How to Use Hotpoint Oven Like a Pro: Essential Tips and Tricks

Are you questioning how to use hotpoint oven?

Is the first time that you simply purchase a Hotpoint oven and also you don’t know how to use it don’t worry we’ll clarify to you the way to use it from A to Z, please read and follow all these directions below to know how to use Hotpoint oven.

The first time you utilize your equipment, warm the empty oven with its door closed at its most temperature for at least half an hour.

Ensure that the room is effectively ventilated earlier than switching the oven off and opening the oven door. The equipment might produce a barely disagreeable odor caused by the burning away of protecting substances used during the manufacturing process.

to know how to use hotpoint oven follow the instruction below:

how to use hotpoint oven

Starting the oven

1. Select the specified cooking mode by turning the SELECTOR knob.

2. Select the specified temperature with the VARIABLE GRILL knob. See the Cooking recommendation table for cooking modes and the suggested cooking temperatures (see Cooking Modes).

 3. When preheating is completed, the THERMOSTAT indicator light will keep on: place the meals within the oven.

4. You might do the following throughout cooking:

– change the cooking mode by turning the SELECTOR knob.

– change the temperature by turning the VARIABLE GRILL knob. – stop cooking by turning the SELECTOR knob to the “0” position.

Cooling airflow

To quiet down the exterior temperature of the oven, some models are fitted with a cooling fan that blows out the air between the control panel and the oven door.


Once the cooking has been accomplished, the cooling fan stays on till the oven has cooled down sufficiently.

Oven light

It goes on when selecting (light icon in Hotpoint oven )with the SELECTOR knob. It stays on when a cooking mode is selected.

How to set clock on hotpoint oven?

The clock could also be set when the oven is switched off or when it’s switched on, offered that the end time of a cooking cycle has not been programmed previously.

After the equipment has been linked to the mains, or after a blackout, the (clock icon) icon and the 4 numerical digits on the DISPLAY will start to flash.

1. Press the (clock icon) button several times till the (clock icon) icon and the 4 digits on the display start to flash.

2. Use the “+” and “-” buttons to regulate the time; if you press and hold both buttons, the display will scroll through the values more quickly, making it faster and simpler to set the specified worth.

3. Wait for 10 seconds or press the (clock icon) button once more to finalize the setting.

How to set automatic timer on Hotpoint oven?

This operation doesn’t interrupt cooking and doesn’t have an effect on the oven; it’s merely used to activate the buzzer when the set amount of time has elapsed.

1. Press the (clock icon) button several times till the (bill icon) icon and the three digits on the display begin to flash.

2. Use the “+” and “-” buttons to set the specified time; if you press and hold both buttons, the show will scroll via the values extra rapidly, making it faster and simpler to set the worth.

3. Wait for 10 seconds or press the (clock icon)  button once more to finalize the setting. The show will then present the time because it counts down. When this era has elapsed the buzzer shall be activated.

How to program the cooking length on hotpoint oven?

1. Press the (clock icon) button several times till the (length icon Hotpoint) icon and the three digits on the DISPLAY start to flash.

2. Use the “+” and “-” buttons to set the specified length; if you press and hold both buttons, the display will scroll via the values extra rapidly, making it faster and simpler to set the value.

3. Wait for 10 seconds or press the(clock icon)   button once more to finalize the setting.

4. When the set time has elapsed, the text END appears on the DISPLAY, the oven will cease cooking, and a buzzer sounds.

• For instance: it’s 9:00 a.m. and a time of 1 hour and 15 minutes is programmed. The program will cease routinely at 10:15 a.m.

How to Set the end time for a cooking mode on Hotpoint oven?

1. Follow steps 1 to 3 to set the period as detailed above.

2. Next, press the button till the icon and the 4 digits on the DISPLAY start to flash.

3. use the “+” and “-” buttons to regulate the cooking end time; if you press and hold both buttons, the display will scroll via the values more quickly, making it quicker and easier to set the desired worth.

