

for brand new installations, you’re not going to see a lot of ice for the first 24 to 48 hours, it takes about 24 hours of the unit being plugged in to remove all the heat and start producing ice.

 So give it a day or so before you think oh a problem.

3. Is your ice room on the refrigerator cold enough?

a lot of people don’t put the fact that if the ice room is not cold enough.

you don’t get ice LG ice makers need about 19 degrees or less to make ice so

to check that depending on if your ice makers are in the door or in many models there also there could be a second one or yeah it could be your only one in the freezer.

take and place the thermometer in this area leave it there for about an hour go back and look at it and see if the temperature where the ice maker is below 19 degrees.

4. Is your ice maker on the refrigerator turn on-off?

the other thing especially if it’s new but also when it’s old somebody may have accidentally turned

the ice maker off.

now, most ice makers have an on-off switch located close to the ice maker at the top.

There are some models that are up and down but if the ice maker is turned on but you’re not getting any ice

what I would suggest you do is turn it off and then turn it back on so that way you’re kind of rebooting it

a little bit and see if that helps.

on some LG ice makers, you won’t find an on-off switch close to the ice maker but if you look at your display board,  there’ll be a button that says ice maker on and off.

a lot of those models where somebody accidentally turns it off especially if you got little ones that like to touch buttons.

if that’s the case there is a lock feature where you could actually push and hold that button and it locks this display from being activated.

5. Is the water turned on?

if you have an ice and water dispenser a very easy way to check:

get a glass make sure you’re turned to water and that verifies that we have water in the refrigerator.

water pressure is critical for the proper production of ice you need somewhere between 20 and 120 psi of ice when there’s no filter involved and you need 40 to 120 with a filter involved.

if you believe your water pressure may be a little too low or way too high instead of calling a technician out.

if you’re so inclined you could actually go to home depot or amazon lowe’s any of the hardware stores and

purchase a water pressure gauge what this gauge does is you can screw it onto an outdoor faucet.

it’s called a hose bib or you can screw it on where your washing machine disconnects the washing machine hose and screw it on there then turn the water on and it will tell you your water pressure.

a lot of homeowners have these especially if you’re in areas where you have to have a pressure regulator

after several years they go bad.

The water pressure gauge can alert you to problems that could not only affect your ice-making but things in your home.

6. Is your display won’t take command? Are you open up the door slowly and you see the light still on in the refrigerator even though the door was shut ?

verify that one of two ways:

on older products, they actually had little push-button switches up on the top of the refrigerator.

1) open the door and there would be a switch with a little button you’d push it in the light should go on and off.

the newer units use what’s called a reed switch.

there’s actually a magnet at the top of the refrigerator door from inside at the top frame and when trying to close the door or close it and it tells the door shut to cut the light off.

1) get a small magnet and if I hold it right up on top of the refrigerator It will get lights to go off.

if you put a magnet up on top of the refrigerator and you can’t get the lights to turn off and it’s a new installation.

if they pulled the doors off to bring your refrigerator into the home.

not only did they take this cover off but there are wiring connections that go to that switch and if they forgot to plug them in the unit does not know when the door opens and closes what will happen is it will cease ice

production it won’t allow the ice to go on because it says hey the door is open we don’t need to make ice and it’s not going to get cold enough either so the installer whether it’s yourself or an installation company

they should come back in and check those connections.

7. Is your refrigerator set correctly as far as temperatures?

when you touch the board it will turn up.

LG suggests that you set your temperatures at 0 and 37 when you go less than zero you’re not really gaining anything other than costing yourself more money to run the refrigerator.

and 37 has been tested to find out that that’s pretty much the best temperature to store dairy products for the longest continuity.

If you’ve had the refrigerator a while not making ice and you’ve gone through some of these

things we mentioned above you the other thing to look at.

8. Is your display does show error codes?

if you touch the display and wake it up and instead of seeing your temperatures you’re seeing like e “eff” that’s telling you that is an error code that there is a problem with your refrigerator.

if you get an error code you should call in for service that error code’s telling you that there is something wrong with your refrigerator.

so if there is an error code that could be the reason you’re not cooling properly so when you call in for service

be sure to tell them what you’re seeing on the display.

9. Is your filter correctly installed?

depending on the unit you have LG could have their filter up on the refrigerator at the top there’s a little dropdown.

on many LG newer units you’re going to:

1)  remove the bucket from the door the bucket located on the inside side at the bottom of the door.

2) Once you remove the bucket you’ll notice the filter at the bottom it comes out about 45 degrees grasp it turn it and just pull straight out.

3) to reseed it you’ll get the new filter it’ll have plastic on it you take the plastic and pull the cap off.

4)  take and stick the filter in you’ll feel when it lines up and then push and turn about a quarter turn

it’ll lock in push it in place your bucket in and that hides it.

when you replace your filter that filter has got air in it.

after you replace the filter so you don’t wind up getting air in your lines we suggest you get a pitcher to come over the dispenser place it on water and purge about a gallon and a half of water just pull it out and dump it pull it out and dump it and that way you’re getting the air out of the lines.

let’s say by if you didn’t do that your ice maker instead of getting the amount of water it needs to make 12

cubes because the air it made for so it could actually cause a problem there so it’s always best when you replace the filter purge it to get the air from the lines.

10. lg basically uses three types of ice makers:

  • a flex tray
  • custom cube
  • older flex tray

each one of those models has a way of determining

if the ice bucket’s full on the model which has little bail arm you notice that bail arm under the ice maker every time it cycles that bail arm goes down and if it hits ice automatically it stops making ice because the bucket it’s full.

some have a little paddle arm that comes up and down and some have an infrared sensor that shoots a beam of light across the bucket and if it hits ice automatically it stops making ice because the bucket it’s full.

But when using ice the bail arm opens again and fills the beam with ice again.

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