4. Wait for 10 seconds or press the button once more to finalize the setting.

 5. When the set time has elapsed, the text END seems on the DISPLAY, the oven will cease cooking, and a buzzer sounds. Programming has been set when the and buttons are illuminated. The DISPLAY shows the cooking end time and the cooking period alternately.


A cooking period should be set earlier than the cooking end time can be scheduled.

How to Cancel a program on Hotpoint oven?

To cancel a program:

• press the button till the icon corresponds to the setting you want to cancel and the digits on the show are now not flashing. Press the “-” button till the digits 00:00 seem on the display.

• Press and hold the “+” and “-” buttons; this may cancel all of the settings selected previously, together with the timer setting.

Cooking modes

Thermostatically controlled oven (Fan Assisted Mode)

When the SELECTOR knob is turned in a clockwise direction to the symbol (light icon) the fan and oven light will come on to help within the defrosting of frozen meals.

 Rotating additional to the whole vary of temperatures proven on the dial you possibly can select which is most fitted for the meals you’re going to cook.

The temperature is reached automatically and managed by the oven thermostat (from 60°C to MAX).


GRILL (really helpful: set solely to MAX power level);

Whilst utilizing tag oven for typical VARIABLE GRILL knob have to be set with “MAX” in line with the MAX reference mark on the control panel.

Grill mode

The top heating aspect comes on. The extraordinarily excessive and direct temperature of the grill makes it potential to brown the floor of meats and roasts whereas locking within the juices to maintain them tender.

The grill can also be extremely recommended for dishes that require a high temperature on the floor: equivalent to beef steaks, veal, rib steak, filets, hamburgers, and so on… Some grilling examples are included within the “Practical Cooking Advice” paragraph.

Always cook on this mode with the oven door partially open.

To operate the grill:

1. Turn the oven SELECTOR knob clockwise till the required grilling symbol is in step with the mark on the control panel. The aspect is now “on”.

 2. The VARIABLE GRILL knob can now be operated to pick the required heat.

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Practical cooking advice


• Insert the rack in position 3 or 4. Place the meals within the middle of the rack.

• We suggest that you simply set the maximum power degree. The top heating element is regulated by a thermostat and should not at all times be on.


 • Use a light aluminum pizza pan. Place it on the rack supplied. For a crispy crust, don’t use the dripping pan (which prevents the crust from forming by extending the cooking time).

• If the pizza has a variety of toppings, we recommend including the mozzarella cheese on top of the pizza halfway through the cooking process.

Cooking advice table :

foodsWeight. (wt)Rack positionTemperature (°C)Variable grillPre-heating time (min)Cooking time (min.)
Pasta   Lasagne Cannelloni Oven-baked noodles    2.5 2.5 2.5    3 3 3    210 210 210      MAX    – – –    75-80 75-80 75-80
Meat    Veal Chicken Turkey Duck Rabbit Pork Lamb    1.7 1.5 3.0 1.8 2 2.1 1.8    3 3 3 3 3 3 3      230 220 MAX 230 230 230 230        MAX    – – – – – – –    85-90 110-115 95-100 120-125 105/110 100/110 90-95
Fish   Mackerel Dentex Trout baked in paper    1.1 1.5 1.0    3 3 3    210-230 210-230 210-230      MAX    – – –    55-60 60-65 40-45
Pizza   Napolitan  1.0  3  MAX  MAX  15  30-35
Cake   Biscuits Tarts Chocolate cake Raised Cakes    0.5 1.1 1 1    3 3 3 3      180 180 200 200      MAX    15 15 15 15    30-35 30-35 40-45 50/55
Grill cooking    Toast Pork chops Mackerel    n. ° 4 1.5 1.1    4 4 4         3/4    5 5 5    5-6 20-30 20-30

After reading and following the instructions above you might know to have the answer to the main question of how to use hotpoint oven.